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Office o/the General Counsel
October 28,2011
Re: Ahmad Batebi and Kourosh Sehhati
Dear Mr. Horowitz:
Patricia Hargrave forwarded your letters dated October 12 and October 19, 2011
.regarding your clients, Ahmad Batebi and Kourosh Sehhati. I am responding to your
letters on behalf of the management of the Voice of America (VOA). You raise various
concerns about your clients' "recent termination" from the VOA's Persian News
Network and ask that their "employment" be "reinstated."
,Mr. Batebi and Mr. Sehhati provided services to the Agency as independent
contractors or purchase order vendors (POVs). At no time was either of your clients
employed by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). Each of the contracts
expressly stated that "The contractor agrees that no employer-employee relationship
exists between the contractor and the Voice of America." Neither contract was
terminated, but ended at the completion of the contracted-for assignments. As you may
be aware, when a contract with a federal Government agency comes to a conclusion, the
business relationship between the contractor and the Government ends. Accordingly,
BBG did not "terminate" your clients' employment, as alleged in your letters.
Your letter also references various social media and other Internet postings about
your clients made by Mr. Amir Fakhravar. Mr. Fakhravar has no relationship with the
BBG, so we are unable to comment on his writings.

Assistant General Counsel
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