Setup guide for Accessing Apps instance from local mechine

1) Add our instance ip address in your computer( host file) as below
1)open the Notepad as an administrator

2)Go To File tab 3)Go To Open .

4)Go To C Drive and open windows .

.5)Go To system32.

6) Go To Drivers 7)Go To etc .

.8)Go to All files on the lower right.

9)Go to Hosts and open it. .

10)Edit the file and Add the ip address and domain as below.then open Internet explorer from your computer and type as below . 11)After make the above changes .

com:8010 and give the credentials (check out your mail for login details) After login into Apps instance . .diable the popup blocker and XSS filter as below..http://focusthreaderp. 12)Go To Tools option there in the upper right .

13)Go To Internet option there in the dropdown list and click it. .

14)Go to security. ..In Security click on custom level.

.15)in custom level Diable pop-up Blocker.

.16)Also Disable XSS filter on the same.

please send a mail to support@focusthread.If you face any issues .com .