FIRST AID FOLLOW-UP INSTRUCTIONS Dear Parent(s): Your child _______________________, was given first aid at ______am/pm today

, for ______________________________. Comments:________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _Follow-up care by your family physician may be necessary. Please follow the instructions checked below. Head injury Although your child was checked over, there are certain signs of trouble that may appear in the next 48 hours. Contact your doctor immediately if any of the following conditions develop: • Persistent (not relieved by medication) or increasing severe headache • Nausea/Vomiting • Unusual drowsiness or loss of consciousness (awaken the child every hour during the day and at least twice during the night) • Drainage of blood or fluid from ear, nose, or mouth • Convulsions (do not place anything in the mouth, do not hold down, place on side, keep harmful objects away from area) • Weakness of limbs or loss of coordination • Blurred/Double vision • Irregular or difficulty breathing • Unequal pupils • Confusion • Slurred speech *AVOID ALL SEDATIVES AND NARCOTICS. Only Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headache & pain! Injury to____________________________________ Contact your doctor if any of these symptoms persist. • Immobility • Swelling • Pain Illness _____________________________________ Please keep your child home tomorrow if any of these symptoms persist. You may want to contact your doctor for advice. • Vomiting • Fever 100 degrees or greater • Diarrhea Tetanus Within the next 24 hours, you may want to consult your doctor as to whether or not a tetanus booster is needed. According to school records, the date of your child’s last tetanus was _________________________. We were unable to reach you due to: _____Not necessary, sent note _____No one at home number _____Phone continuously busy _____Telephone disconnected _____No one home at emerg. No. _____No emergency phone number on file _____No home phone Please call if you have questions _______________________________________

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