Compensation Workbench provides your enterprise with a web÷based solution for determining and

allocating compensation awards, including:
·Salary increases
Using the Oracle HRMS professional user interface, a compensation manager or system
administrator defines Compensation Workbench plans based on the Total Compensation data model.
Line managers and other employees responsible for distributing compensation use Compensation
Workbench÷÷available through the Oracle Self÷Service Human Resources menu÷÷to issue budgets
to reporting managers responsible for budgeting and to allocate compensation awards to individual
Stock options
Compensation Workbench delivers a variety of features, including:
· Employee validation
· Budget preparation
· Allocations
· Approvals and Notifications
· Reporting
Employee Validation
A manager can view employee details for his or her direct reports÷÷and any
employee farther down in the reporting hierarchy÷÷in Compensation
Eligibility requirements you can set up when you define your Compensation
Workbench plan in Oracle HRMS determine if an employee is eligible to
receive an award. You can define a plan so that a compensation
administrator can override eligibility results in the professional user
Additionally, a compensation administrator can move an employee from
one manager's worksheet to another manager's worksheet.
Budget Preparation
You can define a budget at the top level of an organization hierarchy. A
high level manager in the hierarchy issues budgets to managers who have
direct reports who are also managers.
To begin the budgeting process, a compensation manager must use the
Person Life Events window÷÷located in the professional user interface÷÷to
issue a budget to a high level manager.
See: Using the Person Life Events Window for Compensation Workbench,
Managing Total Compensation Using Oracle HRMS
You can define a budget using:
· Monetary amounts
· Percentages of eligible salaries
A manager can determine a reporting manager's budget:
· Manually
· Using the Allocation Wizard
The Allocation Wizard provides a variety of calculation types that
automatically calculate the budget for one or more selected managers.
Helpful tips located in Compensation Workbench explain the features of
each calculation type.
The budget provides a variety of information to a manager, such as the
available amount to budget, the amount used, and any amount or
percentage reserved for future use that is not issued to reporting managers.
During plan design, you can determine how changes to a lower level
manager's list of employees affect a budget. You can choose to maintain
fixed amounts or to re÷calculate the budget based on a percentage.
Workflow notifications are sent automatically to reporting managers when a
higher level manager issues a budget.
A line manager uses the worksheet to allocate compensation to any employee
at a lower level in the reporting hierarchy. A line manager cannot allocate
their own compensation. As with budgets, a line manager can use the
allocation wizard to help determine compensation awards.
The worksheet displays a variety of information about an employee that a
manager can view to help determine an allocation. You can define a plan so
that a manager can view historical information about compensation
awarded to an employee.
Approvals and Notifications
Ìf you require worksheet approval, the Self÷Service workflow process
assigns a submitted worksheet a status of Pending Approval and routes a
notification to each approver through a configurable notification hierarchy
The following notifications are delivered with the product:
· Your manager has issued you a budget
· A higher÷level manager has changed the due date, access level, or award
amount on your worksheet
· Your manager has Approved or Rejected your worksheet
· A reporting manager has submitted their worksheet for your approval
· Final approval obtained (notification sent to HR)
A higher level manager can approve, modify, or return a submitted
worksheet to any reporting manager below them in the hierarchy.
Note: The workflow process requires approval at the highest level
of your organization hierarchy.
Compensation Workbench delivers the following online reports for use by
line managers:
· Bonus Detail: Employee information for bonus plan distribution
· Stock Detail: Employee stock allocation information, including grant
price, number of shares, and value
· Salary Detail: Employee information such as name, beginning salary,
eligible salary, and new salary
· Total Compensation: Salary increases, bonuses, and stock option grants
for each employee for a selected year.
Setting Up a Compensation Workbench Plan
You set up Compensation Workbench plans using the Total Compensation
data model. The windows you use to define a Compensation Workbench
plan are a subset of those windows that you use to implement and
administer Standard and Advanced Benefits.
Follow this process to set up plans for Compensation Workbench. Refer to
the cross÷references for further details.
For information about administering Compensation Workbench plans that
you have defined, see: Compensation Workbench Processing: page 10
To set up a compensation workbench plan:
1. Define plan years for the Compensation Workbench plan.
2. Define one life event reason for each plan.
3. Define a derived compensation factor if compensation awards are based
on a stored or system calcuated value, such as eligible or stated salary.
4. Define participant eligibility profiles to limit the employees who are
eligible for a Compensation Workbench plan.
5. Define a plan type, selecting a compensation category.
6. Define the Compensation Workbench plan.
7. Define plan enrollment requirements.
8. Optionally, define a reporting group to include multiple Compensation
Workbench plans.
9. Define elements if you want to transfer activity rates to Oracle Payroll
or to third party applications.
10. Link the elements.
11. Optionally, define variable rate profiles if an activity rate can vary
according to one or more factors.
12. Define standard activity rates.
13. Optionally, define GL Daily Rates if you enable managers to view
amounts in the budget or the worksheet in a currency that differs from
the plan's currency.
Plan Years
You use the Program/Plan Years window to set up plan years that define
the year÷÷or period within a year÷÷during which an employee earned their
compensation. You can use this amount, if, for example, you award a bonus
based on a percentage of compensation earned during the period.
Enter the plan year start and end dates. This is the year in which the
employee earned the compensation.
· For compensation types that you award more than once per year (such as
bonus plans)÷÷or for which the employee earning period is less than a full
year÷÷enter a Within Year Period.
Select the Unit of Measure that best represents your period. For example,
select Semi÷Year for compensation plans administered twice yearly.
See: Defining a Program or Plan Year Period, Managing Total Compensation
Using Oracle HRMS
Compensation Life Event
You set up a life event reason for your Compensation Workbench plan so
that when you process participant eligibility and electability, the batch
process assigns the compensation life event to employees and schedules the
availability period for budget and worksheet entry in Compensation
On the Submit Requests window, you select Participation Process:
Compensation to assign the life event to a person. The life event occurred on
date is the Assigned Life Event that you define for the plan in the Plan
Enrollment Requirements window.
Note: To avoid life event collisions, set up one life event reason per
Compensation Workbench plan.
· Enter a life event reason Name that corresponds to your plan. Provide a
life event name that identifies the compensation type, and÷÷if you operate
globally÷÷the legislation of the plan. A naming convention helps you to
identify the life event in other application windows.
· Select a life event reason Type of Compensation.
Compensation Workbench life events require no additional set up. Do
not define person changes for Compensation Workbench life events.
Standard Benefits should not create any life events other than the Type of
Compensation Plan Types
Your plan requires a compensation plan type.
· Select Compensation Workbench as the Option Type.
· Select one of the following Compensation Categories:
· Comp ÷ Bonus
· Comp ÷ Stock Options
· Comp ÷ Salary
Comp ÷ Salary identifies compensation plans that alter the amount
displayed on the Salary Administration window for a person after you
process a compensation distribution.
Defining a Compensation Workbench Plan
Use the Plans window to define a compensation workbench plan.
Note: You can also use the Plans window to define employee
benefits plans. Compensation plans use only a subset of the features
available on the Plans window.
1. Enter the plan Name.
Note: By using a generic plan name (one that does not include a
particular year period), you can re÷use the plan over multiple
award periods.
2. Select a Status of Active.
Change the status to inactive to remove the plan from Compensation
3. Select the Plan Type you created for this plan.
4. Required: Ìn the Plan Usage field, select May not be in Program.
5. Choose the Eligibility Rates tab.
6. Check the Track Ìneligible Person field to enable eligibility overrides
without having to re÷run the Participation Process: Compensation to
determine eligibility or rates.
7. Choose the Not in Program tab.
8. Enter the Sequence number of this plan if you want compensation plans
to display in a particular order in Self÷Service.
9. Select the Currency of your plan.
You must create a separate plan for each plan with a unique currency.
10. Leave the Enrollment Rate/Frequency field blank.
11. Select an Activity Reference Period that matches your most common
pay basis.
This determines the period for which the base salary is displayed, and
the amount in which salary increases are entered.
12. Choose the Details button to open the Maintain Plan Related Details
13. Attach the plan years you defined to the plan.
14. Close the Maintain Plan Related Details window.
15. Choose the Plan Eligibility button.
16. Attach any eligibility profiles you created to the plan.
Defining Enrollment Requirements for Compensation Workbench Plans
Use the Plan Enrollment Requirements window to define the scheduled
availability period for a compensation workbench plan and to establish
certain budget and worksheet properties.
Note: You can also use the Plan Enrollment Requirements window
to define electability requirements for employee benefits plans.
Compensation plans use only a subset of the features available on
this window.
1. Query the plan for which you are defining enrollment requirements in
the Plan field.
2. With the General tab and the Plan tab selected, choose the Enrollment
tabbed region.
3. Select Explicit as the enrollment Method.
4. Select Current, Can Keep or Choose; New, Can Choose as the
Enrollment Code.
5. Choose the Coverage tabbed region.
Note: By setting coverage and activity rate start and end dates at
the plan level you will not have to update these codes for each
availability period.
6. Ìn most instances, select Elections as the Enrollment Coverage Start
This starts the employee's coverage as of the effective date of the
Compensation Workbench Post Process.
7. Required: select 1 Prior or Event as the Enrollment Coverage End Date.
This ends the employee's coverage one day prior to the start of any
subsequent coverage.
8. Choose the Rates tabbed region.
9. Ìn most instances, select Elections as the Rate Start Date.
This starts the employee's rate÷÷and element entry÷÷as of the effective
date of the Compensation Workbench Post Process.
10. Required: select 1 Prior or Event as the Rate End Date.
11. Choose the Timing tab and then the Scheduled tab.
12. Select Compensation as the Enrollment Type.
You can only select this Enrollment Type if the option type of the plan
type you attached to this plan is Compensation Workbench.
Note: When you select this enrollment type, the application
re÷draws the window to display regions unique to compensation

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