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How Do We Remember Our Short Vowels

How Do We Remember Our Short Vowels

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Published by Ashley Stevens

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Published by: Ashley Stevens on Nov 24, 2011
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Hand Motion


Put your hand up to your mouth like you are biting an
apple. Slowly lower your arm pretending like you are
taking the apple out oI your mouth. Keep your mouth
open while you do this to say /a/.

Hand Motion:

Stand up and hunch your back to pretend that you are
an old man. Hold your hand up to your ear. Pretend that
you can`t hear and say /e/?

Hand Motion:

Make a 'thumbs up¨ with your hand. Place your thumb
below your chin and make the /i/ sound. Feel your chin
lower as you make the sound. Then use your pinky to
touch your nose like you are dotting your 'I.¨

Hand Motion:

Open up your mouth really wide like you are an opera
singer. Say the /o/ sound while using your pointer Iinger
to make a circle around your mouth.

Hand Motion:

Take both oI your hands and hold your stomach like
you have just been hit in the gut. Once you touch your
gut, say /u/.

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