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At the doctor's Whut's the mutter?

you huve u coId?
eIIo doctor, I'm not
feeIing weII
Ok¸ Iets see, Open
your mouth und suy "uuh",Let's
check your bIood pressure
us weII,
Lets check your breuthing
und heurt rute, Tuke deep
breuths, InhuIe und e×huIe
For this the
doctor uses u
When you visit u doctor¸ you ure the
putient, Doctors wiII usuuIIy tuke
your bIood pressure und e×umine you
in his surgery,
Doctors treut putients uiIments by prescribing
certuin medicines und tubIets, Wounds need
dressings which must be chunged on u reguIur
busis to keep them free from germs,
cupsuIes medicine
guuze und dressings
untiseptic creum or ointment
A doctor wiII write out u prescription
for your medicution which you huve to
coIIect ut the phurmucy,
The phurmucist wiII muke up
your medicution und wiII uIso
teII you how you shouId tuke
your medicution, Tuke one tubIet 3 times
u duy,