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DEGUSTE Dossier english

DEGUSTE Dossier english

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Published by: DEGUSTE on Nov 24, 2011
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Commercial Department: C/ Marquesa de Pinares, 39-D 06800 - Mérida (Badajoz) - Spain Tel.

: +34 924 304 510 Fax: +34 924 311 195 www.deguste.es

Deguste is a Spanish company which was born out of the union of five big food cooperatives companies from Extremadura, with the aim of commercializing their products under Deguste brand. Currently, there are 7 cooperatives involved.










Extra virgin olive oil Extra virgin olive oil with lycopene Table olives Jams made from fresh fruit Fruit liquors and spirits Processed tomato products Honey Bee pollen Smoked paprika Rice Cheeses Handmade pastries Wines

Authorized laboratories for quality controls. Both internal and external exhaustive quality controls (land, transformation and final product controls). Total security and hygiene.

Sustainable productions environmentally friendly. For this reason we guarantee a total traceability of our products. Our main objective is the TOTAL SATISFACTION OF THE CLIENT.



DEGUSTE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL GROWING Deguste manages more than 13,000 ha of olive groves for oil. Grown varieties:       Manzanilla Cacereña (native variety). Deguste cultivates 80% of this variety. Verdial de Badajoz (native variety). Carrasqueña (native variety). Cornezuelo (native variety). Picual. Arbequina.

PRODUCTION PLANTS Production/year: 6,5 millions of kg 0,54% of EVOO Spanish production. 0.23% of EVOO world production. Capacity of transformation during season: 700,000 kg olives / day. FINAL PRODUCT Olive oils from Extremadura are distinguished by being fruity olive oils with a great stability. Single-variety, coupages, organic, P.D.O. extra virgin olive oil. Packaging: Glass bottle: (50 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml). Can: (5 L). PET bottle: (1L, 3L, 5L). Single tubs: (10 ml.). WHY DEGUSTE OLIVE OIL? High capacity of production, transformation and packaging. High percentage of native varieties with excellent aromas and flavors. High percentage of oleic acid and polifenols. High stability of chemical and organoleptic qualities. Personality and adaptability in every culinary application.


DEGUSTE TABLE OLIVES GROWING Growing extension: 10,000 ha GREEN OLIVE: Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Gordal. BLACK OLIVE: Manzanilla Cacereña (native variety) and Gordal.

PRODUCTION PLANTS Production/year: 20 millions of kg (almost 4% of table olives Spanish production, and 1% of world production). Californian style oxidation system.

FINAL PRODUCT Presentation: Whole (green and black); Pitted (green and black); Sliced (green and black); Stuffed green: Anchovies, salmon, tuna, shrimps, pepper, almond, garlic, onion, lemon, orange, mandarin, jalapeños, cheese, lemon with vodka flavor. Stuffed black: Lemon, garlic and onion. Packaging-size: All kind of packaging. All kind of size. WHY DEGUSTE OLIVES? Our plant disposes of the latest technology in this sector, and own laboratory too. Deguste is world leader in the production of Manzanilla Cacereña black olive (native variety) which is distinguished by: The high percentage pulp-pit and thin flesh. The quality of the oxidized black olive highly appreciated, as it is oxidized from outside to inside uniformly in color and texture.


DEGUSTE JAMS, LIQUORS AND SPIRITS Our assortment of products comes exclusively from fresh fruits cultivated in an environment unique in the world, in a natural form and 100% free of coloring and preservatives. JAMS – ELABORATION PROCESS Our extra jams (more than 50% of fruit) are elaborated from fresh fruit, in a totally homemade way. JAMS - FINAL PRODUCT Glass jars of 370 g: Cherry (“Picota” variety) - Plum (“Claudia” variety) – Fig Apple (“Reineta” variety) – Strawberry – Orange – Quince Wild blackberry – Raspberry - Red fruits (“Picota” cherry, Raspberry and Strawberry). LIQUORS AND SPIRITS– ELABORATION PROCESS 40 fermentation tanks in a controlled temperature with a capacity of 25,000 liters each one. Biological fermentation of the fruit. Traditional distillation in the evaporator. LIQUORS AND SPIRITS – FINAL PRODUCT Packaging: glass bottle of ½ L Liquors (17 % Vol): Plum – Raspberry– Gloria (Traditional fruit recipe) – “Picota” Cherry – Blackberry. Spirits (42 % Vol): Plum – Pear (“Williams” variety) – Raspberry – Kirsch (“Picota” cherry). WHY DEGUSTE? Fruits cultivated in a unique environment in the world: the “Jerte” Valley. Products derived from fresh fruit. All Deguste jams are” extra jams” (more than 50% of fruit). We have one of the best distillation plants in Europe and the best one in Spain. Total absence of coloring, aromas, preservatives, stabilizers, etc. in all our products.


DEGUSTE HONEY AND BEE POLLEN PRODUCTION Spain has 21,20% of UE25 beehives. Extremadura has 16% of Spain’s beehives. With its 240,000 associate beehives , Deguste has 60% of Extremadura’s beehives (10% of Spain’s beehives).

Annual Average production: • • 3,000.000 Kg of honey; 600,000 Kg of pollen dry and fresh (60% of Spanish production). 100,000 Kg of bee wax.

• FINAL PRODUCT Glass jars of 500 g and 1 kg of: POLYFLORA HONEY “DEHESA” FOREST HONEY EUCALYPTUS HONEY ORANGE HONEY Glass jars of 250 g of: DRY BEE POLLEN Other packages according to demand. WHY DEGUSTE?

Deguste only commercializes associate beekeepers production. Deguste honey is 100% natural, totally free of other substances. Deguste bee pollen is not mixed with other countries’ pollens. All our products are from natural areas, and beehives are away from intensive growing areas. Exhaustive controls, both in own laboratory and in authorized organizations (e.g.: APPLICA, Bremen, Germany).


DEGUSTE PROCESSED TOMATO PRODUCTS GROWING - PRODUCTION Extremadura produces the 90% of the industrial fresh tomato in Spain. Deguste tomato accounts for 20% of the industrial fresh tomato national production. GROWING EXTENSION: 4,500 ha PRODUCTION: 340 Millons of kg FINAL PRODUCT Deguste tomato preserves all the uncomparable flavour of Extremadura’s tomato; moreover, it distinguishes itself in and out of Spain for its unique, intense colour. Packaging: Monodose tubs of crushed natural tomato with extra virgin olive oil and salt (28 g), available in boxes of 25, 50 or 100 items. Tomato Purée (400 g and 800 g in tins). Spanish Tomato Sauce (Briks 210 g and 350 g). Ketchup.

WHY DEGUSTE? High capacity of production, transformation and packaging. We reduce the harvest/transport times and increase the quality of the final product at the same time. Deguste disposes of the latest technology in this sector, and own laboratory too. Our Quality Team does a strict monitoring of the fruit with the aim of determining its traceability.


DEGUSTE SMOKED SPANISH PAPRIKA GROWING-PRODUCTION Extremadura produces 60 % of the pepper used for the production of Spanish smoked paprika in Spain. Deguste paprika represents 20% of the regional production and 12% of the national production. GROWING EXTENSION: over 200 ha TOTAL PRODUCTION: over 600.000 kg Gr0wing and production areas: North of Extremadura, La Vera region. ELABORATION PROCESS One of the most remarkable aspects of the process is the slow and progressive drying system, exclusive of this area, made in traditional drying places by means of vertical process of smoke-drying produced by the combustion of oak
and holm oaks wood.

Due to this process Spanish paprika is characterized by an incomparable aroma as well as its great color stability. FINAL PRODUCT Varieties:  SWEET Paprika  SWEET /HOT Paprika  HOT Paprika Packaging:  Bag of 250 g  Tin of 125 g (net weight 75 g) WHY DEGUSTE? The perfect combination of natural environment, a growing with the greatest care and the traditional elaboration make the Deguste smoked paprika a product unique in the world. Characteristic and incomparable smoked aroma. High stability in its color, superior than any other type of paprika. Great capacity of production and adaptability to other formats.


DEGUSTE RICE GROWING-PRODUCTION Extremadura is the second largest producer of rice in Spain, with over 200,000 tons (more than 20% of the national production). Deguste produces 4% out of the total rice production in the region, and approximately 1% of the national production. Total production: 8.000.000 kg Production area: Central area of Extremadura, in the riverside area of the Guadiana River, also known as Vegas Altas.

FINAL PRODUCT Plastic bag of 1 kg of: SHORT GRAIN RICE (Extra Category). LONG GRAIN RICE (First Category).

WHY DEGUSTE? The Purest water and uncontaminated ground of the Vegas del Guadiana area are the reasons for the premium quality of the Deguste rice. Strict controls on the land and production processes which guarantee a total achievement of the final product. Facilities with the latest technology at both national and international level. Great capacity of packaging and storing.


DEGUSTE WINE GROWING- PRODUCTION Deguste produces approximately 46% of the wines of Extremadura and 5% of Spain’s wine. Total Production: approximately 2 million hectoliters. Production Area: South of Extremadura, mainly in the “Tierra de Barros” region. Main cultivated varieties: Tempranillo, Macabeo, Pardina.

FINAL PRODUCT SEASON RED WINE, kept for 30 days in oak wood cask (variety: Tempranillo). MEDIUM SWEET WHITE WINE (variety: Macabeo). ORGANIC RED WINE (variety: Tempranillo). ORGANIC WHITE WINE (variety: Pardina). Formats: Glass bottle of 75 cl.

WHY DEGUSTE? Great capacity of production, processing and packaging. Facilities with the latest technology which allow the production of high quality as well as competitive and exclusive products. Sustainable outputs, environment-friendly. Suitable Laboratories for analysis Great support to research focused on the continuous improvement of our products.


DEGUSTE HANDMADE PASTRIES Deguste offers a wide range of handmade pastries, made according to the traditional regional baking production. FINAL PRODUCT Assortment:          Canutos (angel hair, cream or chocolate) Corbatas Cuadraditos (sugar or honey) Hojaldres (sugar,cinnamon) Merenguitos (conventional and organic) Palmeritas Conventional and organic Perrunillas (simple, almond, coconut, chocolate) Pestiños (sugar, honey) Rocas

Formats:    Glass Blisters Carton

WHY DEGUSTE? Huge range of products and formats. Natural Ingredients. Traditional Elaboration style. New equipment and installations, which allow us to produce exclusive high quality products. Sustainable production, respect to the environment. Flexibility and adaptability to the consumer’s needs.


DEGUSTE CHEESES PRODUCTION Current production: more than 160.000 kg/year. Potential production: more than 280.000 kg/year. Production area: La Vera region, North of Extremadura.

FINAL PRODUCT Hard goat cheese: Weight: 700 g Presentation: natural rind, pressed paste cheese. Vacuum packed. Semi-hard goat cheese: Weight: 700 g Presentation: natural rind, pressed paste cheese. Vacuum packed. Hard goat cheese with smoked paprika from Extremadura: Weight: 700 g Presentation: rind covered with smoked paprika from Extremadura, pressed paste cheese. Vacuum packed. Semi-hard goat cheese with smoked paprika from Extremadura: Weight: 700 g Presentation: rind covered with smoked paprika from Extremadura, pressed paste cheese. Vacuum packed.

WHY DEGUSTE? Indigenous cheeses, handmade by expert master cheesemakers. Elaboration from Verata goat’s milk (belonging to the Group of Native Breeds in Danger of Extinction). Unique flavors, thanks to goats’s feeding, based on rockrose, thyme and aromatic fodder from the fields of La Vera (North of Extremadura). Rigorous controls in every phase of the production process, from the animal feeding in the field to the packed final product.


DEGUSTE RDI Our RDI department is developing food and cosmetic products enriched with derivatives of our productions with the aim of diversifying our assortment and contributing with healthy products. At present, we have a research line related to LYCOPENE. LYCOPENE Lycopene is a natural vegetable pigment generated by certain plants and microorganisms which is especially abundant in tomatoes. Deguste has developed an extra virgin olive oil enriched with lycopene. Our RDI department has the world patent of an innovator method of extraction of this substance (fluid-mechanical system):      Without chemical solvents. Quicker. Energy consumption reduced. Moderated temperatures for extraction. Without residues.

Lycopene dissolved in oil is almost totally absorbed; however, just 1% of lycopene from fresh tomato is absorbed. Our Extra virgin olive oil with lycopene from tomatoes puts together the benefits of these two main pillars of the Mediterranean diet, giving the opportunity to bring the benefits of these two elements on our daily life in a very easy and simple way. LYCOPENE HEALTHY PROPERTIES       

Anti-ageing effect. Reduction of the cholesterol level. Strengthening of the immune system. Prevention against degenerative diseases. Improvement of the sperm quality. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Reduction of the risk of cancerous pathologies. USES Deguste Extra Virgin Olive oil with lycopene is suggested to be used in any recipe: salads, sauces, stews, aperitifs, baby food, baking or just simply on a toast as in the most traditional Mediterranean style. Just use it exactly in the same way as our traditional extra virgin olive oil. FINAL PRODUCT Glass bottle of 250 ml


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