DeIinition and scope oI operations research (OR), OR model, solving the OR model,
art oI modelling, phases oI OR study.
Linear Programming:
%o variable Linear Programaming model and Graphical method oI solution,
Simplex method, Dual Simplex method, special cases oI Linear Programming,
duality, senstivity analysis.

%ransportation Problems:
%ypes oI transportation problems, mathemataical models , transportation algorithms,
llocation and assignment problems and models, processing oI job through

etwork %eachniques:
Shortest path model, minimum spanning %ree Problem, Max-Flo problem and
Min-cost problem.
Project Management:
Phases oI project management, guidelines Ior netork construction, CPM and

%heory of Cames :
Rectanagular games, Minimax theorem, graphical solution oI 2 x n or m x 2 games,
game ith mixed strategies, reduction to linear programming model.
Quality Systems:
Elements oI Queuing model, generalized poisson queing model, single server

Inventory Control:
Models oI inventory, operation oI inventory system, quantity discount.
Replacement models: Equipments that deteriorate ith time, equipments that Iail
ith time.

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