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Magistrate: 36-2-02 Re: Citation No.

B 4572593-4 Your Honor: As a supplement I would like to express my disgust for my actions early Saturday morning August 11, 2007. I have taken full responsibility for my actions and after discussing my reasoning for driving faster than the posted speed limit with the officer, even though at the time I felt my reasons may be justifiable by avoiding an accident a few hundred feet up the road before I was clocked, I realized his point of view was correct and how selfish and irresponsible I was at that time for my fellow citizens of Brighton Township and the law. I am in no position to fight this ticket because I realize my actions were wrong. I realize that there may be a 15 day license suspension and that would financially devastate my wife and I. We both love this community and citizens and the law enforcement. Just a few months ago two officers so kindly helped my wife get here car that was broken down along Dutch ridge road safety off the road, we have the utmost respect for them and the law. After I told my wife what had happened and how stupid and selfish I was at that time, I told her that I need to do something about it and fighting the law is not the resolution. I am pleading for the mercy of the township for a reduced charge and points reduction and I would offer my services to the community of at least 1 man hour to every mile per hour over the posted speed limit I was traveling or what ever time your honor may see fit. I am a hard working young man and I could provide a lot of work for the community in return as consequence to my actions. It would be an honor to serve this community in such a way. I write this letter to inform you that I’m entering a plea of not guilty so that I may discuss these things with your honor and apologize in person to your honor and the officer. Again your honor, I’m not looking to fight this ticket, I’m seeking mercy and your understanding that I have realized the severity of my actions. I’m asking the township to have mercy and accept my willingness to provide community service to Brighton Township in return for reduced charges. Your honor, again I am extremely disgusted with myself and the decisions I chose that day. My family is very committed to this community and strives to always be a part of the bond we have as neighbors and friends. Please consider this and thank you for your time and compassion. Respectfully, Jason L. Minnich