Smoothies, shakes and crushes

All Pina colada smoothie Coconut, pineapple and ice cream Mongo lassie Fresh mongo blended with yoghurt and touch of honey Fruit salad smoothie Seasonal fresh fruits with lime, touch of sugar and ice cream Peanut butter and banana smoothie Blended with homemade vanilla ice cream Watermelon, coconut, lime or pineapple Fresh fruit simply blended with ice shakes 85.000

Milkshakes Classic style with milk and ice cream Vanilla, chocolate, coconut, strawberry or your flavour

Water, soft drink and juices
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Tonic, Ginger ole La Vie 500ml La Vie 1.51 Perrier 330ml Perrier 750ml Fresh squeezed fruit juice Chilled local grown coconut Soda, fresh lime and sugar 40.000 35.000 70.000 90.000 170.000 60.000 80.000 50.000

Festival Huda Tiger Larue Export Heineken Corona

All Spicy Hue Mojito White rum, mint, Iime and chili muddled with soda A day at the beach Muddled strawberrys, watermelon, lime, vodka, contreau, strawberry liquor, midori, cranberry juice Watermelon Maitai White rum, dark rum, amaretto, watermelon and pineapple juice, mint sprigs, triple sec Swaying palm trees Midori, malibu, banana liquer, lime juice, pineapple juice Caipirinha Dark rum, cane sugar and lime wedges bumbled over ice Citrus Martini Lemon vodka, grand mariner and lime juice Illusion Midori, vodka and pineapple juice Thuan An sunset Rum, lime juice, possionfruit nectar, grenadine orange juice Limoncello Margarita Limoncello, white tequila, malibu and lime juice Frozen Fruit Daiquiri Freshfruit, white rum, ice and lime juice The ultimate mudslide Bailey's Irishcream, kahula, vodka, ice cream, chocolate Non alcoholic and classics made on request

All spirits are served either on neat, on ice with your choice of mixer

Stolichnaya Ruskaza Absolut Grey Goose

Gordon's Bombay Sapphire 100.000 140.000

Bacardi Light Bacardi Oro Havana Club 3 Years 100.000 120.000 120.000

Pepe Lopez Jose Cuervo Patron Silver 100.000 120.000 220.000

Whiskies and bourbons
Glenfiddich Glenfiddich Ch~asRegal Ch~asRegal 12 Single Molt 21 Single Molt 12yea~ 18yea~ 170.000 550.000 140.000 220.000 270.000 150.000

Yamazaki 12 years Dewar's 12 years Dewar's 18 years Johnnie Walker Red Lobel Johnnie Walker Block Lobel Jim Beam White Lobel Jim Beam Block Lobel Jock Daniels Woodford Reserve

Hennessy VSOP Remy Martin VSOP Remy Martin X.O Hennessy X.O
Bottle prices on request

185.000 185.000 400.000 400.000

Pernod Ricard Campari Martini Dry/ Rosso/ Bianco 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000

Malibu Grand Marnier Drambuie Galliano Frangelico Bailey's Irish Cream Sambuca Amaretto Midori Kahlua Cointreau 110.000 120.000 120.000 120.000 120.000

Tea and coffee selection
Hot coffee Fresh ground beans supplied by Illy Plunger coffee Espresso Decaffeinated Cafe Latte Cappuccino Latte Macchiato Vietnamese Iced coffee Iced coffee Iced Cappuccino / Latte' milk) Cafe D6 (strong cold black coffee) Cafe Bac Xiu (strong coffee served cold with condensed Tea Earl Grey, English breakfast, Darjeeling Jasmine, Chamomile, Green tea Ronnefeldt herbal teas Herbs and ginger A mixture of ginger, lemongrass and lemon verbena Englishbreakfast A tea from the Uva highlands of Sri Lanka Equilibrium Eight magic herds with the taste of honey Vanilla Rooibos African Rooibos crowned wit h the flavour of vanilla Fancy sencha A delicately tart yet gently sweet large leaf sencha Get the power With red current flavour for the new get -up and - go energy Light and fit Light herbs with a citrus flavour for all round well being 65.000 55.000 65.000 55.000 55.000 50.000 filter coffee (with condensed milk) coffee 65.000 65.000 65.000 65.000 65.000 65.000 55.000

Life and beauty Herbs with mango and passionfruit flavour revitalise tJodYQn5J,,:s@01 Chill out with herbs



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