Team Schappelkins’ Application for Employment

Full Name ____________________________________________________ Date _______________________ School _____________________________________________ Teacher ______________________________ Date of Birth _________/_________/_________ Circle One: Male Female Grade _______

What Team Schappelkins’ animal-caretaker position are you currently applying for? Please see the attached page for “Pet Requirements”. Please circle.

Baby J

Ms. White & Ms. Black

Ocho Piernas

Write and/or draw a picture to show why you are a good candidate for this job.

What days of the week are you willing to work? Please check all that apply. _____ Monday _____ Tuesday _____ Wednesday _____ Thursday _____ Friday

To Be Filed By Team Schappelkins’ Hiring Personnel Only!
______________________ Mrs. Jenkins ______________________ Mrs. Martindale ______________________ Mr. Schottner ______________________ Ms. Postema ______________________ Miss Appel ______________________ Mrs. Smith


Team Schappelkins’ Pet Requirements

Baby J Be able to handle, hold, and move Baby J. Supply fresh water daily. Supply fresh food. Clean the cage once a week.

Ms. White & Ms. Black Be able to handle, hold, and move Ms. White and Ms. Black. Supply fresh water daily. Supply fresh food, hay, treats, and vitamin supplements daily. Clean cage every Friday. Set up and take down playpen upon teacher direction.

Ocho Piernas Check the humidity levels (must be above 60%) and temperature levels in the tank. Spray water if needed. Turn the light source on/off each day. Supply fresh water (not from our tap) daily. Place 3-4 crickets in the tank 1 day a week. Make sure the crickets have gutloaded food and water each day.

DISCLAIMER: All Team Schappelkins’ Pets require daily Sound Focus word practice, daily math fact practice (addition and subtraction), and at least five minutes of “Listening to Reading”.