Course 006: Reading List Food, Nutrition and Social Safety Nets, Winter 2010-11

Food and Nutrition • Angus Deaton and Jean Dreze, Food and Nutrition in India: Facts and Interpretations, Economic and Political Weekly, February 14, 2009 Pronab Sen, Of Calories and Things: Reflections on Nutritional Norms, Poverty Lines and Consumption Behaviour in India, Economic and Political Weekly, October 22, 2005 Prabhu Pingali and Yasmeen Khwaja, Globalization of Indian Diets and the Transformation of Food Supply Systems, mimeo, 2005. Ajay Mahal and Anup Karan, Adequacy of Dietary Intakes and Poverty in India: Trends in the 1990s, Economics and Human Biology, 2007. Alessandro Tarozzi and Aprajit Mahajan, Child Nutrition in India in the 1990s, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2007 Rekha Sharma, Prakriti Shukla, J.V. Meenakshi and Sanghamitra Das, The Determinants of Child Nutritional Status in Rural India, mimeo, 2009.

Social Safety Nets: • Chakravarty, Abhishek, Supply Shocks and Child Health Investments: Evidence from the ICDS Programme in India, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2010. Michael Lokshin, Monica Das Gupta, Michael Gragnolati and Oleksiy Ivaschenko, Improving Child Nutrition? The Integrated Child Development Services in India, Development & Change 2005 Bharat Ramaswami and Shikha Jha, How Can Food Subsidies be Reformed? Answers from India and the Philippines, 2010. Mimeo. Martin Ravallion, The Mystery of the Vanishing Benefits: An Introduction to Impact Evaluation, The World Bank Economic Review, 2001

All these readings are available in the course folder.

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