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AMH - Spa Menu (EN)

AMH - Spa Menu (EN)

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Published by Ana Mandara Hue

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Published by: Ana Mandara Hue on Nov 24, 2011
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The journey begins ....


is the basis of life and the foundation of

our wellbeing and vitality. La Cochinchine Spa is your spring to wellness with treatments and surroundings that restore the mind, body and soul.




Shui inspired,

contempor ary


design delivers the sensual harmony of Vietnamese water garden.


your journey by enjoying

our saunas and by one

steam room. Then relax and be pampered of our professionally trained therapists.

Complete revita lizing area.

your journey to wellness with one of ou r teas while resting in our relaxation


your source.

La Cochinchine Body Care
Our therapies combine traditional Asian and European techniques to restore balance and harmony.

Head & Shoulder Back, Head & Shoulder

30min 45min

425.000 525.000

Both therapies are designed to sooth your tired muscles and using a combination of organic essential oils.

Vietnamese Balancing
This treatment incorporates warmed



techniques of long flowing suction cup s, which will not for their ability

movements with

leave red spots in skin. It is well-known of the body's life force.

to release muscular tension and promote the circulation

Swedish Harmony
Designed mind, therapeutic calm. to stimulate and

60min meridian harmony,

795.000 this unique the





elements of long flowing

movements and

various relaxation

techniques to induce a deep sense of











Designed to achieve harmony with the five elements of the universe. Gentle massag e that relieves tension caused by everyday aromatherapy stress. Our custom -blend elemental

'"'"' (

oils are used to calm the mind, heal the

body and free the spirit.

Through the application with a therapeutic



of Swedish techniques together of essential oils and point


pressure techniques this treatment will put you in a deep state of relaxation and balance your harmony. 90min 995.000

Hot Stone Therapy

Inherited from ancient Chin ese techniques the use of hot stones in this treatment warmness while relaxing releasing stress. will instill a deep level of muscles, removing tension and

Traditional Thai
Helps to release

90min tension, improve circulation.

995.000 Gentle

stretching and manipulation techniques are applied to the body's pressure points to attain total balance and harmony. Prices in Vietnam Dong and exclude service charge and tax

Pevonia Facial Care
La Cochinchine spa takes care your skin with Pevonia Botanica. A renowned plants extracts. Oceanic Enchantment This energizing treatment 50min is specifically 825.000 designed to brand which uses 100% natural

nurture sensitive skin types and combat matters relating to sensitive skin such as clogged nourishing, and calming, it renders smooth. Skin Refreshment This dramatic supplement mask with 60min high purity will dry 875.000 clean skin, pores. Soothing, skin healthy and

moisture and nutrients for

skin, which

delivers smooth and radiant skin. Balancing Recover a balanced, 60min hydrated complexion. 875.000 Treatment

options is normalize T-zone while counteracting will help you reveal a healthy, even appearance. Revitalizing 60min to sporadic care a deep bacterial acne and 875.000 or frequent attention to that while








If your skin is prone
breakouts, enzyme unclogs it requires oat


restore its health and attractiveness. This unites a natural and pores to deliver retards exf oliation growth and

'"'"' (

preventing infection. Brightening This powerful designed facial 60min with sugarcane extract innovative anti -aging 875.000 Glycolic is

to provide


and rejuvenating. skin types and

The treatment stimulates collagen and recommended for those wanting to

restores skin tone, luminosity and clarity. Suitable for all improve skin tone and pigmentation. Caviar Bliss 60min 895.000

The most advanced anti-aging

defense against aging. This opulent

treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar

Extract. Deeply repair and replenishes, smooth wrinkles, strengthens elasticity, provides immediate radiance.

Prices in Vietnam Dong and exclude service charge and tax

Eye Wrinkle
Premature elements youthfulness aging, can strip and

30min sun exposure your delicate This radiance. and eye

975.000 environmental area of its treatment


containing Collagen Cryo, smoothes away crepiness and wrinkles, while tightening your eye contour for youthful, vibrant eyes.

La Cochinchine Facial
Revitalizing and nourishing

60min skin with natural

675.000 elements

such as lemon water, honey, oats and yogurt.

La Cochinchine
Pevonia Full Body Polish
The first Gentle superficial step for deep toxicity,

Body Scrubs & Wraps
45min care 575.000 program. cells,

a successful body cleansing,


it eliminates


impurities, and sebum accumulation.

Renders dry and rough areas soft and smooth, resulting in a more youthful skin. Recommended for all skin types.


Pevonia Seaweed Detox
Seaweed is used to gently

45min exfoliate

775.000 the full body

leaving it velvety soft. The rich prote in and mineral makeup of Seaweed revitalizes the skin while draining unwanted toxins. Skin will be perfectly prepared for any other treatment.

La Cochinchine Scrub

45min of orange,

575.000 rice and

with the combination

milk, it will release all impurities. Vitamin C rich orange renews your skin by removing all the surface dead skin cells. The refreshing nature of its oil makes it a perfect scrub for all skin types.

After sun treatment
Specifically provides designed sunburn to

60min help and repair skin

775.000 damage to tan

caused from too much sun or wind. relief

After Sun Treatment contributes

enhancement. Its formula features Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential oil which penetrates revitalize the skin and help repair, and help protect damaged moisturize soothe, skin.

Prices in Vietnam Dong and exclude service charge and tax

Indian Treatments
The Indian martyrs founded this treatment 5000 years ago, discovering that human body consists of 3 elements: Vata (air and space), Pita (fir e), Kapha (water and soil). Without one of these elements, a bod y faces health problem. Indian treatments aim to provide and balance these three elements of the body to bring good health.




Long flowing strokes with herbal oils red uce stress and increase the vital energy of the body. Shirodhara 60min 1.125.000


Warm medicated oils is slowly poured over the third eye, puts you into a meditative state, treat for headaches, insomnia, fatigue and stres s. Podikizhi 60min to 1.125.000 increase

Deeply compress by herbs bundle circulation, immunity and curing arthritis. Khadikizhi 60min


Massage whole body by four herbs compress to treat for all types of skin, reduce backache, relax mind, and slimming. Navarakizhi 60min 1.125.000 the and

Special rice and milk compress which rejuvenates body is very effective in lifting up the muscles release tension.

Prices in Vietnam Dong and exclude service charge and tax

Hand and Foot Therapies


and Pedicure or Pedicure 30min 60min 45min 90min 15min 275.000 525.000 325.000 625.000 125.000

Classic Manicure Classic Manicure

& Pedicure

French Manicure or Pedicure French Manicure & Pedicure Nail painting (Hand or Foot)

Feet Retreat This refreshing tired treatment and to feet aching release will be

60min enhances feet. tension

495.000 circulation as feet clear and are

enlivens of

Rela x and

immersed in a warm reflexology your blocks,



the benefits energy and




pampered. Caviar Hand or Feet Caviar Hand & Feet Micro-emulsion Collagen type 45min 50min mask is extracted with selected 695.000 1.195.000 from Caviar and



which helps

quickly seep into the skin to ensure you reveal youthful, velvety-smooth, and hydrated hands and foots. Suitable for all skin types.

Hair Pampering
Shampoo and blow dry Shampoo, blow dry & style 30min 60min 275.000 295.000

Prices in Vietnam Dong and exclude service charge and tax

La Cochinchine Journeys
Indulge yourselves in an afternoon of pampering with the following offered. great value packag es. All include soothing

Tea or juice. For packages with 3 hours or more, snack is

Prices in Vietnam Dong and exclude service charge and tax

La Cochinchine Spa Experience
• Open from 9am to 1Opm daily. • All prices are in Vietnam Dong service charge and government tax. and exclude 5%

• Level of government tax varies on the treatment. • Body treatments and packages exclude changing time.

• Please book your treatment in advance to secure your preferred time. Press the speed dial button on your room phone or contact guests services or the spa directly. • Any change to a scheduled treatment booking requires a minimum of two hours advance notice. • Please arrive 30 minutes before your time










time to check in and enjoy the facilities.

'"'"' (

Cancellation Policy
• Two hours notice must be given to cancel or amend any reserved treatment. • Where a guest fails to show up for a reservation, the

full treatment fee will be levied. • Prices in Vietnam Dong and and government tax. exclude service charge

Prices in Vietnam Dong and exclude service charge and tax

How To Spa

• When you arrive at La Cochinchine Spa you will be asked to complete a brief lifestyle elemental questionnaire to determine which treatments will best suit your needs. At this time please infor m our spa concierge if you have any health concerns. • We recommend some time before your treatments to shower and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our wet facilities - steam and sauna. • While we will always try to accommodate your treatments, late arrival may mean a reduction in your treatment time. • Mobile phones, while a necessary part of modern living, must be turned off in our treatment rooms and relaxation areas. In all other areas, please be considerate of other guests and switch them to quiet or meeting mode. • To ensure a peaceful and tranquil ambiance in the spa, children under 16 years old are not allowed. • We provide disposable underwear for your privacy. They should be worn during water based treatments and massage treatments. Our therapists are fully trained to protect your privacy at all times. • Please remember to drink fluids, especially water during and after your time at La Cochinchine Spa. • Gentleman should shave a few hours before facial treatment to increase comfort. any


• If you have enjoyed a body treatment we suggest you leave the oils on your skin for up to two hours before taking a shower so that your skin fully absorbs the oils' properties. • Please inform our therapists at any time if you are uncomfortable or require anything during your treatment (e.g. pressure, room temperature, volume). • Please refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverage three hours before your treatments. • We recommend you leave valuables in your room. We do not assumeliability for any valuables. • The therapist reserves the right to terminate the treatment if he/she feels the client's behavior is undesirable. Pricesin Vietnam Dong and exclude service charge and tax

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