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System+ LAB Introduction


VMware WorkStation Virtual Lab Private Network

Physical Computer Host Virtual Computer Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine State

DC DC promotion, DNS Installation ISA, XPCLIENT1 Domain Members (Joined domain)


Virtual Lab Preparation
Setting all VMs to the right state  DC DC state  ISA, XPCLIENT Join domain state Changing the Administrator account’s password to Pa$$w0rd  Logging on VMs  Ctrl-Alt-Insert  Change password Preparing virtual lab’s environment  Running initial script

The virtual environment is configured as one Windows Server 2003 domain: DC is the domain controller ISA is a member server and is used as additional computer in student labs XPCLIENT1 is a workstation running Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 Server computers are running Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, Service Pack 1

Demonstration: Using VMware
VMware computers can communicate with each other and with the host, but not with other computers outside of the In this demonstration, you will virtual environment Start VMware learn how to:
Log on to VMware Recognize the difference between the virtual computers used in the practices and labs for this course Close VMware OSes