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Cameron Obs Record Unit 2 p1

Cameron Obs Record Unit 2 p1

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Published by: crossfitvelocity982 on Nov 24, 2011
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Observation record

Learner name Qualification Unit number and title Cameron Yorath BTEC Level 2 First in Sport Unit 2 – Practical Sport

Description of activity undertaken (please be as specific as possible)

Students take on the role of a coach working with their local junior team. As coaches they deliver a few sessions focusing on techniques, skills and tactics – going back to basics somewhat. Students were asked to practically demonstrate the range of techniques, skills and tactics they require for the sport (P1)

Assessment and grading criteria

Demonstrate the range of techniques, skills and tactics they require for their team sport (P1) Assessment – P1 criteria met Y / N

How the activity meets the requirements of the assessment and grading criteria

Cameron set up a series of basic football drills which included a decision making, passing and tackling drill. Cameron is very accomplished football player and demonstrated good decision making / tactical, passing and tackling skills. Questioning used: Can you talk me through the points of performance for a side footed pass? Cameron confidently answered this without any prompting and covered all of the points of performance.
Learner signature Assessor signature M Evans Date Date 29/9/2011

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