november 23ţ 2011

1he Aslan Amerlcan !ournallsLs AssoclaLlon's MlnnesoLa chapLer recenLly meL wlLh execuLlves aL
WCCC Channel 4 Lo express concern over a sLory lL alred on CcLŦ 31 LhaL suggesLed a ChlnaLown
meaL markeL ln new ?ork ClLy sold dogs for human consumpLlonŦ ln Lhe lŴ1eam reporLţ reporLer
!ames Schugel sald a person answerlng Lhe phone aL Lhe meaL markeL admlLLed Lo selllng dogs
Lo eaLŦ

WCCC has now lssued a clarlflcaLlon on lLs webslLeŦ 1he sLaLlon now says Lhe meaL markeL
employee Lold WCCC LhaL Lhe company sold duck and noL dogţ as lL had prevlously reporLedŦ

We applaud WCCC for respondlng Lo AA!A's concerns and look forward Lo sLrengLhenlng a
LrusLedţ long Lerm parLnershlp beLween our Lwo organlzaLlonsŦ

1om Porgen and Lmma Carew Crovum
AA!AŴMlnnesoLa coŴpresldenLs
1homas Lee
lncomlng AA!A naLlonal vlce ÞresldenL for ÞrlnL

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