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Customer Communication

Customer Communication

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Customer Communication

Customer may initiate communication

New electronic media enables interactive communication

Customer Communication
Customer initiates communication with a search process

Source’s message NOISE Message channel



•Consumer decides how much info to get •Action/purchase may be immediate •Custom communications will be more personalized

Promotion plans are blended and integrated
•There is no right blend •Get a push in the channel w/ promotion to middlemen •Promotion to middlemen emphasizes personal selling

•Push w/in a firm w/ promotion to employees •Pulling policy •Promotion to final consumers •Promotion to business customers

Adoption Processes
•Promotion must vary for diff adopter groups •Innovators don’t mind taking some risks •Early adopters are often opinion leaders

•Early majority group is deliberate •Late majority is cautious •Laggards or nonadopters hang on tradition

Promotion blends vary over the life cycle
•Stage of product in its life cycle •Market introduction stage “this new idea is good” •Market growth stage “our brand is best”

•Market maturity stage “our brand s better, really” •Sales decline “let’s tell those who still want our product”

Setting the promotion budget
•Size of budget affects promotion efficiency and blend •Find the task, budget for it •Task method can lead to budgeting without agony

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