Minnesota House of Representatives Minority Leader Paul Thissen
CONTACT: Michael Howard, 651-296-4169 November 22, 2011

Rep. Thissen Statement on Impact of State Government Shutdown How far will Republicans take Minnesota down this failed path? St. Paul, Minnesota – Today the Office of Minnesota Management and Budget released information detailing the cost of the state government shutdown forced by legislative Republicans earlier this year - the longest shutdown in Minnesota's history. House Minority Leader Paul Thissen released the following statement: “The impact from our state government shutdown is yet another reminder of the extent the Republican legislature will go to put the richest Minnesotans and big corporate interests ahead of middle class Minnesotans. Republicans stubbornly refused to compromise with Governor Dayton’s repeated attempts at a balanced solution to solve our deficit - an approach supported by the vast majority of people in our state. Instead, Republicans forced a state government shutdown that destabilized our state for several weeks while harming families, workers and the public trust that our elected leaders can work together to solve problems. Worse, they passed an irresponsible budget on the backs of middle class Minnesotans through higher property taxes, tuition costs, and reckless borrowing that only pushed off the hard decisions for another day. With another deficit looming, the question is how far will Republicans go? How far will they take Minnesota down this failed path that protects corporate special interests and the very wealthiest Minnesotans at the expense of middle class families, students, and senior citizens? It’s time for a new path forward. We need serious leadership that recognizes Minnesota’s economic future will be stronger if we quit placing the budget balancing burden solely on middle class families, small businesses, and our schools.” ###