I was walking in a hurry when I saw a blue car swerving fast and hit a cyclist a glancing blow, trampling the bike. The cyclist, who was wearing a yellow jacket, was thrown aside and lay sprawled in a heap. I ran to help him and found that he had a deep gash on his forehead – and his shoulder looked broken. “I have to go for an interview” I told a passer by who had also come to help. “Call an ambulance and inform the police that the car was a Cielo with the number GJ- something4829 and had a radio antenna at the back” Giving him my telephone number I hailed an auto rickshaw and left.

The chairman called a meeting of all its operation Heads. They met in the lawn where coloured chairs and beach umbrellas were spread around. What he had to say was less cheerful though. Looking around the lawn, and skywards, he explained: “The weatherman say’s that it will not rain today.” He continued: “I’ve to talk to you about the financial report for this quarter – which is very disappointing. We are incurring a lot of wasteful expenditure. There has been a lot of leakage – especially in telephones and stationery. We have to start imposing a few restrictions from tomorrow.”Next day, all the telephones were locked and everyone was asked to sign for every paper they took. Very soon productivity was going down and the company ended the next quarter with a bigger loss.

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