This game for us today is “DO YOU KNOW”.

In Viet Nam, 20th November is the Teacher’s Day, and students have a week to express the respect to their teacher. But do you know when is the Teacher’s Day all over the world? Do you want to present your Teachers some SMS or quotes along with flowers and small gift to thank for their contribution? That’s why our game today names “DO YOU KNOW”. I have some amazing informations about the Teacher’s Day and I want to share to you. But we are being at game, so I will ask you, and you need to answer the question to clear up! Let’s get started! Each question was started with the phrase” DO YOU KNOW” 1. DO YOU KNOW “When is the Teacher’s Day” in…?  India: 5th September  China: 10th September  German: 5th October & Philipines  Malaysia: 16th May  Brasil: 15th October  Laos: 7th October  Indonesia: 25th November  Vietnam: 20th November 2. DO YOU KNOW “Teacher is a full form of???”  T: Talent  E: Education  A: Attitude  C: Character  H: Harmony : Hoà thuận, hài hòa  E: Efficient  R: Relation Mems can give another keys that they feel that it’s better and more exactly. 3. DO YOU KNOW “Be a great teacher forever?”  Be a Candle  Be a Light  Be a Twinkle :V/N – Sự lấp lánh  Be a Hope

 Be an Inspiration  Be a great Teacher  Happy the Teacher’Day 4. What do you think the Teacher is like…? Ex: The Teacher is like a Candle “Wish you happy Teacher’s Day A good Teacher is like a Candle It consumes itself to Light the way for others” $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$The End$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .

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