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Web Based Claims Processing System (WCPS) Installation guide.

Software Requirement. 1. Win 2000 Advanced server or Higher 2. .Net Framework 2.0 3. IIS 4.0 or Higher Database Setup and Creating of default schema with sample database Install SQL Server 2000 Restore the eClaim Database from the backup file eclaim.bak form SQL Server enterprise manager

Change the Database Connection Open the source code folder, open web.config file. Change the datasource name as your server name, change user id, and password as per sql server installation.
<appSettings> <add key="ConnectionInfo" value="data source=localhost; user id=sa; password=123;initial catalog=eclaim" /> </appSettings >

IIS Setup and host the eCommerce web portal 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Install .net Framework. Create virtual folder name eClaim in your IIS default website folder. Copy the content of source code folder toeClaim folder Start the IIS. Set up the startup page as default.aspx Browse the site from http://localhost/eclaim

7. CPD (Claim Processing Department) Emp No is 1001 and password is 123456.