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NGT Insertion

NGT Insertion


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college of nursing


Nasogastric Feeding
( Gastric Gavage)

Levin Tube is commonly used NGT

college of nursing


Nasogastric Feeding
( Gastric Gavage)

– to provide feeding
– – – – to irrigate stomach ( gastric lavage) for decompression to administer medications to administer supplemental fluids

college of nursing


Nasogastric Feeding
( Gastric Gavage)

Inserting NGT
– Inform patient and explain the purpose of the procedure – Place in High Fowler's position – Measure length of NGT to be inserted
( Tip of the nose to the tip of the ear lobe to the Xiphoid process = 50 cm )

– Lubricate tip collegeofnursing tube with water of of the


Nasogastric Feeding
( Gastric Gavage)
1. Hyperextend the neck, gently advance the tube toward the nasopharynx. 3. Tilt the patient’s head forward once the tube reaches the oropharynx(throat) and ask to swallow. 5. Secure the NGT by taping it to the bridge of the client’s nose.

college of nursing


Nasogastric Feeding
( Gastric Gavage)
1. Assess the tube placement and patency
– – – – – – – Introduce 5-20 ml of air into NGT and auscultate at the epigastric area, gurgling sound is heard. Aspirate the gastric content, which is yellowish or greenish in color Immerse tip of the tube in water, no bubble should be produced Measure the pH of aspirate fluid which should be acidic. Ask the client to speak or hum Observe the client for coughing and choking MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD IS RADIOGRAPHIC VERIFICATION OF TUBE PLACEMENT.
college of nursing 6

Administering tube feeding
• Assist the client to a fowler’s position in bed or sitting position in a chair , or slightly elevated right side lying position. Assess tube placement patency Assess residual feeding content
– To assess absorption of the last feeding. If 50 ml or more verify if the feeding will be given

• •

Introduce feeding slowly.
1. To prevent flatulence, crampy, pain or reflex vomiting
college of nursing 7

Administering tube feeding
1. Height of feeding is 12 inches above the tube’s point of insertion into the client. 2. Instill 60 ml of water into NGT after feeding.
1. To cleanse the lumen of the tube

4. Clamp the NGT before all of the water is instilled
college of nursing 8

Administering tube feeding
1. Ask the client to remain fowler’s position or slightly elevated right lateral position for at least 30 mins
1. To prevent potential aspiration of feeding

2. Do after-care of equipment 3. Make relevant documentation

college of nursing


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college of nursing


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