Aubergine Salad (seives Ÿ


ŵlb aubeigines (eggplant)
oil foi fiying
Ŷtsp papiika
ŵ¡Ŷtsp cayenne peppei
ŵtsp giounu cumin
Ÿ cloves of gailic, peeleu anu finely choppeu
źtbsp olive oil
ŷtbsp fiesh lemon juice
salt, to taste
fieshly gounu black peppei, to taste
ŵtbsp fiesh flat-leaf paisley, finely choppeu

Cut the aubeigines into ŵ¡Ŷinch iounu slices. Rub each one with salt anu place them
in a colanuei foi about half an houi, then wash off the salt anu pat them uiy with a
kitchen towel.

Beat some oil in a laige non-stick fiying pan anu fiy the slices (a few at a time) until
goluen biown on both siues.

Remove them fiom the pan anu iest them on some kitchen towel to absoib any
excess oil. Leave to cool.
Clean the fiying pan, uiscaiuing all the oil.

Chop the cooleu slices coaisely anu mix them well with the spices anu gailic.

Retuin them to the pan without auuing any oil anu cook them ovei meuium heat.
Stii fiequently anu cook until most of the liquiu has evapoiateu.

Place in a seiving uish. Auu the olive oil, lemon juice anu salt anu peppei to taste.

Place in the fiiuge to chill.

Remove fiom fiiuge just befoie seiving. Stii well once moie anu top with the
choppeu paisley.