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Course CS101 Book Title Understanding Computer 2000 Today & Tomorrow Learn JavaScript in a Weekend CS201 C++ How to Program (3rd Edition) The C Programming Language CS301 CS302 CS402 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ Digital Fundamentals Introduction to Computer Theory Introduction to Languages and Theory of Computation CS403 Database Systems Principles, Design and Implementation Database Management Systems Modern Database Management CS501 Author Chales S Parker (Recommended) Jerry Lee Ford J. Prime Tech (Recommended) Deitel & Deitel (Recommended) Kernighan & Ritchie Edition 8th Edition ------------Publisher

Pearson Education


------2nd Edition 8th Edition


Mark Allen Weiss Thomas L. Floyd

Addison Wesley Pearson Education -------

Daniel I. Cohen, John Wiley 1991, 2nd and Sons, Inc. Edition (Recommended) J. C. Martin 1997, 2nd Edition

McGraw Hill Book Co.

Catherine Ricardo, Maxwell Macmillan Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke, McGraw-Hill Fred McFadden, Jeffrey Hoffer, Benjamin/Cummings







Computer Systems Vincent P. Heuring &

2001 Grady Booch Addison Wesley.http://vustudents.Pauline Baker. 2001 McGraw Hill.ning. and Stein (CLRS) Roger S. ------Addison-Wesley ------- http://vustudents. 1993 Addison Wesley. Pressman (Recommended) Ian Sommerville Second Edition 5th Edition 6th Edition ------McGraw Hill. Pearson Books Allen Watt.Hill. Jordan . Leiserson. Addison Wesley. 1995 ------- Erich Gamma Behroz A Forouzan William Stallings ------- Gilbert Held Donald Hearn and M.S. 1999 Grady Booch 2nd Edition ------3rd Edition 7th Edition 7th Edition 2nd Edition 2nd Edition 3rd Edition Addisonn Wesly. Rivest. Prentice Hall F. ------- ------- ------------- Alan Watt and Mark Watt. 2001 Edison Design and Architecture CS502 CS504 Introduction to Algorithms Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach Software Engineering The Unified Modeling Language User Guide Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications Design Patterns CS601 Data Communication and Networking Data and Computer Communication Understanding Data Communications CS602 Introduction to Computer Graphics using Open GL Computer Graphics using Open GL 3D Computer Graphics Advanced Animation and Rendering Harry F. JR.ning.

Charles Brown Second Edition. Guide to Learning ECO401 Economics Schaum Series’ Principles of Economics Optional Text on the Pakistan Economy English for Computer Science Skill Worker ENG101 3rd Edition ------- David Begg. Addison-Wesley. Martinet Grammar A. Anderson Murphy & Hilderbrandt Bove & Thill (Recommended) Allama shabbir Ahmad Usmani Bashir Ahmad Dar M. Sabiha Mansoor.ning.http://vustudents. . Akbar Zaidi Norma D Mullen & P. Micheal Paul A.Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Mulana) Techniques. Programming Tom Davis. McGraw-Hill 1996 1999 ------Oxford University Press Oxford University Press Carvan Book House Oxford University Press Oxford University Press McGraw Hill McGraw Hill McGraw Hill Dar-ul-Ishaat Dar-ul-Ishaat Maktabah Dar-ulUloon . Stanley Fischer 6th Edition. Jackie Neider. Prof.J. (Recommended) Practical English Usage ENG201 Technical Writing Effective Business Communications Business Communications Today ISL201 Tafseer-e-Usmani (English & Urdu) Qur’anic Ethics (English) Answer to Modernism (English) Swan. ------Humaira Irfan (Recommended) 4th ------------1996 1996 ------------------- A Practical English Thompson A. and Mason Guide: The Official Woo. Surriya Shafi Mir. Prof. Theory and Practice OpenGL OpenGL.V. McGraw-Hill & Rudiger Dornbusch 2000 (Recommended) Dominic Salvatore & Eugene Diulio (Recommended) S.

ning. Khalid Alvi Mufti Kifaetullah Idar-e-Islamiat MGT101 Accounting an M. ------------------- MGT201 MGT301 ------------- William J. Stanton. Arif & Sohail Afzal. Business Accounting 1 Accounting Financial Management Theory and Practice Principles of Marketing Fundamentals of Frank Wood's Meigs & Meigs Brigham & Gapenski Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong Tehami Art Press. Michael ------- http://vustudents. Intuitive Ma’ariful Hadith (English & Urdu) Authority of Sunnah (English) The economic System of Islam (English) Our Socio – Economic Order (English) Parents Islamic rights (English) Mulana Ashiq Ilahi & responsibilities (English) What Islam is? (English) Arkan-e-Islam (Urdu) Manzoor Ahmad Nomani (Mulana) Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani Hifz-ur-Rehman Savharvi (Mulana) Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani ------------------- Dar-ul-Ishaat Idar-e-Islamiat Idar-e-Islamiat ------- Idar-e-Islamiat ------- Idar-e-Islamiat Manzoor Ahmad Nomani (Mulana) Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi ------------------------------------------------8th Edition ------8th Edition ------- Idar-e-Islamiat Majlis-e-Nashyat-e-Islam Idar-e-Islamiat Adab-e-zindagi (Urdu) Mulana Yousuf Islahi Deen-o-shariat (Urdu) Manzoor Ahmad Nomani (Mulana) Idar-e-Islamiat Islami Akhlaq –o-Adab Mufti Abdurrahman Khan (Urdu) Insan-e-Kamil (Urdu) Taleem-ul-Islam (Urdu) Idar-e-Islamiat Al Faisal Publisher .http://vustudents.

Robbins Stephen P. Miraj Din Mirza MTH302 Business Mathematics & Statistics Elements of Statistics & Probability Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies Shahid Jamal ------- ------- Clare Morris ------- ------- http://vustudents. M Yousaf Prof.ning. Epp (Recommended) Kenneth Rosen ------------2nd Ed 7th Edition 10th Edition ------2nd Edition 4th edition 5th Edition ------------------------------------------------John Wiley & Sons ------- McGraw-Hill ------------------------- Calculus with Howard Anton Analytic Geometry (Recommended) Further Engineering Mathematics Mathematical Methods K. Marketing Marketing MGT501 Human Resource Management Human Resource Management Management Organizational Behavior MTH101 MTH202 Calculus 5th Edition Discrete Mathematics with Applications Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications MTH301 . Robbins Howard Anton Susanna S. Decenzo and Stephen P.ning. Robbins (Recommended) Gary Dessler Stephen P. Walker Joel R. Evans and Barry Berman David A.A Stroud (Recommended) S. Etzel and Bruce J.

.http://vustudents.ning. Boston. Lieberman Bellman. Gerald ------J. Richard E. Addison Wesley Taha.ning. Culler 3rd Edition PWS Publishing . G. Press The Theory of Linear Economic Models. Hamdy A. Lahore Dogars Unique Publishers Karachi University Islamic Research Institute Oxford University Press Islamic Media Qutubuddin Aziz ------- http://vustudents. Lay its Applications Operations Research: An Introduction. Reproduced by National Book Foundation in 2000 ------- MTH501 MTH601 Linear Algebra and David C. Princeton University. David ------- ------- Hadley. McGrawHill Linear Programming. Prentice Hall Operations Research Dynamic Programming. Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh (Recommended) Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi Sharif al Mujahid Khalid bin Sayeed ------------------------------------- Vanguard Books Ilmi Kutab MTH401 Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems Dennis G. Hillier. 1857-1948 (English) Jinnah and Louis D. 3rd Edition ------- ------- Frederick S. Muhammad Sarwar(Recommended) Prof.. ------- ------- ------- Gale. Hayes Dr. Zill and Michael R. ------- ------- PAK301 The Struggle for Legitimacy in Pakistan (English) Pakistan Studies Up to Date Pakistan Studies The Struggle for Pakistan (English & Urdu) Ideology of Pakistan (English) The Formative Phase.

D. Lahore. Pressman http://vustudents.ning. Political Roots & Development 1947. ------------------------Ilmi Kitab Khana.http://vustudents. IRWIN (Recommended) Hayt Jr Boylestad & Nushelsky (Recommended) SedraAdil & K. Smith Sher Muhammad Chaudhry and Shahid Kamal (Recommended) Sher Muhammad Chaudhry and Shahid Kamal (Recommended) Dix. Prentice Hall. Alan Interaction Design: Beyond .Safdar Mahmood 1999 Tehrik-i-Qiyam-iPakistan (Urdu) PHY301 Basic Eng. Lahore.ning. Circuit Analysis Electric Circuits Semiconductor Devices And Circuit Theory Micro Electronic STA301 Introduction to Statistical TheoryPart I Introduction to Statistical TheoryPart II CS408 Human-Computer Interaction Muhammad Rafi Anwar and Hasan Askari Rizvi J. Bennatan Roger S. Ilmi Kitab Khana. Pakistan (English) A Nation in Making (English) Shahid Javed Burki ------------------------------------------7th Edition 6th Edition 3rd Edition Corporation Oxford University Press Oxford University Press Ilmi Kitab Khana. M. Jenny Computer Interaction About Face 2.0: The Essentials of Interaction Design CS615 Software Project Management Software Engineering (A Practitioner’s Approach) PMBOK Guide: A Guide to the project Cooper. Alan E.

J Mukee Elbert Sebesta Winstan Marty Hall Helbert Deitel 6th Edition 3rd Edition CS607 CS506 management body of Knowledge CS609 CS508 Advanced DOS Concept of Programming Languages Artificial Intelligence Core Web Programming Java2 Complete Reference Advance JavaHow to Program V. .ning.

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