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Published by: drimajula on Nov 24, 2011
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  • Business without ERP
  • Lets Deliver the end product to customer
  • Overall Picture
  • Why Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Structure – Integrating Business
  • Enterprise Architecture - Benefits
  • History of SAP
  • 3 Tier Client / Server Architecture
  • SAP R/3 System Architecture (Contd...2)
  • Overview of Presentation & Database Servers
  • SAP R/3 Conceptual Areas
  • Systems in R3
  • R/3 Technology Environment
  • Platforms and Databases supported by R/3
  • Client Server Benefit
  • SAP Modules
  • SAP R/3 Application Modules
  • Financial Accounting
  • Sales and Distribution Processing
  • Materials Management
  • Production Planning
  • mySAP Industry Solutions (Some Examples)
  • Evolution of SAP products
  • SAP R/3
  • mySAP Solutions
  • my SAP Business Suite
  • mySAP Solutions & Netweaver
  • My SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CRM Solution Map
  • CRM – Holistic view
  • Where does a CRM solution fit?
  • CRM Component Landscape OLTP
  • CRM Internet Sales
  • Service module within CRM
  • Mobile Sales module within CRM
  • SRM Solution Map
  • Key Components of mySAP SRM
  • Key Components of mySAP
  • My SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • SCM – Solution Map
  • mySAP SCM
  • Typical SAP SCM Solution-scape
  • One-on-One comparison
  • PLM Solution Map
  • A Roadmap for Web Services
  • Product portfolio
  • From Basis to WAS
  • Business Scenarios – Main Elements
  • Company Code
  • Organizational Structure - Levels
  • Organizational Structure – Business Functions
  • Enterprise Structure - Technology
  • Organizational Units in R/3 FI
  • Overview: Organizational Elements in Accounting
  • Overview: Organizational Elements in Logistics
  • Logging on to SAP System
  • Adding to favorites
  • Global Settings (at Country level)
  • The Variant Principle
  • Unit of measurement
  • Currencies
  • Currency settings
  • Exchange Rate Type
  • Exchange Rate

Exchange rates in the system for the following

Posting and Clearing
To translate amounts posted or cleared in foreign
currency, or to check a manually entered exchange
rate during posting or clearing.
Exchange Rate Differences
To determine gains or losses from exchange rate
Foreign Currency Valuation
To valuate open items in foreign currency and
foreign currency balance sheet accounts as part of
the closing operations.
Valuation of Purchase Documents, Sales documents
and Commitments
Exchange rates maintained for a exchange rate type
for an effective date between two currencies

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