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Notes: Please fill in all boxes. Use 'unknown' if information is not available now Team Name Team rep e-mail tel number The Brew, Panyu Sean Maj 13450227140

Guangzhou International Football League Phone: Micheal 13556106734 email:

Team Colours Sponsors Team rep 2 email tel number Squad No. 0 1 2 3 5 7 8 9 10 14 16 17 20

Red and White The Brew, Panyu Joules Meachem 13430282824 Name Sean Maj Yanda Wanely Joules Meachem Ji Jiu Collins Bin Pan Tony Mathias Gary Hamed Situ Yaowei Elston Oyibo Adam Turnbull Gary Hancock David Barton Nationalilty

e-mail address

Team position

21 27 35

Steve Kimber Craig Moore Ben Ferniss

Team profile: I think ours is already up on the site. (A short team profile will appear on your team page on the website; approx 50 words)

I have read and agree to follow the rules of the GIFL constitution presented at 1000rmb deposit included Paid Signed ___________________________________

Accepted on behalf of the G.I.F.L. by: ____________________________

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