Vomit Modes


Yeah people .Done and seen a lot .So much that I am planning to write a book on that.Vomiting is half brother of all drunkards. People have different ways of doing it .After doing a small research I have come up with few variations..let me know what you think.

1> The Comet ------------You are in a party enjoying .Suddenly you see somebody running at escape velocity for the bathroom or washspace . For what .. blaaa .... vomiting. warning : do not interrupt these people folks for obvious reasons.

2> Dracula ----------Yeah the second and the dangerous .So party is over and you carried your friend to a bed / home .You remove his shoes so he can have a decent sleep.And if you plan to sit near his bed thinking about the nice thing you did for your friend .think again....dracula can wake up any minute. Your sleeping buddy suddenly sits upright.. Are you happy man , or suprised thinking the ordeal is over .....a aa. the worse is yet to come ...your buddy suddenly vomits in " as is , where is con dition ". And if your admiring his face .....

3>Time bomb -----------yeah ..Some arseholes. Time bomb dudes look cool." okay ,I can do it dude " and all..even they may help you get on your feet .. But beware never sit near them after the party..specially if you are heading your house in a car or something that is closed .

Mid way thanks almighty , some , and only some, gives a hint . " man , I think I am gonna explode ." people , stop the fucking car and jump for cover . Or push him out of the car , it's all right .They don't even remember what happened.

4> The zombie -------------The least destructive ..zombies .. they never overload .but some times , it happens .. They know whats going to happen ..and they don't care in scaring others . instead they find a place to dump their " stuff " . So much so they look like a zombie ...walking with slow steps.... towards their resting place .... 5> Titanic ----------Remember that scene where kate winslet and leonardo stand in the ship with their hands spread. yeah ..that happens to some of us dudes in bathroom ..while vomiting. fuck kate ...they just want to vomit..And that WC sometimes look like a ship ....don't you think so ..? Just don't get into it and vomit outside.

6> The Sign Board ------------------Sign board dudes as name suggests don't believe in moving around after they get drunk .They find some place to sit .But the ordeal is not over . They for some reason are not convinced they are going to vomit .So they wait till it happens or others tell them . No offence .But majority of the gals belong to this group . Sign boards dudes got a variety of expressions on their face before they vomit. a> Sleepy eyes - Sleepy eyes, but they are not going to sleep .they are probably thinking " when am I going to vomit ? b> Iced face - Ya .some are even lazy for expressions. c> Shaky head - head swaying too much . d> Saliva oozing from lips .

7> Carpet Bomber

-----------------Carpet bomber is the deadliest of all . If you think you are going to vomit where would you run to ? Outside the house . bathroom . Washspace . But these dudes find the most expensive thing around and vomit into it . Carpet , Drapes , leather seats ,computer .Oh , man . You can know where these guys been to by observing a sign board outside the house of party host saying , " New carpet /computer/ drapes for sale ". 8> Buddy Hunter ---------------Yeah .A variation of carpet bomber .But only this time . When he is about to vomit , he looks for some buddys whom he can vomit onto. yuk . Careful people .Next time when you see somebody coming towards you saying " Oh my darling ".Please see that the person is not too drunk for obvious reasons . Thinking about it people , I know who invented " mask " parties . 9> Hatrick [ 3 times ] Dude -------------------------Some dudes don't believe in doing it [ vomiting ] just once . So when you see him vomiting once .Don't go and sit near him thinking he is now the safest guy to sit with in the this party or he /she won't do it again . What do you know .Maybe you will get some sovenier to carry home . 10 > Virgin -----------Yeah .something that doesn't exist these days . But yo , you do see somebody among drunkards .Virgins are dudes who vomit after one large shot of whisky/Rum etc or one bottle of beer . Usualy people who drink for the first time .But only usualy ...some people have very low capacity to take in liquor .So advice them to drink accordingly in a smart way .

11> The Five finger Ginger --------------------------What make them different is the way they do it .. Their final output will make a picasso art look like waste.That's because they are creative in using their fingers accordingly . Anybody been to musical fountain . Rmember ,Vomiting is healthy ...in the sense it removes all unwanted material harmful to your body in one/multiple sweep/s .Else it can even damage your kidn eys and may be liver . Technology has advanced so much that now we have thought activated artificial li mbs in the market .But yet nobody has discovered anything that do all the functions of a human liver . Careful people and drink safely. Jesus , Whom am I talking to ?

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