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Consult Japan Ci 0-2, SHELL. Solvency Consulting Japan Solves. Generic Solvency. Definition of Consultation. Answers To Japan will say no. Uniqueness Japan/US Relations Bad. 17-21 Links Relations Link. Brinks... Internal Links US/Japan alliance leads to Asian Stability.. US/Japan alliance is Key to Economic Security. Relations Key... Answers to Japan can’t build nukes. - Japan Proliferation leads to Asian Proliferation... Japan Proliferation leads to other countries proliferation.. Generic Impacts Prolif bad...... Nuclear War... 2NC Impact Extensions. Aff Answers Relations Good.........++ Japan Can't Build Nukes. Japan Won't proliferate... Prolif Good. Rearm good. — South Korea not effect Japanese alliance, China din like US Japan relations. Japan thinks US alliance Key.......- ' 1 Topplanis 004 CP Plan Text O1: Non Topical ‘The counterplan is not because it is outside the bound of the resolution at the point in which the United States consults Japan ——ia—2itiopsea=. 02: Competitiveness 1. mutually exclusive: Plan is an immediate unconditional advocacy of plan action, the cp is the opposite. 2. Net benefits also prove competition 03: Solvency Topptianie Joo U.S FORCE DRAW DOWNS IN KOREA MAKE JAPAN BELIEVE THAT THE US, 18 ABANDONING THE ALLIANCE OF TAAREL ES RELA TIIF A) va 1Qveniesy Robyn Lim is professor of international relations at Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan, and author of "The Geopolitics of East Asia." June 29, 2004 INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE JUNE 29, 2004-06-29 - “eres aianes with aan and South Koes have lng serve hiner slong with hohe Unie Stach, Botts ow "Sse sinc the Bera Wall il an static cumstances have changed n Fast Ast as wll Ameria’ dina wil be ues fhe ss oi loa secur interests -noubly the war apis eos ad th ced tw Secreta supp anda ie ‘inowlege that not even the Pentagon commands inf resources esrsn a bt Toky ant Seoul hope tat US, dons on aio fe rdeployment ae not inal f reduced commianent {0 tir security. Indeed. mach concen i being expres abou thers of wleralsn as nor ge wnt a ‘Dive samp ht ee ar compli in Seoul hel Pengo alge ok of consaon Tv in pt ‘Se impening reeoynente Lg ofa pe portion of US, ground combat ows ow ston Sth Korea. Moreover be Pentagon is making a promise tha thes forces wil et,