2nd Oral Solemn Test 1.

- General Instructions: • Type of evaluation: Individual presentations • Duration: 5-7 minutes • Visual aids: Power point presentations, only images can be presented in the slides, no text (except for headings). • Students must prepare their presentations including all the information asked for in the questionnaire below. (See below in this page). • Presentations must follow the structure: o Introduction (Say hello to the audience, introduce the topic of your presentation) o body (how is your presentation organized? what are you going to say first, second, third, etc.?) o Conclusion (final remark(s), thank the audience for their attention). Students can freely choose the arrangement of the information (what is going to be part of the introduction, body and conclusion) to be presented, but they must use all the information they obtain from answering the following questionnaire. Questionnaire : Your childhood memories Answer all these questions, and with that information prepare your presentation. Don’t forget to follow the instructions above. 1. Do you remember your first day of class? What was it like? 2. What was your first teacher’s name? 3. What was your teacher like? 4. Was he/she a good teacher? 5. Were you a good student in school? 6. Did you learn a lot? 7. What did you do in your free time when you were a kid? 8. Were you a member of any clubs? 9. What did you usually do every day after school? 10. Did you have a lot of friends? 11. Did you have any friends in your neighborhood? What did you do with them? 12. What was your best friend like? 13. What did you and your friend do together? 14. Do you see your friend now? 15. Did you have a pet? 16. Did you watch TV?

17. What shows did you watch on TV? 18. What games did you play? 19. Did you like sports when you were a child? 20. What was your favorite place? How often did you go there? 21. Where did you live when you were a kid? 22. What was that place like? 23. Do you still live in the same place? 24. What did you do on vacations? 25. Who did you go on vacations with? 26. How long did you usually spend on vacations? 27. What was your favorite food? 28. What food did you hate? Do you still hate it? 29. What is your best childhood memory?

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