Lighthouse of Alexandria

Where it was build?
-It was built on the island of Pharos. Pharos was located in the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt and was linked to the mainland by a long viaduct.

Why was it built?
-Of the Seven Wonders, it was the first that was built for a practical, safety-oriented purpose. The Lighthouse was built to direct ships and to serve as a military lookout.

2 . who reigned between 283 BCE and 246 BCE. He designed the lighthouse of Alexandria. It took a while to build the Pharos.Sostratus of Cnidus (born 3rd century BC). The Lighthouse was completed during the reign of Ptolemy II.Lighthouse of Alexandria When it was built and by Who? The built by Lighthouse in of Alexandria was 280BCE. was a Greek architect and engineer. of Sosatus Cnidus.

it was Large there and was on well built. A large bonfire was kept burning at the top of the Lighthouse at night. 3 . a statue of of the originally the Poseidon summit building. Supposedly. and a mirror was used during the day to guide ships.Lighthouse of Alexandria How was it built? Made of stone and standing 384 feet high encased in white marble. but it disappeared over time.

Top section-circular and stood 24 feet high. Bottom section-square-shaped and stood 183.Lighthouse of Alexandria The Sections of the Lighthouse It was built in three sections.4 feet high Middle section-octagonal and stood 90. There was a circular shaft inside to lift the fuel needed for the fire to the top of the Lighthouse.1 feet high. 4 .

Lighthouse of Alexandria Destruction of the Lighthouse The Lighthouse of Alexandria survived for over 1000 years. despite many the earthquakes. earthquakes damaged it horribly. could not even climb to its doorway It was eventually disassembled 1375 Egyptian by in CE the Mamelouk 5 . It was so heavily damaged that the famous Arab traveler. Ibn Battuta. Unfortunately.

to use the stones in a fort.Lighthouse of Alexandria Sultan. Quitbay. Done By Christine Ng 1 Integrity Holiday Homework 17June2011 6 .

Lighthouse of Alexandria 7 .

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