Group members: Ahmad Syahir Low Hui Ching Nur Aimi Siti Athirah

ABSTRACT The purpose of this experiment is mainly to study the best possible light strategy to make the best out of the sunlight by shifting their directions into the desired space. The experiment is based on two main factors, the orientation of the façade and the light strategy itself. This can be done by using a daylight model with a scale 1:20. The experiment will be conducted during the sunny day. HYPOTHESIS 1) The intensity of the light remains constant throughout the day using the daylight concept. 2) The intensity of light is higher when the façade facing the east. DAYLIGHT CONCEPT a) Top-light strategy:

Saw tooth This strategy is meant to bring the light from the top but prevent any direct sun-light. The atmosphere of the library is to be much lit but without glare. Therefore, there is a certain level of light required at all times of the day. The sequences of the tooth are alternated to ensure equal amount of daylight can be shifted to the space.

b) Side-light strategy:

This strategy is implemented so that the light can be directed into the room, especially the ceiling, giving an evenly lit room for better reading conditions. The lower part is open meant to give light as well as a view. The exterior shelf is bent upwards to assist the direct sunlight to the library’s ceiling.

.ORIENTATION The orientation chosen for the experiment is north and east. This can be done by using light concept and correct orientation. ROOM ANALYSIS A library requires plentiful of light. Sunlight from east is much mild than the one in the evening. This is to experiment the effects of the room being towards direct and indirect sun-light in a sense that the sun sets at the wests. Not all of the outside light is required for reading purposes therefore only a small fraction of the light is needed for reading.

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