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Corporate Harmony at Workplace

Corporate Harmony at Workplace


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Brief of the Learning Models explained during 3 days training workshop on “ Corporate Harmony At Work Place” by Mr.

Ramesh Partani, Prasanna Trust, Bangalore. Participants : OG Employees

Life is Multidimensional : Comprises of 4 Zones

Intimate Spiritual Life Family & Work

Social Life

• Life is all about harmonizing all these zones. • Unhappiness in one can imbalance other zones.

Four Quadrants of Human Brain
People with logical mind always search for logic in problems of life and thus find it difficult to solve them. People who have Intuition can easily find the solution for any type of problem. This quadrant can be activate through Meditation

B Logic Planning

D Intuition Kinesthetic/ playfulness C C

There are people who do lot of planning for life but fail to execute or act on their plans.


People who have playful mind are enthusiastic, joyful and handle problems easily.

• All these faculties exist in human mind but most of the times any one of these quadrants is active . This active quadrant influences the persons approach towards the situation.

Four ‘A’s to deal with Personality
• Affiliation • Attention • Appreciation • Acknowledgement

Speaking only when you can improve upon silence

Responsible Factor for building your personality
• Experience • Enviornment • Education

All arguments of exchange of Ignorance

Three Types of Religion

• Practicing Truth (Sanatan Dharma) • Self Action (Swadharma) • Action to be taken by others (Pardharma)

Always it is best to follow Swadharma

Your Role Model (Positive) Goal (Achieved) Your Self (Negative) Goal (Could not Achieved)

Reasons for achieving goals

Reasons for not achieving Goal

Current Reality
Compare your reasons responsible for not achieving goal with your Role Model

Five characteristics of purity (Panchshudhi)
• Purity of Body (Sharir Shudhi) • Purity of Talk (Wank Shudhi) • Purity of Emotion (Bhav Shudhi) • Purity of Thoughts (Vichar Shudhi) • Purity of Soul (Atma Shudhi) No one can stir empty cup

Six Types of Negative Emotions (Hin Bhavana)
• Sex (Kam) • Angar (Krodh) • Greed (Lobh) • Attachment (Moha) • Ego (Mhad) • Jealousy (Mathsar)

Ashtang Yog
• Unnessary habits (Yam) • Discipline (Niyam) • Exercise for Body (Yog) • Breathing Rhythm (Pranayam) • Five Senses (Pratyahara) • Mind Concentration (Dharana) • Meditation (Dhyna) • Detachment from the world (Samadhi)
God has given us organised body not the organised Mind

Chart for Goal Setting
Aim Body Emotion Mind Spirituality Finance
Factor to be consider for the above characteristic : • Body : Weight, Exercise, Stamina, Decease's etch. • Mind : Knowledge, Mind Condition • Emotions : Kam, Krodh, Lalach, Moha, Mhad, Mathsar • Spirituality : Happiness ( Santushti) • Finance : Degree of satisfaction (Saphalta) Goal Stages : • Short Term. • Medium Term • Long Term

Time Action


Five States of the Mind
• Conscious (Beta) State : Jagrut Avastha 14 to 20 cycles / sec • Meditatative (Alpha) State : Dhayan Avastha 7 to 13 cycles / sec • Dream (Theta) State : Swapna Avastha 4 to 7 cycles / sec • Deep sleep (Delta) State : Sushupti Avastha 0.5 to 4 cycles / sec • Spiritual State : Samadhi Avastha, less than 0.5
Meditation is the process of reducing number of thoughts and increasing the quality of thoughts

Pendulam of EGO


A Fear of Unhappiness

B Lust for Success

Restlessness Swing of Unhappiness

More the Ego (length of the Rod), Greater the swing of Unhappiness

Spiritual Knowledge vs Success
Spiritual Knowledge

Satisfaction (Santushti)

Vertical Growth

Success Financial Growth Horizontal Growth

•Successes - Getting what you like (Creativity) •Satisfaction - Liking what you get ( Harmony)

Problem vs Happiness

If you see the Problem small

You will get Happiness

If you see the Problem Big

You will get Sorrow

•Happiness does not depend upon success or failure.

Difficulty vs Opportunity


Difficulty •One must find opportunity in difficulties for success •There will be always difficulties in opportunity

Shakti Sandhane, Sharir Utpati
Will Power (Ichhya shakti )

Action Power (Kriya Shakti) Winner Attitude

Education Power (Vidya Shakti)

If one work with combination of above three powers you will be winner

Four Characteristics of the successful Person
• Self confidence (Atma Vishwas) • Mental Toughness (Mansik Dhrudata) • Conceptual Thinking ( Kalpanki, Vaicharik Vichar) • Commitment to Accept (Swikar)
Golden Dozen : I Must Do the Productive Thing Possible In Every Given Moment.

Stool of Confidence

Develop Skill Feel Good Take Responsibility

Achievement of these three factors will built your positive confidence

HERO Principle while dealing with situations Happening
Negative Evaluation

most important stage
Positive Evaluation


Response Outcome

•Some situations are out of Repair, do not let it distort your vision instead, be Responsive & Not Reactive.


SWAP analysis of Anger
• S - Stop • W - Withdraw & Watch • A - Analyse • P - Proceed Positively Anger is active sadness & sadness is passive anger

Meditation - Chin Mudra
Lower Self

Hurt body or Toxic center
Intellectual Center

Higher Self

Openness, Learning Feeling, Experience

Bliss body or Nourishing center

Emotional center

Moving Center

Body center Sthir Sukha Asana

•Sit in Padmasana with chin Mudra (surrendering lower self to Higher Self) •Close eyes & concentrate between your eye brows ie. Agneya Chakra •This can be practised after every one hour •This energise your Intuitive Brain

Spectrum of Life
Do Not Pollute other Happy Zones

Unhappiness Zone

Isolate and Insulate unhappiness . Do not allow to spread in other area.

Spiritual Triangle



Blooms the Spirit


Burn the Spirits


L - Learning

E - Enthusiasm R - Result Utsah results in Utshava !

Team Work & Leadership
TEAM : Together wE can Achieve More
•Teams always perform better than an individual •Leader must emerge out of the group •Team must have good communication •Team must have positive thinking •Leader should be humble enough to be last •Team members should be humble enough to bow down

l Early morning, after you get up from bed, (without even brushing your teeth) drink 1 liters of water i.e., 4 to 5 glasses. l Here it is very essential to note that nothing else, neither drinks nor solid food of any sort should be taken within 1 hour before and after drinking 1 liters of water. l It is difficult to drink 1 liters of water at one time, but you will get used to it, gradually. l Initially, while practicing you may drink 2 glasses first and to remaining two glasses after some short interval. l You may find the necessity to urinate 2 to 3 times within an hour, but it will become normal after quite some time.

List of diseases that can be cure by Water Therapy
l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l Blood Pressure/Hyper Tension Anemia (Blood Shortage) Rheumatism (Pain in joints/muscles) General Paralysis Cough Leukemia Asthma Pulmonary Tuberculosis Kidney Stones Dysentery Gastroenteritis Uterus Cancer Constipation Diabetes Eye Diseases

Meditation for Peace of Mind
• Yog Nidra - Sitting in Chin Mudra and relaxing the body with music • Hridya Brahma - Passing & Receiving unconditional Love in interpersonal Relationship • Yogalya - Omkar meditation • Pranayam - Alom-Vilom, Bhramari & Deep breathing-Holding-slowly excelling • Dancing - To make body more flexible to relive the stresses

•Shiv Sutra -” Utsahv create Utsava”.
95% Suffering because of thoughts - Meditation is a process of reducing the Quantity of thoughts and increasing the Quality of thoughts

Importants Quotes
•Mind is a flow of thoughts •Imagination is more important than knowledge •You can not change the world, Learn to accept it. •Learn to calm your mind. •Less react ,more respond. •To change action - change your thoughts to change thoughts change your belief •Flexibility is the mother of creativity. •Unsuccessful person think : Sukh Prapti, Dukh Nivruti, Yewan Pravruti

Importants Quotes
•Worry is like a rocking chair , it keeps you busy but takes you nowhere •Learn to see elegance / Beauty in imperfection •Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically . •Do not programme yourself for failures . •Luck is when alertness meet opportunity. •Best anti dose for anger is Laughter. •Sucssesful person use best of his time •Learn to switch off

•You can fool the whole world and get pat on your back, •but you can not fool the man in the glass”.

Types of Knowledge •You Know that you know •You know that you don’t know •You don’t know that you don’t know (Best of situation for open mind & new learning) •More you know, that you do not know You should become student of your life

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