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NSTP Narrative Report National Service Training Program aims to promote and integrate values education, transformational leadership,

spirit of patriotism and nationalism and sustainable social mobilization for youth development, community building and national security. In University of the Assumption, we study and practice NSTP so that we can enhance our social and self confidence, relationship with other people and things, and to prepare us in the future. Every Saturday, we go to school to learn about NSTP. In our first meeting, we meet our NSTP officer Sir Clarenz Ramirez. He discussed about the meaning of NSTP, the different components of NSTP, if my memory serves me right, there were 8 components but only 5 of them were discussed in our 5 months in NSTP subject. He also said the rules and regulation when it comes in NSTP. I only remembered 2 rules, respect others & wear your proper NSTP uniform. At first, Im so nervous but more on that, Im also excited. In our second meeting, we discussed about Social Mobilization with Ms. Rosabel Midradejos. At first, we didnt expect that she was our facilitator because she looked like a student like us. She was so nice, kind, happy person and good at teaching. She taught us how to socialize with other people. She also taught about how to have a self confidence. We had a role playing about social mobilizing. We all had a high grades and did a great job. Oh! I forgot, the accountancy 1a was our teammate and our team was named Loyalty Team. We had so much fun bonding with them, doing group activities. Then I realized, thats the meaning of social mobilization, in short friendly. In our third meeting with other facilitator, we discussed about Leadership with Mr. Emanuel Ricafrente. In this component, we learned so many information in how to become a good leader and how to become holy.

We did a group activity; we drew our future leader and discussed it in front of the class. We also did a reflection paper about on becoming HOLY. We did so much fun again in this subject. On the 4th meeting with other facilitator, we discussed about Values and Virtues with Mr. Owen Dizon. It was all about happiness. He made a slide show of pictures of what happiness is and what are the reasons behind that happiness. We didnt do some activities. I learned that there are many reasons how to be happy and theres no reason to feel sad. The 4th component that we discussed was Recreational Management with Mr. Kenneth Dizon. In this component, we discussed about drugs. On why people take drugs, the effect of abusing drugs and how to cope it or how to prevent it. Last September 3, 2011, we went to CLDRC (Central Luzon Drug Rehabilitation Center) to visit the people there. I though only people who were taking drugs are going in rehab but also people who had behavioral problems. We prepared some presentations to share our talents. People in rehab called themselves family. They also shared their talents with us and others shared their stories. We had so much fun sharing our talents. After that visitation we did reflection paper on what we learned about it. The last component that we discussed with Ms. Jovita Rivera was DEP (Disaster and Emergency Preparedness) and EA (environmental Awareness). We watched 2 documentary videos, and it was entitled, Buhos and the other was Disaster. She taught us how to be prepared in the becoming disasters. She also discussed what we will have to do before, during and after the disaster. We learned a lot from this component. I learned so much information with this subject. I hope others learned too. I know someday I can use what I had learned in the future. I will not forget the

happy memories that happened during our NSTP class. Goodbye 1st sem , Hello 2nd sem be nice to me.


Submitted by: Maria Marissa Let B. Ramos OM-1A