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Respect the Indie Author

Respect the Indie Author

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Published by Erik Hanberg

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Published by: Erik Hanberg on Nov 23, 2011
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Respect the |nd|e Author

V||||ors ol Arer|cars Wou|d lr|r| rolr|rg ol go|rg lo a l||r lesl|va| lo Walcr ar |rdeperderl
l||rra|er's |alesl rov|e, or go|rg lo a oar doWr lre slreel lo see ar |rd|e oard. 3ure, lr|rgs r|grl
oe a ||ll|e rougr arourd lre edges, oul |l sl||| lee|s coo| lo see lre up ard cor|rg reW arl|sls.

As| lrose sare r||||ors ol Arer|cars lo read ar |rdeperderl÷or se|l-puo||sred rove|÷ard you
car oel lrey'|| a|| as| lre sare lr|rg, ¨0or'l lrey rave a |ol ol lypos?¨ 3e|l-puo||sred ooo|s rave
|org oeer cors|dered rol good erougr lo oe lrad|l|ora||y puo||sred ooo|s, ever lrougr |r lre
Wor|ds ol l||r ard rus|c, se|l-producl|or |s rore corror|y seer as a oadge ol roror.

0or'l |rd|e l||rra|ers rave oad srols? 0or'l |rd|e rus|c|ars l|uo roles? (Ard s|rce We're la|||rg
aooul |l, dor'l proless|ora| l||rra|ers ard rus|c|ars as We||?)

lrd|e aulrors are ro d|llererl lrar |rd|e l||rra|ers or rus|c|ars ard yel lre sl|gra ol var|ly
presses ard se|l-puo||sr|rg ras ||rgered . url|| roW.

TWo rorlrs ago, Ararda loc||rg rade read||res lor lre reWs lral sre rad so|d rore lrar a
r||||or e-ooo|s. Tre 2ê year-o|d ral|ve ol V|rresola pr|ced lrer oelWeer S0.99 ard a leW do||ars
ard gels aryWrere oelWeer 30 ard Z0º ol lre cover pr|ce.

Lasl rorlr's reWs ol NeW Yor| T|res oeslse|||rg aulror 8arry E|s|er lurr|rg doWr a S500,000
advarce lo se|l-puo||sr r|s rexl ooo| sroc|ed rary peop|e. ur|||e Vs. loc||rg, re car |everage
r|s prev|ous puo||sred ooo|s lo se|| r|s se|l-puo||sred ooo|s, Wr|cr cou|d rear re cou|d
polerl|a||y earr lral rorey qu|le qu|c||y.

wry are |rdeperderl aulrors acr|ev|rg sucr success roW? Tre corror arsWer |s lre r|se ol e-
ooo|s, Wr|cr derocral|zed puo||sr|rg. 8ul lral's or|y a parl|a| arsWer. Tre lru|y |rporlarl
|rroval|or Was lre searcrao|e dalaoase ol raled erlr|es. Tre Arazor K|rd|e 3lore, lre App|e
|8oo|s slore, ard lre rary olrer serv|ces |||e |l a||oW lre d|scerr|rg reader lo separale lre Wreal
lror lre crall.

warl lo l|rd Wral cuslorers rale as lre oesl po||ce procedura| ryslery rove|s? Easyl Ard lre
dalaoase doesr'l care Wrelrer Rardor louse puo||sred |l or a guy Wro up|oaded |l lror r|s
|aplop. ll jusl le||s you roW We|| peop|e |||e |l ard sroWs you lre|r correrls.

Tre slores lrerse|ves, ard lre corsurers Wro rale lre slores ard poWer lre erg|res, roW acl as
lre gale|eepers, usurp|rg lral ro|e lror lrad|l|ora| puo||srers. Tr|s |s lre ore e|ererl lral ras
oeer r|ss|rg lror lre Wor|d ol |rd|e aulrors ard a||oWed 'se|l-puo||sred¨ lo slay derogalory. F||r
lesl|va| producers parl|a||y serve lr|s ro|e |r lre l||r Wor|d; ooo|ers ard oar oWrers do lor lre
rus|c Wor|d (lrougr |r oolr cases, lre sare searcrao|e dalaoase syslers are |rcreas|rg|y
p|ay|rg |arger ard |arger ro|es).

Tr|s |s Wry |rd|e aulrors are l|ra||y gell|rg respecl lor lre|r Wor|. Trey car oe lourd, ard |l's rol
jusl lre op|r|or ol lre aulror lral a reader ras lo go oy Wrer lry|rg lo dec|de Wrelrer lo purcrase
a ooo|.

3ore puo||cal|ors, sucr as lr|s ore, srou|d oeg|r |rc|ud|rg |rdeperderl aulrors |r lre|r oesl-
se||er rar||rgs. Aller a||, oox oll|ce reporls dor'l exc|ude se|l-produced l||rs (olrerW|se ;,9,7
Wou|d rave a o|g asler|s| oy |l). Eooo| sa|es, lrougr urlrad|l|ora|, are groW|rg loo |arge loo
qu|c||y lor rar||rgs lo exc|ude lrer ard lre |rd|e aulrors or lrose ||sls.

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