Computer Lab Help Sheet

Help Sheet Microsoft Word 1. Click on Microsoft Word, to open up program. 2. Go to FILE, then SAVE AS. 3.

Click on STUDENTS ON BTHS 4. Click on SWAISGOOD B1 or B2 folder 5. Type in a file name and click on save. 3. Type your document. Remember to FILE, SAVE periodically. To change font type: 1. Click mouse and hold button down to highlight the text you want to be changed 1. click on FORMAT at top of screen 2. go to FONT 3. choose the type of font (on left side of box) and the size of font (on right side of box). Click OK. To do Spell Check: 1. click on the button at the top of screen that is a check mark and says ABC on it. 2. Look at the suggestions they give you. Either click CHANGE to accept their change, or IGNORE ONCE to keep it the way you have it. To Indent: 1. Click the TAB key on the keyboard and it will automatically indent for you. To Print: 1. click on FILE, then PRINT 2. change number of copies if you need to, or leave at one 3. click OK To Copy and Paste: 1. Click mouse and hold button down to highlight the text you want to copy. 2. put mouse on highlighted words and right click the mouse 3. Click on COPY 4. go to the document you want to paste into 5. Right click the mouse and click on PASTE Wiki Site 1. Go to the Wiki site 2. Click on SIGN IN on the top, right side of the screen. Enter your username and password. 3. Go to your page on the Wiki site. 4. Click on the EASY EDIT button. 5. Copy your writing onto the screen. 6. Click SAVE 7. If it asks you to post an edit comment, click on NO Post A Comment on Wiki Site 1. Log in to Wiki site 2. Click on person’s name that you want to write a comment to. 3. Click ADD A COMMENT link on bottom right of page. 4. Type your comment 5. Uncheck the email me box, then click POST COMMENT

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