PART A (Student’s Particulars) Name: Primary Programme:
Please mark an “X” against the appropriate box  BBM  LLB  BAcc  BSc (Econ)  ISEP (International Exchange)  BSocSc  BSc (ISM)  SUSEP (Local Exchange)

ID No:

Final Term of Study:

 No  Yes **
(applicable to SMU student only)

Please indicate the no. of times you have previously appealed for grade review unsuccessfully: ______

PART B (Course Information – please submit one form per course) Academic Year: Course Code & Title: Grade Awarded: Instructor:
Reason / Justification for Appeal (please use additional paper if necessary and attach relevant supporting documents):


1 / 2 / MT2 / 3A / 3B*


I declare that I have read and understood the policies and procedures governing the appeal for review of grade stated in the overleaf of this form.



Notes: * (1) Please delete accordingly. ** (2) Students who are in their final term must bear in mind that the process of grade review may delay their graduation. The duly completed form must be submitted in hardcopy to the Registrar’s Office by the stipulated deadline.

** 2. The student may be called upon to substantiate his/her claims. The professional judgment of the instructor cannot be challenged. E. A student who makes frivolous or wrongful accusation of discriminatory action can be referred by the school to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. Students are required to submit one form per course. RO/EXAM/008 can be printed from OASIS > Study > Examinations & Results > Appeal for Review of Grade. Administration Building by the stipulated deadline. If student finds there is demonstrable evidence that the grade may have been influenced by discriminatory and prejudicial/unfair action on the part of the instructor. a grade appeal is inappropriate simply because the student disagrees with the instructor’s judgment about the quality of his/her work. Students are required to attach documentation to support the appeal when submitting the Appeal for Review of Grade Form (RO/EXAM/008) to the Office of the Registrar. D. Level 8. The grounds for grade appeal are as follows: 1.Appeal for Review of Grade Students who have a genuine cause to believe that there is a mis-grading for their course can submit an official Appeal for Review of Grade. Instructors will not meet/discuss with students on the course or their performance during this time. Incomplete submission will not be processed. The appeal decision is final. A disagreement with the professional judgment of the instructor should not be the basis of an appeal. . In seeking a grade review. B. Submission of Appeal for Review of Grade Form All appeals must be submitted in hardcopy on the official Appeal for Review of Grade Form (RO/EXAM/008) to the Office of the Registrar. Procedures Students must provide reason/justification clearly and concisely for their grade appeal. These include the appeal form and the supporting document. Important Note All submission of appeal must be in hardcopy. The university/instructors will not show the answer scripts to the students as part of the review. In other words. A. ** This is a serious charge impugning the integrity and character of the instructor. Results of Appeal Students will be notified of the results via SMU email account in due course. No appeals for review of examination results will be accepted after the close of the appeal period. Evidence provided must contain only factual information. An obvious error in the calculation of the grade. Period of Appeal All appeals must be submitted within three working days from the day of official release of examination results (exclusive of release date) by the Registrar’s Office. students are not permitted to view their examination answer scripts. The review is NOT an opportunity for students to plead their case for better grades. C. Students must not approach their instructors for any discussion on the course just prior and during the appeal.

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