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Plot Time: 1931 Place: South Africa / Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)


Major Carruthers o alone, good, has to work hard every day, proud -> doesn't want to confess this an go home, caring and helps Van Heerden, farmer, gentleman, changes his style -> lazy His wife o ill, married Major C. because of being a good soldier, can't cope with the situation, all day long in bed, wants to go home Van Heerden - Dutchman o good worker, has 9 children, really poor, treats the natives quite bad, 43 years old, strong arms and shoulders Wife of Van Heerden o Fat, ugly, 9 children Bossboy o good relationship with Major C. Workers o black, hate Van Heerden, have to built up the hut, one of them layed fire to a hut Children o at boarding school

Exposition o description of the situation -> dutchman arrives Conflict / rising action o Major Carruther finds the family-> he decides to build a second hut. Van Heerden hits the workers Climax o the hut burns down, death of one child Resolution o Major Carruther decides to go back to England -> resignation


racism in the colonies against the natives bad living conditions in the colonies immigration, isolation, search of identity critic against the colonizers

Doris Lessing, 1915