Khlvaja ShalllSlIddin AZCCJfti
Translated by:
Dr. Maqsood Azeemi
Burkhiya Education Foundation(Regd)
I{; 2007
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What do you think of this book? My mentor.
the august author. had inquired vel)' casually during a
conversation. I had no answer then, I stilI do not have
any. "This work doesn't need any comments. it is
beyond commendations. sir." was the only reply r
could muster.
Rut, whenever. during my research for the
PhD. [happened to open this book, the question of my
mentor would pop up in my head and I tried to think
and think... and believe me I am still thinking.
I n all these years since my reading this book
for the first time, the only thing which kept on coming
to my rn i nd is that this science requires
institutionalization and practice in hospitals and
clinics and its adoption by everyone of LIS. Because.
this is the only natural way to live a life free of
diseases and ailments.
I am sure that one day this Science would he
practiced more than any other therapeutic system.
before this century could see its last days.

!( a

Columns. articles and write ups to create
awareness in the masses about theory of colours, their
therapeutic effects and methods of treating diseases
using colours, were published in variaus newspapers
of the country. which included Hurriyat, .lasarat,
AlasIiriq, Ailaan, Millet. Jung (Pak and London
Editions),Akhbar-e-Jehan and Mag, in 1960.
Number of people that have been advised or
treated using this therapeutic system exceeds 2
million. \Vc recorded the experiences of the people
who benefited from this system of therapeutic during
the last twenty years.
In March 1978. the hook titled "Rang aur Roshni
say Illuj" (Treating Diseases using light and colours)
was published. It received warm appreciations from
people 01" all walks of lile. It's being published
continuously since then. Many books have been
produced on the subject and I studied them all. I
analyzed and contributed additions and alterations to
simplify the procedure ofappl ication ofcolours.
I cannot claim that 100% patients were cured but
the fact is, that if the colours are applied and used
properly upto 99% results.
The biggest benefit of this therapeutic is that the
treatment is cost effective.. almost free. simple and
hassle free. This treatment can be carried out using
ordinary drinking water after charging it with
colourful rays. When
this charged water is used, the stomach does not check
it and its charge passes oyer to the blood and the
nerves directly,
Another property of thus charged water is that it
circulates in the body just like ordinary water
circulates after merging into blood and is excreted
after leaving behind its absorbed colours in the veins,
arteries and flesh. Every medicament affects the body
and is excreted leaving behind its effects.
Colour Therapy balances the excess or deficiency
of colours in the body and the required colour infuses
in the nerves and muscles. the most important
charactcristic of this thcrapeut ic system. ThLS aIso is
the quality of the charged water that after discharging
the colour, it washes down the nerves, veins, blood
cells, heart and the brain and helps in excreting the
toxic and poisonous materials fromthe body system.
Basic purpose of presenting this book is to benefit
the mankind and to provide a new vista for the open
minded researchers oftomorrow.
What, in actual fact is the history of colours:
What do the wavelength, frequency and creation of
colours actually means? The present scientific
theories about colours. the spiritual point of view. the
system of waves and colours in the cosmos,
production of the senses due 10 distribution of waves
and chemical changes in the cells of the human body
because of increase and decrease of colours, have
been comprehensively delved upon in this book.
Whether it is Homeopathy. Acupuncture. Allopathy.
Ayurveda or Biochemic or any other therapeutic
system, all have one thing in common: the effect of
vibrations upon the hody.
Vibrations arc of two types; direct and indirect
Vibrations atTect the body indirectly in all the
therapeutic systems except Colour Therapy where the
vibrations affect the body directly. When doctors.
homeopaths and other medical practitioners tried this
therapeutic system, the results proved La be
sat isfactory.
Research on Colour Therapy is still on-going
and it is hoped that this therapeutic system will cause
the medical science to enter into a new era and man
would be benefited from this cost free and simple
treatment. It is not unlikely for this natural and
curative treatment system to become very popular
among the masses.
We have established a Laboratory. in which new
experiments are carried out on the subj ect of Chrome
and it is hoped that besides the charging of water with
colourful rays new medicaments would be introduced
and the treatment using Colours become further
simple and easy,
,<'1';i!fUi c;iiw<-0w,b
Markazi Muraqha Hall,
Surjani Town,
Table of Contents
S. l"o. Chapter Pag{'
I. Foreword v
2. Preface VB
3. Theory of Colour Therapy I
4. Lights and Colours 5
5. The SkyBlue Colour 13
6. Health and Colours 24
7. Properties of Colours 3H
8. Heavenly Books and Colours 58
9, Creation and Colours 64
10. Diseases and Coloured Dreams 66
Il. Diagnosis of Diseases 73
12. Method of Determining Excess or 85
Deficiency of Colours
13. Method of Treatment ' 89
14. Diseases of Digestive System 94
15. Diseases of Respiralory System 111

Table of Contents
Theory of
Man needs many things for his survi val and one of
them is to remain healthy and safe from diseases. f low
did disease come into being? Who was the first
patient? Who had the thought of using a medicine to
treat a disease? Who invented the first medicine?
Scholars have different statements in this reuard.
Ancient scholars have somewhat simi Jaropin ion;.
Hippocrat and Galen are of [he view that this
knowledge is intuitive. Abu Jabbar Magrabi and his
contemporaries considered that this science is
Flohistic and it was revealed through the prophets of
God. Medical science remained in practice in the em
ofall the prophets ofGod. It was practiced in the times
of Shees, (drees, David. Luqman, Solomon, Moses
and Christ. It was also practiced in the times of
Mohammad (PBUH) and his suggested treatments
are still val id.
. _

S.No. Chapter Page
16. Diseases of Circulatory System and Heart 117
17. Sexual Diseases 125
] 8. Diseases of Kidney and Bladder 131
19. Diseases of Nerves System 138
20. Diseases of Hormones ISS
21. Psychiatric Problems ISS
22- Skin Diseases 174
23. Children' s Diseases ]SI
24. Gynecological Diseases 190
25. Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases 199
26. Eye Diseases 206
27. Other Diseases. 211
2S. Colour Therapy in Practice 223
29. Index: 283
Medical treatment is such a need for man that
oscillates between life and death, 1n order to get relief
from a disease man struggled in every era. His
attempts resulted in many new ideologies that gave
rise to newphilosophies.
Basic philosophy of medical science is to cure a
sick man by making him to follow the healthy giving
principles and treating him accordingly.
Causes ofdiseases and methods to treat them vary
according to the philosophy followed by the doctors.
The medical science is also evolving like other
sciences. Philosophies come into being and they are
criticized as well and arc countered by similar or
dissimilar philosophies but only those survive. which
are in unison with the laws of nature and the human
Colours arc manifestation of cosmic powers: the
powers. which are responsible for life. Our ancestors
diligently devised rules to understand the potentials of
Our ancestors for the benefit of mankind used
colours in the Baby Ionian. Egyptian. Ashtorians,
Greek, Iranian and nCI) era.
The tablets and planks belonging to Hipocrat,
Galen and Saul arc evident that Egyptian, Greek and
Romans used to have open courtyards. where the sun
could shine in every season,
Ave Cina expressed his views about the efficacy
of colours and light in his well known book
'Alqanoon about 900 years ago. In the era of
Pythagoras. 500ne. people used to treat them with
,....' ~ '-t._ 4

colours. They even knew that the nervous svstern elm
be restored using colours. .
Many sick and handicapped people cured. who
visited churches and temples regularly. because the
widows and ventilators had red, purple. blue, orange.
green and yellow panes and the sunlight falling upon
the patients after passing through these windowpanes
helped them gaining health.
The colours work like generators uf energy in the
bodies. The sun is an unending source of energy for
the creatures of the earth If this system would fault
and the planet earth is deprived of the sunlight every
form of life flora and fauna would also perish.
We cannot ignore this fact that the sunlight plays a
pivotal role in Our diet. All our food items have
colours in them.
Man is blessed with the abilities of certitude.
intuition. observation, curiosity. search and thinking.
When a person explores these creative ahil ities in him
and puts them into usc. the cosmic laws transpire upon
him. But it is reall ...' verv trazic that man has covered J _ 0
hi III Up with ignorance, prej udices and seIf shness and
is getting away from the light day by day,
Countless people become physically and
psychologically ill only hecause oflack ofknowledge
about lights. These diseases include mental and
emotional disorders and all the diseases resulting
perversion-and going astray; like AIDS, Cancer.
Insomnia. High or Low Blood Pressure and ever-new
diseases resulting from the so-called advancement of
science and technology.
Diseases arc of two types:
1. The diseases resulting from our living style.
When we live in dark, congested, unhygienic and
unfavorable atmosphere, our body becomes a target
ofdiseases ofall sorts.
2. The diseases that result from dubiety,
uncertainty and whimsical approach of thinking i.c.
our emotional attitude, mental tension. strain,
materialistic approach, insecurity and our ignorance
about the spiritual knowledge are the major causes of
the diseases.
Colours have such curative property. which
provides health to both types of patients. Colours are
the means of purging our densities. cleansing our
mind, feelings and finishing our inner darkness.
Our soul is such a source of lights, which
keeps on emitting colourful bright lights and these
lights feed our body and because of these very lights
the body and all its parts perform their functions
···... '· ....-a/[l!

Light and Colours
Light is electromagnetic energy that can pass
through transparent objects and empty space without
requiring any medium for its transmission from one
place to another.
There arc different views about colours. Light.
in actual effect. is a combination of different
frequencies and various wavelengths. Feeling of a
particular wavelength, having a typical frequency, by
the retina and the mind is known as colour.
In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton expounded the
Principles of Gravitation and Theory of Colours.
When the sunlight or the light waves. according to this
theory, pass through a prism, they disperse according
10 their fret] uencies into seven bands and \\ e l<. rlll\\
this grouping of waves. as colours, All the other
colours arc shades of these seven bands of colours
This band of rainbow colours resul ting from the
dispersal ofIight waves is named as spectrum
Violet. indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and
red, are the colours in a spectrum our eyes arc more
sensitive for yellow and green colours and
intercstingly the sun!ight also boosts yellow and
green more than other colours.
Colours witnessed in a spectrum are only the
visible part of the spectrum. The waves, which have
wave lengths shorter than violet waves cannot be seen
by our eyes e.g. ultra-violet rays, x-rays, gamma rays.
etc. Similarly the waves of larger wavelengths than
the red also cannot be seen e.g. infra-red and micro-
It is not so that everybody can witness the
colours other than the seven colours of the spectrum.
there are people who can witness evert the invisible
waves of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
Colours and optical system
How do Vie see colour? There are differen:
views in this regard. The idea that is generally
accepted is known as Classical Theory.
Classical Theory was presented by renowned
Physist \r1r. Young and anatonornist Mr. Jlelm Holtz.
This is also called Young Helm Holtz Theory. Hath
these scientists were moved to see that only three
colours are enough to form other compound colours.
Three types of cones. according 10 this theory,
arc there on the retina. One type of cones is sensitive
for the wavelengths of blue colour. other is sensitive
lor yellow colour and third type ofcones is to feel the
red. The wavelength of the colour falling upon the
retina triggers the concerned cone and thus the
particular colour is sighted. All the colours arc
witnessed because of triggeri ng of two or three cones
e. g, wavelength 0 tpurplc activates the cones sensi tive
for red and blue. Resulting activation of these two
cones we sec purple colour.
Why do we see colours? Colour, inactual fac t. is
that quality of the light which it expresses after
mixing with darkness. Wesec an object black because
tt absorbs all the waves of the light and we see an
obiect whitt: because it reflects all the waves of the
light. We see an object red because it reflects the
waves of the red colour only and absorbs all the other
waves. And, the same is true for all other colours.
Whv are the colours? How do thcv lorm? What
. .
arc the primary colours? Exact situation is vet not
clear. Some consider that there are four primary
colours: some say these are three. And, according to
few. black is the basic and primary colour. The great
Spiritual Scientist Qalander Baba Auliya declares.
bl LtC isthe basic colour.
Spiritual Theory ofColours
The great Spiritual Scientist Qalander Baba
"Man has so far discovered about 60 types of
colours and people with very' sharp vision only can
distinguish these sixty colours, Man names the thing.
which sight can perceive, as colour. light precious
stones and. in the last stage. calls it water. When we
see in the space and the sight reflects back upon the
screen of our mind. it creates an impression. This
impression is conceived as sky blue colour.
After raining, when the atmosphere is clear of
dirt and smoke. the rays ofthe sky blue colour change
their hue according to their position. Here 'position'
means atmosphere, which man terms high. low down.
vast, ncar or away from the earth. lhese things make
the blue colour deep or light and so much so that it
changes altogether into different colour or colours.
Between the earth and our range of sight there exist
innumerable types of rays. The type of ray's is sighted
as colours. The atmosphere is filled with many things
besides rays of colours. which are responsible for
changes in it. The scene before our sight includes
1ight. oxygen. nitrogen. and other gases. Besides these
gases some shades ofdi ftcrent intensity are also there.
Some other components also include in the sky blue
colour. These very components produce different
types of colours. Here this must be kept in mind that
the light and dark shades also play an important role in
the making ofdifterent types ofcol ours
What is the actual source of light? Man does
not know it exactly The distance between the source
of rainbow and earth is reported to be ninety million
miles, This means that the colours seen so closely are
originating at such a far away distance. It is bit
difficult to understand that besides rays what other
things keep on dissolving in the air exist in the
- ![
atmosphere. The smallest particle of the rays reaching
us from the sun is called photon
In Sufism. the word 'aariz' is used for photon,
Even the word photon does not cover the exact
meanings. which the word aariz carries. but it is the
only closest term that can give an occidental reader
some idea of aariz. It is one of the characteristics of
aaru that it has no dimensions and these arc so swift
and fast that they come back from where they start
their journey in the vcrv same moment after coverinc
• ~ J ~ .
the whole cosmos. We cannot say what the status of
photon is in this regard according to the scientists, but
it is certain that aari: travels through the universe at
such an incredible speed that it reaches back. from
where it starts it journey. in the very same moment
after traversing the entire universe. Since there are no
dimensions in the aariz. therefore, when they scatter
in the form 0 frays. they neither coli ide nor replace one
Space. ill actual fact, is the contact ai oariz with
anyone ofthe clements cxi sri ng in the atmosphere.
What is this atmosphere'? Atmosphere is the
division of colours. This division of colours is not
happening because of the aari: alone; rather it takes
place because of the loops produced by the aariz,
When an aariz strike agai nst these loops it gives rise to
things like space, colours and other things.
Now the qucsuon is that how the loops are
formed inthe rays.
WI: do know about the existence of stars III the
galaxie«: the stars which are considered to he the sun.
The distance between two stars is estimated to be five
light years at the the of
stars collide they form loops because 01 difference In
their types. Our earth or other planets are also merely
loops. which are formed in the colliding] ights of the
bill ions of stars in our galaxies. Wherever the Iights of
these stars collide; a loop is formed which. after
accumulating more lights takes the formora planet.
First of all a mixture of blue colour. combined
with many other colours, is received hy man through
his head and hair. These mixed colours keep on
absorbi ng and i n11 ucncing the thoughts and feelings in
him. The more one accepts the influence the more one
is affected by It.
There- are billions of cells in the human brain.
An electric current resulting from the frequencies of"
rays of colours. flows through these cells. Thoughts
keep on passing through the conscious and the sub-
conscious and more through the unconscious mind.
due to this l.:U1TcnL Thoughts and feelings keep on
changing continuously under the influence ofthe light
and dark shades of the colours. A shade, after
producing its effect, leaves its place so that another
type of shade could take over. The replaced shades. if
they are dark enough. transform into Our feelings and
rest ofthoughts dissipate into thin air.
Graduallvman learns to connect thesethoughts
with one another. The thoughts, which arc not
entcrtained, are al together delctcd. And. the thoughts
that absorb in our mind become our acts and deeds.
These very shades are responsible for the sorrows and
delight that we experience. These make us happy or
sorrowful according (0 (heir intensity. Discarded

shades are discharged from the body system and
which are absorbed and adopted. form our nervous
- Since man being a biped, walks and moves
around in upright position on two feel. therefore. these
shades. first or all, affect his brain, Our brain has
specific movements through which it causes our
nervous svstern work for us. The hind portion of our
brain: medulla oblongata, and the spinal cord play the
kcv role in our nervous system. The sorrow and
delight. which in fact. are a son of electric impulse,
enters the nervous system throuch our brain and

affects the v... 110 le ofour nervous systern.
The waves that enter the brain or bipeds me
earthed through the feet after passing through the
whole body. The weight and effectiveness of these
waves arc not uniform for all the places in the
atmosphere rather it varies lrorn place to place
bee<lUSC of their di viding nature As a result of this
division the brain absorbs few shades more than others
and the others are altogether Ien out.
If we lOOK at sorneone's (ace intently. we can
notice various colours on 11 and the most prominent of
all is the colour or one's eyes and that of the feeli ngs
which one experiences at that particular moment.
Many a reflections from Oll tsidc influence our
feelings: some refresh us. some cause us to become
pensive. sonjc give us strength and some make us feel
weak. All the brainwork depends upon those much
seen thinvs. which gradually infuse in our nerves,
sometimes it works correctly and at times it does not.
lhc brain wav cs produce so many impressions on a
face that virtually it seems impossible to read all of
them but still a sort of film is displayed on the bee
that informs us about the impressions transferring
into the nerves.
:pc, q....
The Sky Blue Colour
As stated earlier. colours arc of many types and
each and every one of them has its importance. Here
we shuII delve into the seven colours II rthe rai [) bow.
The' sky blue colour. according to the
spiritualisis, in fact. is not a colour. Il is acombi nation
of those waves that reach the atmosphere of our earth
from distant stars ofour galaxy. The rays of light from
every star. traveling at a speed or ]O(J,O(J(J-J..:m"sec..
collide and mix with the lights of other stars. The
human eyes cannot See the colour of these rays. The
Iights 0 f the stars mix up to form a dark shad.. ., which
our sight perceives as the sky blue colour, Impression
or this colour permeates the human skull and aJ] the
brain cells arc filled with it to such 011 extent that these
cells cannot accommodate anything else.
Although every brain cell has a typical state and
runcti UTI to perform. the \\ orking of each cell cannot
be studied individually. Over all working of these
cells results in the form of a fantasy, thought or
feeling This atmosphere of fantasy. thought or
feelings infuses in the brain neurons, Blood circulates
in the brain capillaries at a faster speed. Jt wiII not be
out of place to mention that. according to the spiritual
masters, the blood in ils actual characteristics is qui tc
ditJerem from what have been so far understood about
it According to them. the impressions cast upon the
brain, because of the atmosphere around us. take the
term ora flowor current. which. in face is nothing but
thc thoughts or fantasies.
When the atmosphere created by the sky blue
colour mixes into the flow or blood, the loops
resui tI ng (rom the intermixin,:; of lights of the stars
become functional in the body. These loops are so tiny
that these cannot be sighted by any material means hut
their e ffects ran be stud ied in the ti. rrrn of certain
functional i t j c . ~ . which s(i rnulate our nerves and the
increase or decrease of the very same stimuli result in
tl:e formofdisturbance in the nervous svstem
At this stage the difference in the colours and
their tones starts, The light blue colour produces a
n'ry weak fantasy, which dissolves in the brain in
such a way that scores of shades otsky blue colour are
produced in each and ('very brain cell. Every shade
has its own typical characteristics. The first current of
this fantasy is so weak that unless it is not multiplied
twice or up to six times :t cannot be perceived bv the
III j IIJ. If tiJi s famasy I emai 1 I . ~ focused on a point and
not shittcd irom its ori ginal position. man rcmai 05
healthy and neveI' experiences any nervous wcakncss.
now of this curren t is seldom noticed. [f this current
focuses on a point. even for a while, it produces
remarkable effects. n01 only UpOIl the body hut also at
far away distances.
Initial impact of this currer.t is felt by the brain
through medulla oblongata and then it permeates the
spins! cord to be further divided into the tentacles of"
neurons or our nerves. Thi s \eT)' di visien of the
current produces [he senses. Sight is considered to he
the most important of all the senses.
When reflection or an object or a scene falls
upon {he .etina of <In eye, it produces sensation in thc
cpi theIi aI cells of reuna causing a conti nuous 11tH\-' of
current in the optic nerves. Ifthc flow ot'this current is
in right direction man is quite healthy. But. i [' this
current is not !lowing in the right direction. the shade
of the colours prevailing in the brain become darker
so much so that weakness is produced in the brain
cells and [he nerves cannot withstand the pressure of
the colours of the reflection falling upon the retina. If
the situation is not corrected. the darkness of the
shades results in altogether a different .one of a
colour. for instance the sky blue colour becomes the
blue colour II must be born in mind that all the
intermediary phases 0 f this transformat ion. that til kes
place tn sequential succession, have their effects. III
the first phase of this transformation one becomes
somewhat wl i i ITI si cal and wi th the increase in the
darkness of the shade (he apprehensiveness alSD
increases. L; nder the i nllucncl,.' of this state different
nerves experience different changes causing an over
all change in the colour.
Basically the blue colour is of two types. light
blue and dark blue. The brain cells are more sensitive
to the light blue colour. It is the liuht blue colour that
first of all affects the brai n cells. TIle light blue colour
prevailing in the brain cells is different from that of
the blue colour ofthe celestial atmosphere. Thic kness
of every cell membrane varies and these are also
capable of filtering the colours. The blue colour
changes into another colour when a cell filters its blue
colour. In this way millions of cells partake in this
process and it gives rise to an imagination. which in its
last stage is manifested practically. Sometimes the
colour of these cells undergoes changes to such an
extent that it is perceived <.IS red. green, vellow or
orange. The lights entering from the outside do not
have space in them rather it is produced under the
influence exercised by the brain cells upon those
lights. When the 11111 uence (1 r the brain cells fashions
space it transforms the waves oflight into a variety of
colours reaching up to sixty inn Ul nbers, In actual fact.
these very colours arc responsible for the senses
operative inour mind and body.
The sky blue colour acts in the brain cells
according to their capacities. The sky blue colour.
is an electric current after entering the
brain cells. ]5 converted into sracc. The actions that
take place on the retina arc responsible for the
sighting of various scenes because of the current
flowing in the cells. This is the influence of the
I' ;;-.: it

flowing current in the cells. The more powerful is the
sight the more capable it is of distinguishing the
The intluence of the brain cells converts the
frequency of the waves of colours into the frequency
of an altogether different colour and the blue is
transformed into green, yellow, orange or some other
colour. In a nutshell. we always remain surrounded by
a sort of electrical current and when this electric
current. after passing through our brain cells, comes
out a variety of colours is witnessed by us. All the
senses. the sight. smell, hearing. touch and taste, the
health and diseases become ani vc because of this
very electric current.
Effects ofthe Sun Light
The light affects all living and nonliving
objects: plants, animals and man alike. Light is based
upon colours. Every matter discharges waves of a
particuiar type. When a metal is placed in the sun, its
colour underaoes a change. Some metals arc affected
quickly and some take time to be affected; even the
colour of gold changes after some time. when placed
under the sun.
Life of every living thing is enclosed in a
covering of lights. Light has deep effects upon our
The, sunlight disperses into seven colours after
striking against our conscious. Every man uses these
colours. according to his taste and temperament, for
creative or destructive purposes. When these lights
are used for destructi yes designs, they produce such a
poison. which impedes the construction and the life
givingeffects ofthese lights arc destroyed.
Red and colours close to it produce anxiety
whereas blue and similar colours have soothing
effects. Every colour has many shades and tone;
VI hich resuit from various frequenci es. Light
produces chemical changes. Our feelings also change
when the intensity oflight changes.
Curati ve rate of colour therapy is more than any
other therapeutic system so far discovercd. tested and
tried in the history of mankind. This treatment is
economical for the patients. I f the surgery is
unavoidable. treating the patient before and after
operation with colours help in success of the surgical
operation. Colour Therapy gives best results in
treating the heart problems, asthma. malaria and
fevers. pneumonia. sore eyes and other infections and
,1 i lmentsof eyes.
Treatment of Carbuncles using colours is also
easier and effective than other therapeutic svstems A
iady whose carbuncle had spread from the neck to her
lower back. had remained under treatment or ten
prominent doctors. after having lost her faith. when
started the treatment suggested under this svstcm of
treatment. she was cured in a few weeks time without
having heavy doses of tranquilizers.
In burning cases this system invites every
doctor to research. The burning sensation in the burnt
part ofthe bodycomes toan end inminutes.
The sunlight after its absorption in the body
kills the germs. relieves pains. and helps in the
formation 0 f vitami n D. wh I ell IS responsible tor
maintaining the balance of calcium quantities in our
blood. thus. preventing the bone diseases 10 children
The sunlight is also helpful in healing of
wounds as it tights against the infectious substances.
After absorbing in the body it helps these substances
excrete through natural outlets. It also helps in drying
the water that accumulates in the cavities of ioints,
lungs and abdomen. The sunlight vitalizes the internal
organs of the body including the heart and increases
the vital energy of body. which causes the sweating.
and the waste materials are excreted. The sunlight
improves the mental and nerve" working by providing
them extra energy. It also corrects the digestive
system. increases the appetite and sleep and. helps in
overcoming insomnia.
Deficiency of Red Bluod Corpuscles occurs in
the people who remain in dark or work in an
atmosphere where the sunlight is not adequately
available, wherees remaining in the sunlight helps in
increasing these corpuscles. or to say. the sunlight also
helps inovercoming the anernia.
Eventhe disease like tuberculosis can be treated
successfully by exposing the pauent to the sunravs for
fewhours daily. The method of this treatment is given
as under:
Firs; day. the patient is made to expose both the
feet. upto the knees. in the sunl ight, six toseven times,
for fin; minutes 001)' in each session. Next day. the
time is increased to ten minutes for each session.
having an interval of 10 to 15 minutes in between,
Third and forth day, legs up to the naval point of the
patient are exposed in the sun, for six times. ten
minutes per session. From the fiftb day' the whole
body of the patient is made to remain in the sunlight in
such a manner that the patient is exposed to the sun for
an average of three to fi ve hours (according to the
i ntensity of the weather), equally divided into four to
six sessions, according to the tolerance and general
condition of the patient. If. in the first session the front
is exposed to the sun then the next session is for the
hack thus, postures are to be alternatively changed.
Head and neck is to be kept covered during these
This may give us an idea of the energ)-' supplied
by the sun that 16-to 26-mega joules energy per sq
meter per day is supplied by the sun in the form of
radiations of light and heat. The average of this energy
for the world is estimated to be I3 mega-joules per
square meter per day whereas in Pakistan thisavcrage
is around 19mega-joules per square meter per day.
Since excess of everything. no matter how
beneficial it might be, is bad. therefore, the utility of
the sunlight lasts till the body feels comfort and
The factor of ultra-violet rays in the sunlight is
more in those places where the sun light reaches the
earth directly. The ozone layer existing around the
earth reflects the ultra-violet rays back and thus stops
them from reaching the surface of the earth. If the
ozone covering is intact the quantity of ultra-violet
ravs remains moderate.

If the body is exposed to ultra-violet rays
excessively, it can cause cancer, Utmost care must be
taken when handling the ultra-violet or infra-red rays.
This care is equally necessary for x-ray's and gamma
rays. Excessive exposure to x-rays damages the bone
marrow and the bones become tragi le, I t can result
into blood cancers like leukemia etc. Excess amounts
of x-rays can irreparably damage the muscles under
the skin even to the extent of injuries. These i nj uries
can be treated with violet rays.
TV. and particularly the Coloured ones arc
more harmful as these emit radio active radiations.
TVis like a small x-rays producing unit. Coloured TV
is more harmful than the Black and White as it emits
more powerful rays. Therefore caution must be
exercised while watching the TV. The recommended
distance. which is as many feet as wide is the screen of
the TV in inches, must be kept for watchi ng TV.
'\)atural I.ight vs. Artificial Light
Scientific researches have proved that in the
pinkish fluorescent tube light. the male plants
nurtured well but the female plants withered. In
contrast to that. the day light bulbs. which emit bluish
light helped the female plants to gro\-v but damaged
tile male plants,
Growth of plants continues m (he electric bulb
light but the)' did not bear flower as early as they do in
the natural light.
Animals kept in the tube light reacted almost in
the similar manner. Animals kept in natural light had
equal numbers of male and female offsprings. Those
kept in [he pinkish fluorescent light had male but the
animals reared under the bluish light had all female
I.ile is growing in natural light since this world
has come into being. Plants arc preparing toad for
themselves and (he animals using the photosynthesis
process. The sunlight is helping the bodies to prepare
vi tamin D. The light is a mean ofsight as we1].
Those associated with poultry industry know
that the light entering the chicks' eyes activates the
working of their pituitary gland, which helps them to
increase their egg production. Not only in the
chickens but also in animals and hu-nan beings this
gland plays an important role in maintaining the
balance in the working0 f their glandu1ar system.
Glands like thyroid, adrenaline and sex glands,
responsible fur the secretion of certain necessary
fluids in the body. gradually slow down with aging.
All these glands are affected by ultra-violet rays and
the sunlight
Pcopl c who have experienced treatment of this
therapeutic system talk very high of its remedial and
curative system. Fat people got smart and the thin
grew bulky and dcve 10 ped their muse Ics.
In winters the sunlight falls obliquely therefore
it is not so strong. Not only in the winter people suffer
from the scarcity of sunlight, the people working in
offices and factories also suffer from the shortage of
the natural light.
Lite originates Irom lights. light maintains lite and
finally the Ij fe ends in light. Our phy sical and

mental health depends upon the balance in the
colours and the lights.
Health and Colours
I i)1t, heat. , - l l o . : l g ~ and colours of the bright
WaH?:; produce ctfcciivc \ ibrations in the tissues of
man and animals. This vibration affects the tissues.
Particular colours affect [he particular parts of the
body. Detail is given below:
I Body Part
\1 ucds gl ands
Pituitary gland
Gonads and Ovaries
It..; Related Colour
A Yellow
B Green
C l.ernon
D & E Violet
K ~ Indigo
The best way to absorb any particular colour is (0
use fruits and vegetables of that colour. Fruits and
vegetables absorb the sunlight directly. BUL a
balanced ratio of the colours must be maintained,
store directly. Then, according to a duly chalked alit
program. r started sitting for my' breathing exercises.
early in the morning facing the east. before the rise of
the sun and determining the quantity or the needed
food. During these exercises I used to concentrate
with every breath that I am inhaling the sunrays
containing the needed amounts of energy. And. these
rays are bemg stored in my stomach. After practicing
this thing for few days. I actually started feeling that I
do not require any food except water nor did I
experience any weakness although I practiced this
exercise for seventeen day's continuously without
having any solid food of any type, I started felling
very light as if I was walking in the space and the sol.d
concrete walls appeared to me as those were made or
Sun is an important source of vitamin D,
Sunlight contains other vitamins as weil and every
vitaruin is associated with its particu lar co loUL
It's Related Colour C Vitamin

""".'.-, '-* .
Once it came to my mind that all the colours arc
present in the sunlight and all our needs are associated
WI th these colours and if (he sunlight could be stored
in our biological system then the needs of the food
could be fulfilled by consuming energy from that
her:' disease can be treated using the colours
that haw been known to man till now.
III children because of the Hemolytic disease the
red blood corpuscles break down excessively and a
pale fluid increases in the blood resulting in jaundice.
If this substance reaches the brain, the mental growth
ofthe child is hampered.
There are t\.... o possible ways of treating this
l. Blood transfusion
'1 esc ofcolours
I n colour therapy, for treati ng such a child, he is
kept under blue lights of adequate [_·,)\ver. It has been
observed experimentally that blue light is the
treatment and cure of this disease and the
complications resulting from transfusion ofblood and
the disease.
Proper usage or colours restores the immune
system of the patients, Apremature born baby, kept in
the incubator. in adequately supplied oxygen and
'violet Iight. completes his growth swi ttl y.
The sunlight contains ccrtain minerals and
gases, which are the chief constituent of the human
food rhai provides us energy, lffood and light both are
supplemented the energy could be increased many
Oyer cooking and roasting wastes the colours present
in toad
Psycho10gi caI effect s 0 f colours:
All the expert colour therapists agree that the
colours are beneficial for man in every respect. Use of
proper colours in evcr y department g ivcs
undoubtedly advantageous effects.
Case No.1
When, in a factory rate of absentees increased
in the lady workers and the production suffered he
management consulted a colour therapist. He
suggested, after examining the site. that the main
cause otthe problem was blue paint of the walls ofthe
working area. Excess of this colour was causing
sickening effects in the ladies Thus. the walls were
painted in the light of his suggestion with light brown
colour. This balanced the affects of the blue and the
attendance came hack to its normal.
Case No.2
In another factory. where the workers had a
problem of loss or concentration. which resulted in
one or the other accident. when the dark panes of
windows were painted orange. the rate of accidents
dropped. workers started taking interest due to their
increased concentration and they worked
Case No.3
In a rest room. where the walls had blue paint.
people complained about cold. But. when the walls
~ $Q

were painted with orange colour. they felt hot though
the temperature remained the same.
Case No.4
During an experiment, a group ofsalesmen was
made to have their meeting in a room painted in red.
And, the other group was provided a room with green
atmosphere. Before meeting their watches were taken
After 4 hours' meeting. the salesmen having
meeting in the red room estimated the time of their
meeting as six to seven hours: whereas the members
having meeting in the green room thought their
meeting had lasted over two hours.
Case No.5
How do the colours affect our judgment
concerning the weight of objects') This interesting
investigation proves that weight of dark coloured
object is felt more than the light coloured objects.
Products of a factory were packed in hlack metal
hoxes. Laborers always asked tor assistance for
lifting them. When the foreman got those boxes
painted in green. they stopped complaining about the
heaviness of the boxes,
Case No.6
Quality of teaching and learning can also be
improved using the appropriate colours. If difficult
topics are explained using colourful slides, it becomes
easier for the students to understand and remember it.
Ifthe slides have only one or two colours it proves to
be more effective. During an investigation. when the
students were shown green coloured slides. the
students secured 40% more marks as compared to that
group of students who were shown black and white
slides and the results improved by 80% when the two
coloured slides of green and red were shown but the
increase with the three and more coloured slides was
only 30%.
Case :-.l0.7
A football coach narrating his experiences has
wri ttcn that he had two dressing rooms for the players.
One had blue painted walls, which he used for resting
of players. whereas the other. which \','3S painted in
red, was used before going into the field. where thev
dec ided and finalized their strategy. This enabled
them to perform in the play ground in a much better
Case No.8
Proprietor of a Radio Station, for the sake of
attraction, installed tube lights of red colours. With i11
two months the management and the employees
developed a row amongst themselves. Upon the
suggestion of a colour therapist. red tube lights were
replaced with normal ones and miraculously feelings
of fraterni ty were restored, the fights stopped and the
resignations were taken back.
Case No.9
A famous businessman had a phobia of trains.
automobiles and hard floors. One day he wore red
coat and felt a strange feeling of vitality and
diminishing of his fears. He started usinu red ~ I o t h e s
and under garments and his phobias vanished and his
life became normal.

In the modern times men, too, have started
wearing clothes of bright colours. People, ....vho select
their clothes after consulting colour experts. say that
the colourful dress did bring a healthy' change, not
only in thei r lite-style but in thei r li ves as wei L
Countless men and women, after entering into
the world of colours. grown more confident, have
better jobs and the numbers of their friends increased
many folds and to top it all, ratio of divorces among
the newly wed-couples have dropped considerably.
In the history of mankind the need of use of
colours was never felt so intensely as is in the modern
world oftension, anxiety. and stress and strai n_
Use of proper colours not only helps in having
an attractive personality but the mind also gets
Black and dark brown colours represent
dismay and sorrowtherefore, instead ofthese colours,
use of those colours is recommended, which give
boost to confidence and arc soul soothing.
The Astral Body
Energy centers are not located in every part of
the body but it keeps on circulating the entire body.
from head to toe and discharges. Our body emits light
iust like the stars in the cosmos.
OUf body' is enveloped in another body oflights,
which is called the nasmic bodv or the astral bodv b....
the spiritual masters. The nosmlc body is composed ~ f
those basic waves or the rays that arc responsible for
the commencement of the existence of a heing. This
astral body, the body of lights. remains glued to the
physical body of ours hut the reflection of the lights or
this body spreads up to nine inches around our
physical body.
Torch with batteries could be a close example or
this thing. The bulb in the torch is the astral bodv,
which is the actual source of light in the torch. I"he
beam or the torch spreads not only outwardly but it is
also directed inwardly. The reflection of the astral
body spreads upto nine inches around the body.
The centers of energy are not located all over
the physical body but the energy keeps on circulating
through out the body and is discharging in the form of
lights. Just as a star emits light in the system of
galaxies, our body. too. emits light. Probably the
reflection of the astral body is being termed as aura by
the scient ists who arc doing researches inthis regard.
The astral body cannot be sighted by mean of
any materia Igadgets but its reflection can be ~ ~ bserved
because of the fact that the reflection involves
materiality to some extent.
Health. delight, sorrow' and even the whole
human lite depends upon the astral body. If the astral
body is healthy one stavs hcalthv and ifthe astral body
is n ~ t healthy then t h ~ physical body can never h ~
healthy, All the urges pertaining to life transfer to the
physical body fromthe astral body.
When two persons embrace each other, the
electric current flowing in both the individuals infuses
together and this interaction of the currents is felt in
the form of a mild electric field. When two people
become attentive for each other the electric field
becomes charged and man)' other start noticing their
, ~ : .. '" 4....
mutual interaction. Similarly when a person wants to
influence others. lor example. during J lecture O[
speech. his intentions influence the listeners if the
electrifying effects of astral body are properly used.
Yet another interesting example or the working of
astral body is yawning. Yawning indicates lack of
oxygen in our body system. When someone upon
feeling tired. yawns i.c., the needed oxygen 1S inhaled,
then anybody who is watching him, would also "'3\1,'n
This, in fact is a demonstration for the demand of
oxygen by the astral body.
The form and shape of the astral body depends
upon the volume and the potential of the cnerav that is
surrounding us. This energy after circulation all
around us is earthed through our feet. ln this way a
large amount of the discharged energy remains stored
in our feet. Proper exchange of the energy earthed
fromthe feet anr' the energy found in the earth beneath
our feet is very important for the health of a person. It
is worth noticing that before the epilepsy tit the
discharging system of energy through the feet
becomes faulty. Ifthe extra-accumulated energy in the
feet is not discharged properly then one may become
Astral body remains in a state of perpetual
variation. but sometimes, the lights of the astral body
become static. And. when the lights of the astral body
become still for few moments, one becomes
connected \\.'ith one's soul and this enables him to
witness even the unseen things existing around.
The primal)' purpose of all the exercises of
concentration and focusing of attention is to achieve
that state 0 f the astral body when 1rslights could stay at
a point tor sometime producing a state or harmony
between our soul and the mJJ1d. When a person enjoys
harmony between his body and Sl)U1. feelings of 100e
and affection lor others are produced in him. When a
person. who enjoys the harmony or soul and body'.
enters a room. the atmosphere 01" the room becomes
Sometimes we happen to come across such
lively people whose astral body appears to be filling
up the whole room. And. then then: are people whose
astral bodies arc shrunk. distorted or colourless. When
such a person enters a place the whole atmosphere
becomes unpleasant. Then there are people who enjoy
such an air around them that everybody whosoever
comes in contact with them is impressed because of
the, char j smat j c effec t 0 f their personal ity. Thi scan
happen either in posirive or negati ve manner but this is
certain that a person with a powerful aura or strong
astral body dominates the person with the weaker one,
or in other words. one accepts the hue of others
pcrsonali ty.
Colour Points
The human body and the earth, according to
Book of Hopi, the Red Indian tribe 01" the North
America. resemble a lot in their structural formation.
Both have their own axes around which all their
movements revolve. The axis of all the activities and
movements af human body is the backbone. There are
certain points on this axis upon which the health and
well being of a person depends. According to the
teachings of Vedas and Yoga too. the health of the
-,-..., 51 t

physical body. its movements and other activities all
depend upon certain points of energy found in the
human body. Summery ofthe details ofthese points or
the centers of'cnerav located in the human bodv, as are
given in the various therapeutic systems is given here.
The first center of energy is situated in the
crown of the skulLWhen a child is born this portion of
the head is soft as if it is the gate through which the
child accepts the life, Below this point is the mind
through which one learns to think. The third one is
located in the throat that joins the openings of mouth
and the nose. Ability to taste. smell and speech are
controlled by this center. Fourth one is the heart.
which controls all the vibrations of the body. F111h one
is located near the naval point and it controls the
digestion and the excretion systern. The last one is
situated below the naval. near the last vertebrata of the
One remains healthy and strong if the energy
level of these centers and the flow of energy between
them are maintained properly. All these centers are
full of certain quantities of energy. Every center has
energy of a particular characteristic depicted and
displayed in the form ofcolours.
Since every thing that has been created in this
universe has grades and degrees of its properties the
colours are also no exception. Every colour is of many
grades and its characteristics at different
levels according to its intensi ty and other properties.
The colours of the energy centers in the body
are given as under.
The first center located in the crown ofhead is
of violet colour. Working of various glands mostly
depends upon the proper availability at this colour in
this center in proper quantities. The artistic qualities.
aesthetic sense and religious inclinations of a person
are aJ so governed by this colour.
The second center located between the two
eyebrovvs is of dark blue colour. This center is related
to with that portion of the brain. which handles the
unconscious stimuli and therefore the mental
inclinations. psychological behavior and attitude of a
person greatly depend upon the proper functioning of
this center. The center located in the throat is of blue
colour and the deficiency of this colour results in the
diseases related to with throat. face. neck and the
lower head.
The center next to (his is of green colour and
controls the emotions and is responsible for the
neutralization of exceeding heat of the body. The
person lacking this colour tends to be harsh and rude.
The high blood pressure is indicative of deficiency of
thiscolour in its center.
The center located in the chest is of orange
colour and controls the breathing system, Diseases
related to with the lungs and nerves arc indicative of
the deficiency of this colour in this center.
The colour of the center located at the heart is
red, This colour provides heat energy to the body
system and is responsible for the flow of blood in our
body. Lov Blood Pressure. Leukemia. Thallcscmia.
Anemia etc. resuIt from the defic iency of this colour.
The more is the deficiency. the more acute is the state
".', : ;

Yellow is the colour of the center that controls
the digestive system. The energy responsible for the
digestion of food and the excretion of waste materiaI
from the body is provided by this colour. This colour
helps in treating the diseases of stomach. intestines
and liver etc.
I f one wants to stay healthy and \>.,'e11. it is
necessary to knovv about the colours of all the centers
of the body. It will not be out of place to delve into
certain confusing things about the centers and their
colours that have anscn because ofthe lack of study in
depth in this regard. The red colour. Ior instance, in
one system is ascribed to the lowest vertebrata and
with the heart in another, Apparently it appears to he
colliding statements but. in actual fact, it is not so. The
point of generation of energy. its utilization and
storage are not necessarily required to be one and the
The same is true inthe case of vialet colour. The
center of the energy in the crown is said to be that of
the violet colour whereas the purple and violet colours
are considered to he the cure of the diseases related to
with the sex organs. Thecenter ofa particular colour is
not necessary 10 be situated where the organ related to
with that colour is located, The violet colour is stored
in the upper portion of the brain and used 111
cantrall ing the functions ofthe glands whether it is the
pituitary gland or it is the gonads. Presence of this
colour in the aura of person indicates his artie
potentials, his dedication for religious thoughts and
his aesthetic taste.
I f we want to stay healthy. it is necessary for us
to have complete knowledge about the centers of the
colours in our body. their \.... orkings and their

Properties of Colours
Basically the colours can be produced either by
letting the white-light pass through a medium like
water or prism or by using other methods to produce
coloured lights such as using the bulbs or letting the
light pass through coloured window pans. But as far as
obtaining the colourful material object is concerned
we have to mix pigments or dyes whether these are
achieved from the natural resources or prepared
arti ficially using the synthetic chemicals.
All the colours whether these are the colours
obtained from combining spectral lights or these are
the paints to paint a work ofart or dyes to dye a piece of
doth. the; emit vibrations of one or the other
frequency. These vibrations cause the feeling of
warmth or coolness. The wavelength of the red is the
longest ofall the spectral colours. which produces the
vibration of the lowest order. The wavelength of the
violet is the shortest and it causes a highest vibration.
Frequency of red waves produces heat, the b.lue gives
cool effect and the green IS the colour that 15 known
for iIs rnoderati on and balance. The density of the red
confines the movement and the rate of its vibration
whereas the blue because of its lightness brings
openness in the atmosphere.
Fvcrv colour generates a different feeling than
the others." Red. for instance, gives the burning
sensation. Orange appears to be heat giving, yellow
gives a sense of warmth: Green is neither hot nor cold
and the Maroon gives a stink with coolness. When we
try to feel the colours tactually. some ofthemappear to
be stingy. some bite. hurt. hit. smash. or even cause us
(0 feel a pat. Generally people do nor think about the
colours. We do take an impression from the pictures
bUI we seldom notice the disposition or
temperamental effects of the colours. _
Experiments have established that the patients
of insomnia. sleeplessness, tension and strain can be
relieved from their distress if they could be made to
use the violet. blue or turquoise colour. Red, orange
and ye lIow have proved helpful in overcoming
lethargy and lassitude,
Experts of chromatuiogy and chromatics
suggest that the pink can suppress the feelings of
aueresston and antagonism if the patient with these
symptoms is kept in 3. pink atmosphere. The pink has
proved to be soothing tor the nerves and tissues. The
soothing effects of this colour have made the
authorities to use it In jails for reform and
..... , 41£ ..,

rehah iJ 1tation of the jail residents, It not only subJues
the anger hut is also helpful in correcting the problems
resulting from the family feuds and the buslTICSS
worries because under the influence ofthis colour one
does not react aggressively. Even the blinJ:-; feel
themselves comfortable in the rooms where the pink
has been painted. Pink. because ofits soothing effects.
is considered to be the most loveable colour.
Colours have been broadly classified into three
categories ofhot, cool and moderate. Red, orange and
yellow and all their shades are hot colours. The blue.
sky blue and violet are cool colours whereas the green
is neither hot nor cool. If the disease is considered to
be the result of excessive heat in the body system then
the cool colours are applied, for instance. in fevers
blue is recommended or for burn cases the blue is
applied. And, if the disease is due to lack orheat or is a
result of coldness in the body system then for the hot
colours are used for the treatment. for example, low
blood pressure and paralysis demand red.
Properties of colours can be studied under two
main headings of psychological and the physical
This colour is round in iron. ZInc, copper.
potassium, oxygen. sugar beet. radish, spinach.
tomato, red cherries and in fru its that have skins of rcJ
colour. It isassociated with blood and bloodstream. It
cancels and nullifies the effects of blue and its various
This colour is related to with courage.
enthusiasm. liking. love and affection. When the
relations are spoiled because of impolite dealings,
expectations are not fulfilled and no plan succeeds
then the red colour dominates the mental center. When
the colour center of the brain is overpowered with the
red colour. everything starts appearing to he reddish in
colour. When the colour ofthe red center loses its tone
it indicates one's undue emotional auachrncnt or 0 fthe
hurt feelings. The people having this colour in
moderate quantity are helpful for the others. like to
appIy their potential sto their maximum and care about
their offspring lindthe fellow beings.
People who are dominated with this colour Ii vc
an over all healthy life. Since they cannot control their
emotions about good food and other things the)' tend
to become fat. Every one of us lives through such a
phase of one's life when this colour dominates more
than any other colour. The red colour becomes much
intensified during the period or adolescence. It is an
interesting fact that the red having a hue of rust
dominates the boxers. People haying red as their
dominating colour are very particular about their
physical health and well-being and in most of the
cases they opt to become body builders,
Red is the colour. which stimulates emotions,
stirs senses, and evokes passions. lt is associated with
power. energy. vitality and excitement of life. In its
positive aspect red stimulates strength.joy, happiness
and love. It is the primary colour offire.
Deep red at" scarlet is a stimulant for the animal
.";'.j! .1

nature, the baser physical passions. The crimson or
hlood represents the suffering elements in life. The
gentle pink gives rise to mother-love vibrations. lhc
negative aspect of red vibration can bring out fear.
uncontrolled passion. lust. excessive anger. agitation
and tendency of cruelty. Red is suggested when the
vitality is low, blood circulation is poor or one is not
sure ofoneself
Admittedly. it's bit difficult to accept that
everything on earth exists in the formof vibration and
that the life forms or the objects move from one
vibration to another. The vibratory colours can be
therapeutic or destructi ve. such as red in the different
circumstances under which it is usually employed.
For instance, a red nag waved in front of a bull will
excite the animal into charging. In traffic. red stop
signs are safety features for automobile driers. Long
underwear made of red flannel keeps you warm in
winter. In the laboratory. fruit files will hreed rapidly
in a redbox, but will not breed at all in a blue box.
Some doctors use the colour red as arterial
stimulant. Researchers at the eniversity of Texas
haw discovered that athletes who concentrate on red
colouring hefore participating in a sporting event
cxpericncc increases in their musseIstre ngth. Red can
bringa flush to the head in the formofbJushing.
Physical Properties:
Red has the slowest vibrations of all the visible
colours and it is the colour of greatest warmth. It is of
hot disposition with a force ofcreativeness, Incases of
anemia. leukemia etc. if the red rays arc thrown upon
the backbone. the Red Blood Corpuscles (RBCs)
count increases, If any part of the body is affected
because of the paralysis. the red light, by stimulating
the blood circulation, can cure such a patient 11' the
light of red colour is made to fall upon the naval and
the upper portion of lower limbs it can restore the
working ofti ssues in the limbs,
When a person is supplied with the red colour.
the pituitary gland becomes activated resulting
adrenaline Inclusion in the blood. It stimulates the
sensory nerves and improves the senses of sl11..-.:11.
sight hearing. taste and touch. It aeti vates blood
circulation, excites the cerebrospinal tluid and arouses
the sympathetic nervous system. Hemoglobin is built
with red rays. Red rays produce heat that vitalizes and
energizes the liver, the muscular system and the left
cerebral brain hemisphere. As a muscle relaxant for
contractures. red's counter irritant etfects are excellent
for thera peu tic purposes.
Red decomposes the body's accumulated salt
crystals and thus catalyzes ionization. The ions thus
created carry electromagnetic energy throughout the
body The red rays split ferric salt crystals and liberate
heat. Known disorders and diseases treatable with red
colour are listed in next chapter of this book but the
disorders or the conditions contraindicated for using
the red colour arc:
Errioti ona I di st urbances. hy pertension.
excitable temperament. mental ailments. fever.
neuritis. florid complexion. red hair, inflammation etc
Orange Colour
This colour is found in iron. calcium. nickel.
: "··':4
fruits 0 r orange peels including carrots, gOLITds.
apricots, mangos, peaches, etc. It is mainly associated
with the nervous and respiratory system and is used for
treating the disorders related to with these systems. ([
null ifies the negative effects ofdark blue shades.
Psychological properties
People \.... ith dominated orange colour arc
found to be taking interest in such games that are
exhausting. These people are hasty in their nature and
if they couldn't make haste they get upset. These are
good managers and they like to remain in the company
of others. They prefer casual dress. They have a taste
for parties and gatherings. They orange people are
more active and smart than the people of red colour. If
the radiant orange dominates in a person it is easy for
him to get up early in the morning therefore. those
cannot leave their bed early in the morning are
required to use this colour excessively'. To develop the
will-power and to treat the nervous weakness this
colour has special effects. It stimulates creativity and
ambition along with energetic activity. But. excessive
exposure to orange can produce nervousness and
restless behavior. It is a colour of nourishment.
Physical Properties:
Being a com bination of red and yellow it gi ves a
hot impact. It improves the working of thyroid glands,
depresses 'the parathyroid. helps in absorption of
calcium in the body and is beneficial lor the lactation
in mothers. It not only helps in digestion but also
benefits in colds and pneumonia. It expands the lungs.
has an antispasmodic effect on muscles, acts as am
emetic and increases the pulse rate. Asthma. cough,
bronchitis. respiratory problems, epilepsy. and
diseases of lungs. tuberculosis. gout, dysentery and
the ail ments resu Iting from gastric problems
rheumatism, and arthritis including piles can be very
easily cured by using this colour. It also acts on spleen
and pancreas to help assimilation and circulation. It
greatly helps in overcoming. mental exhaustion.
Tumors. both benign and malignant melt away under
this colour. Kidney problems. prolapsed uterus and
the menstrual difficulties can be easily cured when
this colour is used.
Contraindications for orange are insomnia,
fevers. over excitement and delirium.
Yellow Colour
Gold, calcium. nickel. zinc. copper, platinum,
sodium. phosphorous, carrots. golden grains.
bananas, pine apples, lime. lemon. gray fruit and the
fruits of yellow covering have yellowcolour stored in
them. This colour is associated with the organs of the
digestive system and is used to cure the ailments and
disorder of the digestive system. It cancels the
negative effects ofthe violet and purple shades.
In dyes and paints this colour is considered as
one of the primary colours and is used in making
colours like orange and green etc. Bur. when the green
and red lights are mixed together. yellow is produced
and tor these reason it contains the properties of both
the red and the green simultaneously.

Psychologica! properties
Yellow is primarily a joyous colour but it also
brings out wisdom, understanding and the intuitional
insight. In its golden aspect it represents spiritual
perfection. peace. and rest. lt is the colour of sunshine.
youth, gladness and merriment. ln its positive
vibration, it brings out compassion and creativity.
People under the influence of this colour afe fond of
reading books and have a natural inclination for
learning and knowledge. Scientists. politicians and
businessmen are most under this colour. In its negative
aspect when it is too bright or is used too otten, is over
stimulating to the psyche and nerves and can cause
mental irritation even to the point of destructiveness.
Yellow in its negative vibration is also the colour or
cowardice. prejudice anddestruct: \'C dominalion.
Pcoplc with exceeding dcnsity of the yellow in
their brain center arc materialists and they always
prefer their personal interests and gains from anything
else. People with this colour are successful in worldly
terms because they knowthe art ofcaming money and
spending it adequately.
Yellowstimulate the mind so whenever you are
out of frame of mind usc a yellow paper for writing a
letter. It helps in concentrating. And, backward and
retarded children seem to learn faster in rooms painted
Yellow is the best of all the treatments for the
ailments related to withstomach. lt helps in irnprov ing
the digestive system. relieves from the gas prohiems.
benefits in diseases ofliver. piles and diabetes. Yellow
fruits and vegetables tend to act as laxative to the
bowel and calm the nerves. Its shortage in its
respective center results in diseases related with the
stomach and digestive system and its excess is one of
the causes ofIcvcrs.
Directed at the gastrointestinal tract fur short
periods it acts as a digestive aid. for longer periods, it
acts as both a catharsi s (purge) and cathartic
(laxative). It helps in eliminating parasites and worms
and stimulates the flow of bile. It has a stimulating.
cleansing, and eliminating action on the liver.
intestines and skin. It energizes the alimentary tract.
purifies the blood stream. activates the lymphatics and
depresses the spleen.
Conditions contraindicated for using theyellow
colour include acute inflammations, delirium, fever,
heart palpitations and over-excitement.
Gre-en Colour
It is mostly found 10 nickel, chromium. cobalt.
platinum. chlorophyll, vegetables and the fruits
having green coverings. In its chemical characteristics
it is neither acidic nor aIkal ine. It is associated with the
skin and cancels the negative effects of red.
This colour exerts a very strong action against
inflammations.jaundice. and kidney infections.
Green is soothing. healing. peaceful and cool in
its positive aspects. It is a restful balm for people who
are weary in body and mind. Green has great healing
pm","Cf. On its negative side. it represents selfishness.
jealousy and laziness. Heavy dark green can be

depressing and even debi Iitating. Yellow green
stimulates generosity on the mental plane and the
body's elimination of wastes on the physical plane.
Spring green represents new life. regeneration. joy
and gladness. People dominated by this colour are full
of love and they radiate affection. People love them.
Storage of light green colour increases in people who
arc in love. People with this colour like gardening and
Green has the combinative effects of blue and
yellow. It is cool enough to be restful. yet warm
enough to be friendly. People of this colour are patient
listeners ofother's problems. They love children and it
is no wonder that this is the colour that domina[es the
nursery teachers. They have a verv moderate
. . .
temperament and do not lose their temper easily.
Because of their softness they tend to be hurt easily.
They are determined and innovative.
If this colour exceeds in theye1I0wcenter of the
body. such people tend to be emotional ami they
become over concerned about the others problems to
such an extent they tend to lose their appetite giving
way to digestive problems.
If this colour eliminates from the mental center
then one tends to be selfish and does not hesitate in
acquiring anything without caring about the feelings
of others. If this colour decreases in the throat center.
one tends tobe harsh in tone and if it increases than
normal then one become so soft spoken that people
start takingadvantage ofsuch a person.
This colour in its positive vibrations helps in
controlling the tension. nervousness and emotional
mental patients and vialent criminal s not only becausc
of ItS sedative effects but also for the deeper insight
that it generates in the mind. ln its negative aspect. too
much blue can be depressing. bringing on a feeling of
weariness and lethargy. The coolness associated with
blue causes its use in the quick tempered peoples to
sooth them down,
Blue is the balancing and harmonizing colour
that returns the bloodstream to normal. lt reduces
nervous excitement. is astringent and can be absorbed
from the environment during meditation and spiritual
expansion. It relaxes the mind. It helps the introvert
come out of their shells and comforts the manic-
depressive. But after more than twenty minutes of
concentrated treatment with blue rays, mental
depression tends to set in. Blue clothing and
furnishings tend to make a person feel tired. Blue is the
colour of truth, devotion, calmness. sincerity.
intuition, and higher mental faculties.
People under the influence or this colour arc
philanthropists, like to be helpful to the fellow beings
and strive to serve thecreatures ofGod, Almighty.
This colour as compared to all other colours is
more significant for its effects and importance, It is an
antidote for the red vibrations. The blue vibrations
increase the metabolism, build vitality. promote
growth of the body and brain cells. slow the action or
the heart and act as a tonic on the body in general..
They have antiseptic properties. contracting potencies
for muscles and blood vessels and a soothing and
cooling effect on inflammations. It is used to treat the

"'WlII. _
Physical Properties:
Green builds muscles, bones and other tissue
cells. It relieves tension, lowers high blood pressure.
acts as a hypnotic upon the sympathetic nervous
system. dilates the capillaries and stimulates pituitary.
The vibrations of this colour disi nlect bactcria, virus
and other germs. It is known tor healing of infected
wounds, ulcers and control Iing high blood pressure. It
has a soothing and cooling effect for inflammations.
The diseases that can be treated using this colour
include: hay fever, typhoid. ulcers. venereal diseases.
hemorrhoids, inr omn ia. irritabiii ty, Iaryngitis.
malaria, malignancy. hyper stimulation, syphilis, and
hepatitis and liver disorders. It not only heals the sun
burnt skin but also cures the itch. It shows remarkable
effects for treating the wrinkles and other problems of
the skin.
Sky blue colour
This colour is found in aluminum. cobalt, zinc.
lead, and fish and poultry meat besides the grapes.
peaches and plums. This colour is associated with the
upper portion of the body: head. ned. face and
shoulders. It is the coldest of all the colours and.
I herefore. it is used to termi nate the negati ve effects of
the red and the orange colours.
Psych0 logicalpropernes
Blue is the colour of heavenly consciousness.
truth. harmony. calmness and hope and for these very
reasons is considered to be a spiritual colour. Blue is a
quieting colour and is commonly used in the room of
fevers. burns. cataracts. eye inflammations. high
blood pressure, headache. heart paIpi tation, tooth
infections, insomnia. epilepsy.j aundice.
The blue is contraindicated in the following
Colds. gaul. paralysis. rheumatism
Indigo Colour
Atinge of red mixed into the
the indigo. It is electric. couling and astrrngent. It IS
parathyroid stimulant. a thyroid depressant, a
purifier, a phagocyte builder and a haernostauc (It
stops or reduces the excessive bleeding). It promotes
muse u1ar tonic ity, res p ratory depress: (In and
hypnotic- like insensibility topain.
. Indigo rays control the psychic currents of
suhtle spit itual bodics. They also controI the braIn
vibrations and influence vision. hearing, and smell on
the physical. emotional and spiritual planes. It helps III
repairing the wear and tear ofthe brain and cells.
It reduces the deterioration of the cells and tissues of
the body. Lack of this colour in the body system
generates anger and heated temperament. It represents
the healing crisis of the natural healing art where old
toxins and wastes of physiological system arc cast out
ofthe bodv to make room for the newtissues.
effects of the skv blue and indigo resemble
a lot because both are basically blue. Sky blue is more
cold than indigo and is used in indications where the
coldness oflcsser degree is required to be applied The
disorders that require the application of this colour
include the purification of blood, hyperthyroidism.
mental illness. nasal diseases. nervous ailments.
--3 i

convulsions. deafness. delirium tremens. dyspepsia.
eye and ear diseases, nose bleed. obsessions. throat
diseases etc.
This colour is contraindicated for the usc in
diseases resulting fromcold. gout. lowblood pressure.
and palpitation due to weakness. .
Violet Colour
Violet is a combination ofred and hlue in equal
ratios. In its highest vibration it represents good
motives. elevated spiritual aspirations and enhanced
concentration of the soul. It is associated with
prosperity, wealth. and increased product: vity. Violet
is the fastest vibration among the rainhow colours
fading quicker than any other. Stimulating the
spiri•. J nature of man. the violet vibrations offer s, .,
mastery. higher realms of creativity and royal
consciousness. It is the colour of aesthetic values. ]f
this colour is lacking in a person's composition he
cannot appreciate beauty and the higher values.
Leonardo da Vinci said. "The power of meditation can
be ten limes greater under violet light falling through
the stained glass window ota quite church,"
Inits negative aspect it can overwhelm a person
for snobbery: pretense and can even generate deceit. It
cancels and nullifies the negative effects of yellow
It stimulates the spleen. upper brain. glands of
the body including the gonads and bones. It depresses
the lymphatics. heart muscles and motor nerves.
Violet is calming in cases of mental illness. It control s
irritability, reduces hunger. builds leucocytes and
maintains ionic balance especially of potassium and
I t is used for treating the foJ lowing ai iments and
Bladder problems, bone-growth dysfunctions,
cerebrospinal meningitis, concussion, cramps. kidney
diseases, mental illness. scalp diseases. sciatica,
neuralgia, rheumatism, obesity, benign and malignant
tumors. leucorrhoea, diabetes, gonorrhea and
venereal and sexual diseases etc.
Magenta Colour
Magenta is produced when the yellow is added
into the violet colour. The person having this colour in
his aura enjoys administrative abilities. This colour is
used where both the violet and yellow colours are
required to be adr.. 'listercd simultaneously e.g.
obesity and diabetes.
White colour
Whitc, infact is not a single colour rather it isa
combination of all the colours that arc found in the
rainbow. It is the property of a white surface that it
docs not absorb any colour and it reflects back all the
colours, All the seven colours are found in this colour
in a speci fie ratio. It is considered to a colour of purity
and piety because it does not allow any colour to
pollute It rather it softens the stringent effects of any
colour when mixed with that. Pink. for instance. is
produced when the white is added into the red and the
negative effects of the red can thus he controlled to a
great extent.
Because of this particular property of this
colour. it is used in such disorders where excess of a

colour is required to be reduced. This colour is used in
treating moral and ethical disorders like telling lies,
using abusive language, kleptomania, drug addiction
and violent lunatics. Use of this colour in treating the
psychological diseases where the mind and nerves
have been affected because ofexceeding potencies of
colours, has gi ven remarkable results.
This colour is also used for treating the prickly
heat high blood pressure, hydrosil, insanity etc,
Black colour
Black, too. is not a colour by itself. It is such a
colour that comes into being when no spectacular
colour ",; there. A black surface. after absorbing all th:
ray ofco10 urs, reflects back such waves, which arc not
visible for our eyes. This colour is lise in diseases
where many colours exceed their normal magnitudes.
In order to control the excess of many colours in a
body. the usc or black colour or the black vibrations
has been found very useful. In obesity this colour is
suuuested only because of the fact that accumulation
~ c o •
or many a colour is required to be expelled from the
body where these are not used properly.
Caution is required to be exercised for using
this colour that during the course of using this colour
as soon as symptoms indicating lack of any colour are
noticed, that colour is used besides the use of the black
For Klstancc, during the treatment of obesity.
when the patient is madc to take the black vibration"
and if he starts complaining headache or low blood
pressure then the blue or red is also to be included so
that the deficiency ofthat colour caul d be chec ked.
Gray colour
Gray is produced when the while is added into
the black colour. This colour is considered to be
having a moderate effect as it contains the two colours
of the extreme natures The method of using this
colour is to make the patient see a painted glass of9 x
12 inches, painted with this colour. for 15 to 20
minutes duration, twice or thrice in a day.
This colour is used in cases where shortage of
one colour in mixed with excess of many other
colours. rOT instance. in cases of white patches of
skin. use of this colour produces commendable
Brown colour
Brown is the colour made from mixing black
into the red. It ranges from yellow (0 red in ..:<151. Even
though it is neutral and dark, it has considerable
richness and depth. I( is the colour of dormant fertility
and is used for preservation. It is generally considered
environmentally sound. It offers a healthy atmosphere
or enclosure in which to work, play', sleep and
generally perform common metabolic functions. An
aggregate or brown things influence the internal
organs and mind in an enhancing way.
Because of its preservative characteristics it is
used in the bottles of medicines and other perishable
items to protect them from early decay and expiry.
Advancing Conscious
Almost in every civilization man used to take
advantage of colours on three levels of physical.
mental and spiritual. On the physical level. the colours
are responsible fOT our physical well-being, health and
general good. On the mental level. the colours are
responsible for our moods. mental health and help us
in having positive trends and feeling for others. On the
spiritual level, the colours cause us 10 be familiar with
a world far superior to this material world; the world
where we have to live after passing from here or the
After living for an appointed time in this world.
we born in a realm, where another phase of our lire
commences. In that realm ....... e encounter with milky
white light. This milky white light can be witnessed by
means of third eye. This light not only" maintains its
own balance but also helps in balancing the others as
well. The people. who manage to store this light in
them in this world. start emitting it as well for the
benefit of other people. This light even penetrates in
the belongings and the article of daily use of such a
person who manages to accumulate an adequate
quantity ofthis light in him. And this is the reason that
the belongings of spiritual peoples are preserved as an
article of blessings or as a token ofgood fortune.
The subtle vibrations of the milky light keep on
discharging and spreading from the graves of people
who had accumulated the store of this light in them.
Storage of this light in a person. on one hand,
illuminates; the soul and. on the other. gives an
electrifying effect to the atmosphere around such a
person. Those who gather this radiating light in their
inncrs remain in a cheerful mood, deliberate and
ponder to resolve the mysteries of lite and death, the
lite here and Hereafter, the reason and cause of our
birth, the purpose of our life and how can they
accomplish it.
But the question is that when so many colours
are showering in one's life then how can one possible
accumulate and store this milky white light in oneself
The method is quite simple and effective. JUS! take out
some time. at a fixed hour of the day or night and sit to
meditate for 20 to 30 minutes a day. In the course of
this meditation, it is attempted that our relation with
our inner self could be established. When our relation
with our inner self is established. the milky white
light, the light of the metaphysical realm starts
showering on us.
Besides other benefits. accumulation of this
light in the inner self of a person rmntunes him from
worldly problems and diseases but he can also benefit
hIS fellow beings in so many ways. So much so, ifhe
rcallv wishes well for someone. well being of that
. ~
person takes its foundation and starts displaying in due
course of'time.

Heavenly Books
& Colours
God has invited man's attention towards the
colours and their typical role in the creative process
and their benefits for man and other creatures of the
"God is the Light ofthe heavens and the earth Till! Parable 0/
His Lighl is as if ther« was a Niche and within it a Lamp the
Lampenclosed in Glass: the glass as it wen? a brilliant star: LII
from a blessed Tree, art Olive. neither orlhe east 1/01" otthe WCSI,
whose oil IS well-nigh !tWIT/WI/S, thnugh [ire scarce touched it.
Light upon right! Allah doth guide whom He Will I() His LI[.hl.
Allah doth set [orth Parables (or men, and Allah doth know all
things . (Quran, S: ;4. V: 35J
"Andthe thingson this earth, which He has multiplied iii varving
cotours (and qualities): verilv 1/7 this is '1 sign for mL'11 who
c el e brat c the praIses of Allah (in grat i t u d e)
(Quran, S: 16.V: 13)
'And mnl1ng His Signs is 'he creation oith« heavens and (he
earth. and the VUTiiJtlUlJS in your lunguuges and vour colours
vcr il v in that are Signs for t h o sc who k n ow.
(Qurau, s 30, V: 22)
"SenI thou not that Allah sends down rain/i'om (he sky? With
if We the n bring (Jill produce <ilvat:ious colours And in I he
mountains arc tracts "hill' and red, ofvariotiS shade's of
coloIII; and block intense in hill'.
(Quran, S: 35, V: 27)
:'And so men and crawling creatures and cattle. are
thcv 'il various colours. Those trllly fear Allah. among His
Servants. who have knowledge. [or Allah is Exalted In Might,
Ojf-/'orgh'ing (S: 35, V:18)
"See»: thou 110t thtu Allah sends J'JlHl ratn from the skv, and
leads it through springs in the earth? Then He causes 10 grow.
therewith, produce ofvarious colours: then It withers: thou wilt
see II grow yellow, then He make's II dry up and crumble tnI-'0'.
Truly, in this, IS u Message oj" remembrance fa men 0/
understanding, (Quran, S: 39, V: 21)
"And thy Lord tough! the Bee to build its cells ill hills, on trees.
and in (men's) habitations; then In eat ofall/he produce totthe
earth., aud tind with skiff the spacious paths of its LwJ.- there
i,SIlC.\ f/om Wit/JIll their bodies a drink of vUlying colours.
wherein Is healin;;./()r men: verily in this is a Sign/or those who
girt'llwu;.f.ht, IQu ran, S: 16, V: 69)
Statement of the holy Quran indicates that tluid
of varying colours comes out the bellies of the bees.
which in the terms of modern biochemistry is termed
cnzvrnes This 'essence' is beneficial in treating
\'ari0Us diseases. Medical science also confirms the
preservative, antiseptic and therapeutic value or
Importance and significance of light and colours
with regard to creation and creative process has been

elucidated in the Oldand NewTestaments,
Cod said, "l.cs there bo! light!" and there was Lighi-lml
(;od Sill-I' 'he light that it WtlS good: and Cod divided th« IIghl
[rout ill" darkness
(Gell,Ch.l, V: 34)
He' made the stars also, and God set them in the firmament n(
the heaven 10 give light lipan the earth.
(Gen.rh. I, V: 17-18)
And to every beast 0 f the earth, and to every row I()rthc air and to
everything that creeps upon the earth, wherein there is Iife, I have
given every green herb for meat and it was so.
(Gcn.Ch.l , V: 30)
And the house called the flame thereof Manna and ir
was like coriander seed, while: and the taste at} was like the
\f·'arers made 1.'IIh honev.
" .
(Exodus, Ch. 16, \4: 31)
Conversation between God and Moses has been
reported in detai lin the Old Testament. The part of
tbat conversation where God commands Israel :0
offer sacrifice, the importance of colours is also high
And the l.ord spoke unto Arose's, saving, Speak IIf1W the children
ol'lsrad that they bring Mean ol/'-:l'inX. ofevcrv tuan tho: gives it
, ..--illlng(l' ..... ith his heart .1'(' shall take M)' o(fering4nd this is the
which ye shall rake ofthem; gold and silver. and hrus-:
andblt«: andpurpl«andscarlet andfine 11/?e!1 mid;.f.0<lrshair ;.md
rams 'skins dved red and badgers' skins andshittim wood, oiljor
the light, spices lor anointing oil and lor sweet incense. ol1Y'
stones aud stones to be in the ephod and ill the breastplate.
(Exodus, Ch. 16. V: 3 I!
l.ieht and colours are also mentioned in the Book
of where basically it symbolizes guidance
and inner virtues,
For Thee ::'1L t'(1ulIfairl of life; in Thy Iighl shaII we see light.
(Psaln: .36,19)
And He shall bring forth thy riglueousncs, CIS the light and thy
judgment as the noonday
(Psalm 37, 6)
Purge me with hyssop and I shall he clean: wash me and [
shall be whiter than snow.
(Psalm 51, 7)
The voice of Thy thunder was In the heaven; the lightening
lightened the world.
(Psalm 77. 18)
According to the teachings of Zarathustra also
the light and colours have main role in the creation of
the universe. The universe originated. according to
the Zoroastrian religious hook Zend-Avesta, from
Farav cshi: the thought of Ahura Mazda or Ormaz.l:
the Creator of the universe. The thought of Ahura
Mazda, according to [he law of vibration; Zurvan;
changed into the voice and this sound
appeared in the form ofwhite light from the Cosmic
Conscious of Ahuro Mazda. This white light
produced colours. which became the base of all uiet
exists in the universe like stars. sun. moon. galaxies.
flowers. plants, earth, heavens. mountains. rivers etc.
To run the affairs of the universe. AhuraMazda
created two forces of Light; Spenta-Mainyen. and
Darkeness: Anghre-Mainveu. .
The, force of Light Spenta-Moinyeu obeys the
laws ofAhura Mazda whereas Anghre-Mainyeu does
not follow them.
Many are the verses tn Vedas and Bhagvat Gita
about the light and colours.
I am the Inner Light.
I am[he Outer Light.

I am the all-pervading LIght.
1am above all: I am the Light ofthe lights.
1am self-luminous; I am the light of my own self
I myselfam Siva, the selfof the self.
There is neither East nor West here.
The sun never shines nor sets there.
lhcrc is neither day nor night here.
lt is the light oflights. sublime ofineffable.
Hen: there is no intoxication of caste. creed or
According to the teachings of Vedas and
Hindoism. three agencies are operative In the
/. Sanwa
.., Rajaas
3, Tamas
Sauwa. in fact. is the virtuousness. peace and
light. Colour ofthis agency is white.
Rajaas. in actual effect. is the emotion and
action Colour of this agency is red.
Tamas is darkness and inertia. Colour of this
agency is black.
Research of the great spiritual scientist.
Qalander Babe Auliya is that there are three types of
Soul operating in rhe formation of the creatures and
each soul dihedral.
/. The Great Sou]
2, The Human Soul and
3. The Animal Soul.
Colour ofthe first side of the Great Soul is violet
and the second one is the Blue.
Colour of the first side of the Human Soul is
white and the second one is the green.
Colour of/he firs! side ofthe Animal Soul is red and
(he second om' is the yellow.
Creation and Colours
When the internal and outer systems of human
body are studied closelv, this fact is revealed that man
~ ~
has been created from colours. Each and every organ
has specific tone and a particular hue and colour. FOT
instance. colour of the skin. lips. and throat inside of
nostrils, lungs, liver. kidneys, intestines, bones. urine.
hair, longue, eyes. larynx. heart pancreas, spleen,
stomach, blood and excretions all han: distinct and
different colours.
According to the theory of Chrornalucis,
characteristics and properties of every colour are
different frqrn the other onc. As long as colours have a
balance in the human body. man stays healthy and
when this balance is lost man falls sick.
Basically, man is a conglomeration of different
colours and all these colours are present in the
_____1 ......
entire life In two types or
Diseases and
Coloured dreams
Man spends his
1. Di urnal senses or the senses of the
2. Nocturnal senses or the dream senses.
Colours play equally important role in the
dreams .i ust as any act in world of wakefulness is
manifestation of colours. When we think about
something either we are very much interested in it or
our interest in that thing is at its lowest ebb. If thinking
could stay on a point and the impressions become
deep then irs manifestation is necessarv. It is one of
the clauses of the Preternatural Law. : . . ' ~ thought can
take a material form against this law, Just as ttl
wakefulness, a thought manifests when the mind
sunli ght. which man gets from the sunlight according
to his needs and requirement. But when this system
loses its balance some colours exceed the required
limit and some fall short and the symptoms arc
expressed in the form one or the other disease. If the
deficiency or the excess otcolours in the body system
is removed and the system is balanced. the body
becomes healthy once again,
Man and the world of man, jinns and the world
of jinns, angels and the world of angels. in short
everything in this universe eXists on a balancing of
colours. If any scholar wishes to refute this fact. he
should search for just one single thing in the billions
of things scat.ered on the earth that is absolutely
colourless, which he would never find.
In fact, the universe is nothing but co lours.
________A- _
iocuses on it similar in the case of dreams We
perform all those acts and deeds. which we do during
awakening. for example. if Vie see a ruse during
awakening and the colour of the rose interests us
similarly when we see a rose in our dream. the colour
of the rose is witnessed by us.
Seeing. hearing. feeling. experiencing delight
or sorrow. feeling healthy or sick; are common in both
types of senses. A person feels weak and debilitated
when he sees him sick in a dreamjust as a person feels
weak during awakening when he is sick.
It is the law of Nature that life remains active
whether man is in the state ofawakening or dreaming.
Only difference is that during wakefulness the
physical body directly partakes in all the activities,
whereas during the slate of dreaming one moves
around without invol vingthe material body.
Nothing in the universe is colourless. the
universe includes the world seen and unseen and
beyond. When a pason travels in a dream. he navels
on the earth. sees the sky. ravines and rivers. springs
and brooks; oceans and mountains, he sees himself
walking or flying in the space. And when he happens
to see the sky. the moon, sun and stars arc wi tnesscd
just as he sees them Juring awakening. If he finds
himself roaming about in a garden. he witnesses
flowerbeds of various colours and kinds. water
gushing out in fountains, multi colour fish in the water
attract his attention. light emu dark green leaves of
trees. tru i ts 1ike mangoes, guava. pCurs. ap pl..::<
grapes. dates and others. When he sees them 11C
recognizes ihern because of their form and colours.
When he sees apple, he identifies it due ttl its colour
and shape and when he sees grapes, he recognizes
them bytheir distinct colours. If he witnesses lawns 10
his dream. he recogn izes themdue to rheir colours. [f
he dreams that he is having orange. it never happens
that the colour of orange is non-existing. He might be
seeing it somewhat in a different colour. but 11..: docs
see it in one or the other colour.
This all testifies that the significance of colours
cannot be Ignored even in the state ofdreaming. When
we sec a Negro in our dream. we sec him as black as
we see him in wakefulness And. similariv we see a
man having fair complexion in a dream j us! as we see
him during awakening,
Importance of colours during dreaminu can
also he judged from this that when a
person sees fire in his dream. he recounizes it as fire
TImonly from its colour but he senses the heat as well,
And. If a person finds himself in a place where the
snow is ail around him. he feels the cold besides
registering the white colour ofthe snow but if he finds
a fire burning, in that casco he reports about feeling
warmth. Obviously the physical body performs in the
material w9r1d whereas in the world of dreams. the
physical body is suspended. tor a detailed account of
these things. please refer to book "Dreams and
Interpretation" by the author.
Man. actually. is a slaw or his desires. Second
desire follows fulfillment or one desire immediately
and it goes on nonstop unendingly. so much so that
man's actual identity is lost behind the veil of his
desires. It never happens that all the desires of a
person arc e'\entually fulf lied. This also never
happens that every intention of man is materialized,
Once someone asked JIazrat Ali, "Howdid you
recognize God'."·
"By failing in my intentions", he had replied.
In spite of the fact that every wish of man never
fulfills and all his intentions do not materialize,
desires and wishes keep surrounding him. That is to
wit. the material life of mall is a series of wishes. If
one desire does not fulfill he starts chasing another
one. And, this is necessary all the same because the
ticking clock ollile docs nut stop to wail.
It is man's basic weakness that he is ever
complaining about failures and deprivations whereas
Iailure and depri vation compels him to take the next
step. When a person stops on a point. upon fail ing j Il
his desires. wishes or intentions, sense of deprivation
prevails upon him as stopping on a point is unnatural
and against the law.
Sense of deprivation is such a tree of disease.
whose every' branch sprouting from its trunk and
every leaf on its branch is nothing but dismay and
grave sense of deprivation. The sense of deprivation
results in psychological problems that initially start as
mental disorders or derangement. which grO\NS into
diseases of various types Iike tension, depression,
Schizophrenia. mania, repeti tion of thoughts anJ
deeds. When the nervous system deteriorates from
these disorders. it falls prey to other diseases like low
or high blood pressure, diabetes, cramps and fragility
of bonesetc.
Nature is kind. benevolent and generous and
inspires the creatures living in the universe to have a
peaceful living. When sense of deprivation prevails
upon a person to such an extent that he falls prey of
aversion from the world. Nature arranges colourful
dreams tor him. which is a sort of involuntary
treatment for his problems.
One seldom sees colourful dreams but
whenever such dreams are witnessed. it is an
indication ofthe generosity ofMother Nature.
If tile brain cells that control the nerves suffer
deterioration. are tired or slow down then the patient
sees blue colour in his dreams, that is. he witnesses
everything appearing in his dreams is hlue. And if the
nerves have not grown weak and the memory has
impaired for some other reason, then he observes
blueness in the depth of everything. which he sees in
his dreams
A patient of high blood pressure mostly
witnesses red colour but if a patient of High Blood
Pressure, sees green colour in his dreams, it mean that
nature has l1lcsscd him with cure from the disease,
Rut, ifhe witnesses red colour or sees burning flames
or a bulb emitting red light the therapist can easily
conclude thai the dreamer is a patient or J!igh Blood
Pressure or is about to become,
One ofthe mysteries of the dreams is that man
witnesses everything good or bad in his dreams and is
affected from it. Sometimes one experiences the same
during wakefulness. which he had seen during
dreaming. This also happens that a person sees
himselfsuffering fromfever and when he wakes up he
finds himselfactually suffering from lever.
Many people have reported to remember
poems after awakening, which they had listened in
their dreams though they had no taste Lor poetry,
There are instances in the history, where an illiterate
man saw himsel fin the COIll pany of scholars and upon
awakening he was found to be a man of scholarly
In the world of literature and art many such
instances are found when the dreamer composed a
song or wrote poetry and upon awakening they simply
penned it down and it was a masterpiece. Maulana
Jalaluddin Roomi had best of his couplets Juring
dreaming and he wrote them alter awakening. Ibnul
Faras, the great Sufi pact composed all his besr poems
in his dreams and wrote them on paper in
wakefulness. Many famous couplers of Shaikh Saadi
were also conceived In drearnine.. There exist manv
~ .
examples in the fields of art poetry and even in
science and technology, first the idea was seen in
dream and then later on it materialized in the material
Structure or organic compounds of carbon
remained a 111 ystery for the scie ntisrs. \VhCI.cvcr
someone suggested something. lie would come under
fire and resulting dissati slact ion loreed them to P:;lS5
by that idea and the journey of quest continued. One
night Kekule von Stradonitz wolf 1829-9(l). German
Chemist. who was working hard on the structural
formation of carbon compound. was preoccupied in
his efforts to find the solution [0 [his unresolved
problem, when the sleep knocked him out he saw six
snakes in his dream. every one of them holding tail of
the other in its mouth. thus forming a hexagonal
shape. \vhich reminded him of organic compound of
Benzene. After awaken: ng. he proved that the
Benzene was exactly as he held seen in the dream.
Thus. the perplexing enigma or organic chemistry
saw its solution in a dream. His discovery is named
after him as Kekule rorrnula and is ,liSt) kJ1oV'. n as
Benzene Ring
H-C c-H
~ / Chemical Struclureof
C Benzene (C,H,)
- , < : ~ , , " . ' " - " ~ " ' - - - - , ~
" ~ . . .",,' Shape Seen in
." _-,,,_" _. - : ' ~ th e drea m
Diagnosis of Diseases
Causes ofDiseases
Body has a system of its own and like
system, [his. too. has an irnrnunity set Ir 1111 L'
disorder takes place the immunity system rcvists ill
two ways:
1. Directly with out Waiting for any help from
the outside
Usingassistance and help.
lhcrc a1'(: many therapeutic 51' stems In use to
cure and treat disease. tor instance use 0 f vibratinn.
su01 ight. artifici al light, aqua therapy. chromo
therapy, counseling, herbal treatment. acupuncture.
ayurved ir treatment. allopathy. horneopathv.
physiotherapy. arorna therapy and Spl rimaI heal ing
etc. Inone (I f suchsystem of t rcatrncnt partieuJar pan s
of the body arc SI['lI ck ill such a manner that a
resonating tremor is produced in the body. This is the
method that was practiced in primitive era and in
uncivilized people is still in practice.
The patient is made to lie on a bamboo cot
wooden plank or a stone sill. about three feet high of
the ground. Toes of his both feet are tied with a thick
thread and the therapist strikes the soles of patient
with both hands clasped together. They believe that
points concerning every vital part of the physical
system are there in the soles ofthe feet. The concept of
point exists in Chinese Acupuncture. But. instead of
striking them. they pierce these points with needles.
Similar is the methodology used in Reflexology, in
which the therapist applies pressure on the points of"
palms and soil's.
Diagnosis and causes of a disease could be
easi Iydcterrnined itthis physicaIbody is considered a
pipe and. the lights and colours flowing in this hody
could be taken as water. The water flowing inpipe is a
similitude of the lights and colours flowing in the
human body There could be many reasons for
obstruction in the now of' water in a pipe. Water, Cor
instance. loses its fluidity when it freezes. becomes
viscous. is polluted and impurities make it dirty and
In order tu cleanse the pipe. one of the methods
would be to put clean and clear water with a pressure
so that the impurities. dirt and other harmful things
could be flushed out of the pipe. And. in order to
accelerate the flow of Iights in the human bodv,
coloured lights are used instead. "
7 ~
. ~
If a pipe opens up. or to say. the blockage in the
flow is removed when the pressure is applied on it it
means that fault is not in the pipe and the pipe is
otherwise alright. but if there is any leakage in the
pipe. then, in order to restore the flow of water in the
pipc, the openi ng or the point of leakage is required to
he closed by using some paste or tape or is to he
weIded. This can thus he impl ied that if the disease is
caused because of the faulty flow of the lights then
using the rays ofcolourful I ights it can he cured it and
if the body has been damaged then we have to operate
upon the body so that the leakage ofthc lights could be
checked. 1t must he kept in mind that wa tcr has its own
role and importance and the pipe has its own
significance. we arc not to mixthem up.
Stagnation in the now of water can cause it to
putrefy. poisonous material can produce and the
colour will transform into the colour of the rancid
water. If there is obstruct ion in the flow of water in a
body even then the colour of water will change. Ifthe
water becomes viscid. its colour will change. If it
becomes sticky. bacteria start overproducing or perish
in the water. the colour of the body fluids (water) are
bound to change. It means that if the colour of the
water in a body is right. the person is healthy and the
change in the colour of the body f1uids is a symptom
of disease whether it is in the form of its viscidity,
thickness.... diluteness. bitterness. putrefaction or "it
becomes reddish.
If the body rluids become diluted than their
original condition. then this state is termed as anemia
or low blood pressure. And. if the lluids become thick
Ill" absorb excess heal then this stale is termed as High
Blood Pressure. Bitterness in the body fluids indicates
excess production of bile. When the heat of the body
fluids exceeds a limit and a burnt effect is produced.
rnurk ine ss increases in the body system.
Malfunctioning of spleen that results in default of
blood production is because of the murky fl uids. If the
viscidj ty is produced in the body t1 uids, the
phlegmatic diseases find their way in the body system.
And. itsuch particles find their way in the body fluids
that consume the Red Rlood Corpuscles. then this
state is termed as cancer. Or to say. cancer IS a disease,
which results from the RBCs consumption at the
hands of one ·or the other particles that manage to
establish thernselves in the body fluids.
Man is nothing more than a void or an empty
space within. In other words. man is a collection of
holes and empty cavities. If the holes and cavities 01
the physical body are done away with the body will
perish. We might not be fully aware of the presence of
the pores on skin but their utilization cannot be dcni ed.
These not only help in excretion of sweat but also help
111 absorbing oxygen and other useful things from the
air und atmosphere. 1ft hese pores are blocked the skin
becomes infected
An elccrr ic current resulting from the
comb ination of Iiglu and colourful vibrations circulatc
in the body. This current is responsible for the
maintenance and proper functioning or the body
systems. [1' the now of this current in the body system
stops, the holes and the cavities in the body become
imbalanced resulting in a state ofinflanunation.
111 the j oiI1(S and limhs these Clcctrical impulses
now in circles and because of their circulatory
movement IIIbricarus that arc respons i hle for the
mobil ity of the ,i oints an: prod ueed. Ir these electrical
impulses become affected and loose their balance. the
joints become rigid and inflammation causes them to
loose thei r mobility.
Man is not only a physical body. There exists
another light and delicate body over this physical
body. Existence .of our physical body is based upon a
subtle body or lights. This suhtle body of lights
regulates all the functions and activi tics ofthe material
hodv. The successful therapists. during the course (If
diagnosis, also take into consideration the aspect of
physical body's failure in proper reception of the
stimuli ofthe astral body.
In order to develop their ability in this regard.
the experts have devised many exercises (0 have an
insight about ccrtain points I n the incorporeal body
and their mode of functioning. Those who know to usc
their inner eye can sight these points. They can sec
these points by looking at the astral body. Radiant
lights of rainbow colours keep on emining fro111 the
astral body. r:ach colourful light has a specific point in
. ~
the astral body from where it is discharged. AmI.
correspond ing to those points there aI·C points in the
physical body to abs...rrb the colourful \ ibrations from
the astral body. If the colour points of the physical
body are riot absorbing the respective vibrations in
adequate qU3nt iti es. the physi cal body starts
malfunctioning or is said to be ai. ing
When a therapi st \-\ i th sueh ,1 faculty looks at a
patient. he immediately notices the deficiency or
excess 0 f colour(s1 in the patient. lie also comes to
know that the excess or the deficiency of a colour or
colours is because of the immoderate feelings and
emotions or it is due to some external factors like
germs, vi ruses or bacteria.
Negative feelings. perverted cmoticns.
compl ex thinking and impure thoughts result in
destruct: vc attitudes, which cause spots and patches in
the subtle body oflights These spots ofthe astral hod;"
become wounds and boils of the physical body
allowing passage to germs ofevery ki ndinto the body
Understanding the emotional and the physical
condition ofa patient is of vital importance when one
is trying to diagnose and tor suggesting trcatrncnt for a
disease. I n order to diagnose the cause ora disease. not
only that the therapist must know that which of the
colours arc lacking in the patient so that the deficiency
could be over come by using the required colour in
appropriate quantity, but this also must be known to
him that how the body system ofa patient would react
to diflcre nt col ours- If a therapist fails to exercise due
diligence in this regard he is prone to make mistake in
respect ofcorrect analysis and diagnosis of the disease
of a patient resulting In faulty treatment and delay in
having cure for the patient Therefore, for correct
diagnosis and accurate treatment of a patient, a
chromo therapist is required to know. as much as
possible. about the general habits. temperament, and
the reactions of the patient towards the various colours
he sides knowing the exact properties and
characteristics of different frequencies of colourful
v ibraiions.
Deficiency of red vibrations causes lethargy.
debilitation. and sleepiness and one can also sutler
from constipation whereas the deficiency 0 f blue
vibrations makes a person jittery, short tempered and
hasty. The symptoms that indicate the deficiency or
excess ofa colour must be very clearly understood and
remembered bythe colour therapi sl.
In order to have the best results. a chromo
therapist provides the required colours to tile patient in
such a manner that the colours nrc suppl icd to their
respective centers in the body only Diseases related to
brain. cars. nose and eyes etc , for instance. need blue
vibrations for their treatment and if the rays. oi' blue
light are thrown upon the head. neck and face these
vibrations will directly affect the center of blue colour.
And, in case ofgastric problems. the yellow vibrations
are required to be cast upon the abdomen and stomach
so that the yellow center of the body could be
supplemented with the needed colour.
In the problems related to witil heart. iCthe
blood circulation is to he slowed down then the patient
IS Sll pplied with the blue. indi go or violet coJour and if
the blood circulation is to be stimulated then the
orange or red rays are to be provided. In complaints
related to with the spinal cord. If the yellow rays are
cast over the backbone and the violet mer the right
side of the-head then the rate of recovery' and cure
becomes considerablv fast.
In problems related with the blood circulation.
1r the blood pressure and the eireulation is to be
xupprcsscd then the usc of green vibrations have been
found very effective. And. in the cases of low blood
pressure. massage of oil charged with the red rays on
the extremities and oral administration of water
charged in the red vibrations brings immediate relie.f
SImilarly the pains in the limbs resulting from anemia
and low circulation of hlood invite red vibrations hut
in muscular pains whence tne blood pressure is not
100·v. the massage of oil prepared in the green
vibrations effect ivclv relieves the patients.
In cases of' diseases resulting from hyper
activation of clands and excess of bile. the green
colour brings their functioning to normal and in the
cases when the glands are not functioning properly
and the runctioninc is to be boosted then the usc of
vellow and violet colours. alternatively helps in
achieving the desired results.
Problems of the abdomen, stomach. intestines.
indigestion etc.. can be easily handled with ~ e l l o w
Chromatized water and to stimulate the visceral
nrgans one or two doses of red Chromatized water
help in quick recovery. In rheumatic piles. orange
chromatic water orally and placing pads over
hemorrhoids after wetting them in blue Chrornatized
water brines immediate soothi ng.
In complaints related to with urinary tract,
bladder and kidnevs. the violet rays over the lower
back along with' green. orange or blue colours
according t ~ symptoms. produce effective results.
In problems related to with lungs and
respiratory traer. the use of orange gives remarkable
results. And ifin the treatment the violet colour is also
added then the cure iseven more rapid.
In order to treat the weakness in the nervous
system. the orange and violet are to be suggested. and
to treat the over sensitivity of the nerves. the use of
blue and green colours isto be recommended.
For treati ng the problems 0 r uterus, ovaries.
and womb and to improve their functioning. violet
and yellow are the colours. And. !o treat the sexual
diseases Iike premature ej acul ation and extra
sensitivity. the blue. violet and green arc the colours
but for incomplete erection and lack of sexual desires
the red is to be administered along with the violet. In
order to increase the sperm count. for treating the
cases of impotency the violet and the red are to be
Every one ofsix billion people living onearth is
nothing but a conglomer ation of colours, The
atmosphere where man lives is also nothing hut a
kaleidoscopic phenomenon n(coloul',<;.
For example the seven colours of rainbow,
variant colours of the sum. co lour of the moonlight,
stars. flowers. water. oxygen. douds. plants, trees and
mountains. The colours of darxncss. colourful shades
of the sky. the earth. attractive colours of dresses that
we wear. of cunains. furniture and fixtures, vibrant
paints of the \valls and the appetizing colours 0 f our
food and edibles like fruits and vegetables. The
seasons: spfing. autumn. winter and summer. our
living. wearing and eating is all colours and only
Every man........ hether he is illiterate or literate.
The void can bee seen in theform of holes of the eyes.
ears. nostrils. mouth. throat and excretory system.
Pores of the skin and the tunnel like passage of
digesti vcsystem are also empty spaces. In absence of
these holes the sweating couldn't take place nor could
the air find its way in or out. When the function of
these holes disturbs. that place swells and the body
bulges. A son of electric current made of colours and
light. keeps on circulating the body and keeps the
physical system in order.
If the flow of this current stops, the spongy'
system of the holes unbalances, and swelling of the
related parts results. Electrical impulses. during their
circulation in the body, whirling in rounds, reach the
joints. Due to whirling effect ofthe electric current the
parts of joints remain apart and lubricating oil like
substances arc produced to keep the joints in proper
working condition. If the flow of the electrical
impulse loses its balance, thejoints swell and become
Dense and Subtle Bodies
Man is not merely the material body offlesh and
bones. There is a subtle body enveloping this physical
body of matter. Wehave two dense and subtle bodies.
The subtle body controls all the movements and
actions o f t ~ c physical body.
For developing the capabilities of therapists;
experts have determined different points 0 rthis subtle
body, which can be seen only by those who have
aroused their power of witnessing this subtle body of
scholar or no-scholar, a peasant or a poet. a writer or a
doctor. artist or a scientist, man or woman, child or
adult. live in the world of colours and when colours
leave him, he passes away.
The system of health ar:d disease is also based
upon colours. Entire system of the earth is a system of
colours. When nothing is colourless then it becomes
necessary all the same to find out the deficiency or
excess at-which colours result In illness and that how
can by balancing them we can maintain our health.
When we talk about the therapeutic system practiced
by uncivilized people. we do note the change ~ n
methodology and ways of application but the baSIC
princi pies remain the same.
Treating by Vibra lion:
When a medicine is administered upon a
patient. it certainly contains one or more colours init.
I. When the medicine goes into the stomach, it
leaves an effect Jike vibrat j on.
2. When the medicine is injected into body it
causes a sensation Iike vibration.
3. When a surgeon operates. that too causes
vibration inthe entire body system.
4, When anesthetist administers chloroform. it
means that under the effect of anesthesia the
conscious is suspended forcefully.
l Iuman body is nothing but a void within void.
82 -_.w.OU!l l _
These llL':hh arc no different than the rainbow
When a therapist ha\' ing this facIIIty 1ooks at the
patients he comes to know that which of the colours is
in excess or is deficient in the patient. He abo knows
that whether the cause of disease is unbalancing of
feelings and emotions or it is because of external
effects like germs etc.
Complicated concepts. negative feelings.
impious thoughts and destructive acts and deeds
producc SPOlS in the subtle body of lights. which later
on are displayed upon the physical body as wounds
and boils that provide a sanctuary to germs and
foreign bodies.
Method of determining the excess
or deficiency of colours
For proper diagnosis a nd rre at rn cn t .
understanding of physical and emotional conditions
of the patient is very important so that it could he
determined that which colour has exceeded and which
one is lacking in the body and which colour could be
used to get rid of the ailment. Patient's habits.
temperament and the ways of reading to SItnati 011
must also he taken into consideration before adv isinb'
a treatment.
Deficiency of Red causes J patient to become
lethargic and sleepy, he may also complain or
constipation, Whereas in case of deficiency or blue,
patient becomes anxious and angel' and acts
One of the methods to determine the needed
colour ill the body is to study the colour of eyeballs,
- . ~ - - - _ ..._----------_.
naiIs and the skin of the patient. ror instance if a
patient rcq uircs red colour. his eyeballs and nails
would have bluish tinge, his skin would appear to be
off colour and have dark shade under the eyes,
whereas, deficiency of the blue would be indicated
fromredness inthe eyes. nails and the skin.
Ifthe red exceeds suddenly and excessively as it
happens in case of dog bites. use of blue colour is to be
repeated in quick successions.
Sometimes a particular colour seems to exceed
ina particular organ or at a single point in the body e.g.
boils rashes. soar eyes, headache and paralysis etc. but
actually this colour dominates the entire body' system
and the natural immune system draws our attention
towards its excess by exhibiting its symptoms on one
or two parts of the body. In such a case therapist is
required to also keep this thing into his consideration.
Sometime the colour of the eyes might be
indicating the opposite of the requirement e.g.
reddening ofthe eyes could also be because ofthe lack
of the red colour in the body system but when the
other two things arc examined closely. exact situation
can be easily determined.
People living in the hot temperature zone
countries have black pupils whereas the white
skinned people have blue or light coloured pupils,
therefore examination of all these three at the same
nme helps inreaching a correct decision.
Sometimes the nails have vertical lines, which
indicate production of phlegmexcessively inthe body
and blackening of nails means that the black bile is
exceeding its limits.
To control the excess ora colour that colour 1S to
be balanced using its moderating colour. How can we
find a balancing colour and which colour balances
which colour?
Answers to these questions are also given in the
r[oJy Scriptures.
And, rfe created everything in pairs of twos.
God' statement of God that everything has been
created in pairs means that everything existing in this
universe has been created with two sides e.g. day and
night, man and women, delight and sorrow. light and
darkness, hot and cold, spring and autumn. sleep and
awakening, love and haired, in short nothing falls out
of this law of creation. Out of these two sides if one
side is dominating the other remains dominated and at
times the dominated side shifts its place with the
dominating side and the dominating side becomes the
dominated onc. Colours are also the creation of God
and these. too, follow this law.
Colour that we see with our eyes 1S the
dominating side of that colour; its dominated side
remains obscure from our eyes. It is the property of
the dominated side that it balances the effects of the
dominating side and Iike the dominating side balances
the effects of the dominated side.
The method to see the dominated side of a colour
is to stare at a colour intently for a while and the shift
your gaze upon a white Or off-white surface. The
dominated side would appear lingering on that
surface tor a moment or so.
Dominating and the dominated sides balance the
effects ofone another therefore they are also known as
complimentary colours ofone another.
Method of treatment
Every part of the body has a specific colour e.g,
blue is for treating the problems concerning the head.
neck and face, orange is tor diseases of the chest.
yellow is for the problems of stomach and violet and
purple is for the problems of the sex organs and sexual
diseases. Therapists treat a disease according to their
knowledge and expertise. using these colours and
their combinations.
When the ratio of required colours in one or
more centers of the colours imbalances. it gives rise to
various problems and when (he colours balance,
diseases are easily cured. In order to overcome the
deficiency or to normalize excess ora colour, sunlight
or (he artificial lights are used.
Method oftreatment:
Treatment using colours is so simple that even a
man of common understanding call make good use of
this therapeutic system. lt takes less time at an
affordable cost, almost none to get well.
The following methods can be used tor treating
diseases under thistherapeutic system.
Exposing body intermittently in the sunlight for
brief intervals. Spectrum of the sunlight contains all
the colours in it, and exposure ofthe body before the
sunlight provides it a chance to absorb the colour
required by it. Colours of the light are the actual
remedy for the diseases: heat of the sunlight is extra
thing, which the body receives.
a) Have a glass bottle of the required colour.
After cleansing it with hot water, fill it with distilled
water or with water that has been stcriJizcd by b0 i1ing.
Let one fourth of the bottle remain empty. If the bottle
of the required colour is not available. take an
ordinary transparent glass boule and enwrap it in a
cellophane paper of required colour in such a manner
the bottle is covered from all sides using transparent
adhesive tape.
b) Place this bottle in the sunlight, keeping
it on a wooden surface for four to six hours. The best
time to treat water with coloured rays is from lOam
c) Accumulation of droplets in the empty
surface ofthe bottle is an indication that the water has
been charged enough. Keep the bottle properly
secured with cork or stopper. Ifbottle of many colours
are to be charged, do not place the close to another so
that no bottle be over shadowed with a bottle or a
different colour.
d) Dosage: Par adults: 2-ounce
Chromatized Water for children: I-ounce. For babies:
l-rable spoon and for infants one teaspoon
Use only plastic cups or spoons for
administcring charged/Chromatized Water.
Inthe raj nyseason electric light bulb can be
used instead of natural light. Another arrangement for
charging the tablets of sugar 01" milk in the bottle of
required colour before the rainy season is for six hours
dailv for one month and during summer time. fifteen
to twenty days charging or Chrornatization would be
Using glasses ofvarious colours in front of
a projector can also provide us with rays of the
required colour. Even in this way the medicines can
also beprepared.
Get windowpanes paintedwith the requi red
transparent colour or use coloured panes of required
colour on the windows fromwhere the sunlight could
come into the room and the patient could sit or lie in
that light, in such a manner that light pouring into the
room should fall on the affected part of the body for
duration deemed necessary.
i\ wooden or hardboard box, installed with
a reflector and a bulb of 100 watts. having a window
of appropriate size. can be used to get the rays of
required colour> The window of the box is to be
covered with coloured glass or a cellophane shee: of
the colour needed. When the bulb would be switched
on the light coming out of the box can be directed
towards the affected pall of body from a distance of
about :2 feet.
In treatment of the diseases under this
therapeutic system. Chromatized oil has also proved
very effective. The method of preparing Chrornatized
oil is to charge the flax or linseed oil under the sunrays
lor forty days. in gtass boulcs of rcquired colours or
20D hrs under the artificial light. For massaging the
affected part of the body t his oil is used but for using
on tbe head or as nair oil the sesame seed oil charged
with sunrays using the glass bottles 0 f sky bl ue colour
is recommended. This oil is very effective to nullify
the effects of heat in the blood. hearing of voices and
sparks or black spots seen Hying before the eyes.
Glass ampoules of distilled water can be
charged and Chrcrnauzed in a jar or required colour
for 200 hours under the sunl ightor electric lights.
Soar eyes. conjuncti vitisand post operation
pains of eyes can be helped to cure using the
spectacles with sky hlue glasses. in the Jay time with
intervals of fifteen to 1wentv minutes after everv two
- -
to three hours.
ror treating the burns. cuts and inflammatory wounds
petroJeumjeJly Chromatized in blue glassjars for tl\,O
hundred hours under the sun gives. remarkable affects
It cure" the wounds and burns so effectively that even
the scars are not seen later on when the wounds arc
heated. provided that the this treatment could be
started irurnediatelv after receiving the cuts of
burning and should -be used till the scars are there. ln
most or the cases just one to t\VO week's treatment
hcaIsthe wounds perfect!y-
Diseases of
Digestive System,
J.iver and Pancreas
Peptic ulcers
Acidity or excessive mucus, use of coffee, tea.
alcohol. chilies and spicy foods causes ulceration in
two inner layers ofthe stomach.
Pains in the upper belly, which increases ,1,,121'
having meets and recurs in intervals, are the
symptoms of this disease. Besides pains. loss or
appetite. gas. heart burning and nausea can also be
there. Ulcers can also be in the first part of the small
intestine. Pain of this ulcer temporarily relieved upon
taking milk and biscuits ek.
Green Chrornatized water three to fi vetimes a day
Yellowwater before meals
Flatulence, Gurgling, Bloating
Excessive use of fats. heavy meals. using foods
that have yeast, taking water after meals. excessive
sitting. sleeping after meals. avoiding walk after
dinner etc.
Belly s....'ells, excess of saliva. pain In the
abdomen, gas and flatulence
'(ell ow Chromatized water. after meals.
Orange Chrornatizcd water, morning and evening
Green Chrornatized water. before meals
\Vo[m infestation
Use of unclean water. infested or rotten
\ cgctablcs and fruits. eating clay etc
Pain in the abdomen. grinding of teeth while
asleep. drying of lips, excretion of saliva trom 'the
mouth. aversion of oiIy or fatty foods, excreti on 0 r
worm in the bowels, pale face. itching in the anus, foul
breath. headache, etc. I nrants having this disease
pluck on their noses.
B1uc Chrornatized water, morni ng and cvcni ng
YellowChrornatized water, Lifter meals.
Gast[O- Enteritis
Amoeba. bacteria, viruses, toxic materials or
foods rrom which one is allergic. use of rotten or
refrigerated for long time food causes this disease.
Loose motions. pain in the abdominal region.
weakness. nausea. vomiting, Cholera and dysentery
are two Iamous types ofthis disease.
D y s e n t e r y ~
Intestinal nerves get affected In this
disease. It could be severe or less intense
Less intense Dysentery: louse motions. mucus in the
bowels, fatigue, gas. abdominal pain. loss of weight
Severe Dysentery: Besides above the bowels have
blood and excessive mucus. sometimes the fever
accompanies the symptoms and reaches 104" L
severe pains in the abdomen and at the time of passing
bowel ~
This disease is common in people who are status
conscious. remain under stress and strain, feel
insecure, unnecessarily thinks a lot about useless
things and sernain worried about socio-economic
situation. Dubiety and uncertainty arc also one or its
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
YcllovvChrornatizcd water. after meals
Orange Chromatized water. twice aday
Heavy and indigestible foods. excess ivc
brainwork causes the weakness or the nerves fwd the
intestines power to move bowels grow weak.
lethargy, general physical weakness and long sitting
Takes longer to pass bowels, excretions are
blackish and dry, longer stay a f waste materials in the
intestines causes flatulence and gas. one feel passive
and dejected, headache. pulse rate increases. yawns
and stretches frequently, feel pain in the legs.
heaviness of head.
..., - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
Germs named Vibrco Cholera cause it. This is
infectious disease.
Patient passes loose motion with thick white tl uid;
it docs not have the typical odor of bowels. mueus and
blood arc also not there, the patient suffers from
dehydration. skin and tongue gets dry. have
paIpitation with slow pulse raLe.
Normally the loose motions stop automatically in
two to seven days but in this time the dehydration can
prove fatal for the patient. Therefore, in cholera. the
J11 ost i1'"1 port ant treatrnc nt is to provide water and salts
to the, 1ticnt.
YclJO\". Chrornatized water. three to five times a day.
and in case of severity of the illness after every two
Green Chromatized water. at noon and night
Massage of Yellowointment around naval
point on the abdomen.
In Cholera: in the beginning Yellow
Chromatized water. three to five times a day. and in
case of severity of the illness after every two hours
and towards the end Orange Chromatized water every
Feels shifting pains in the abdominal region. ill
times he passes loose motions and at times sutlers
from constipation. at in case of constipation passes
feces like goat, gas docs not discharges. abdomen
swells. palpitation is also there.
Blue Chrcmatizcd water. twice a day
Yellow Chromatized water. after meals
Orange Chromatizcd water. twice a day
Problem related to with the alimentary canal,
antibiotic drugs. aspirin; and psychological disorders
can be cause olthis problem.
Pain in the upper portion of the abdomen, heart
burning. nausea. vomiting. loss of appetite, swelling
of'hcllv, gas In the abdomen etc
1. Light Green Chro.uatizcd water. twice a day.
2. Yellow Chromatized water. after meals.
excess of oxygen in the body system. gas and
excessive use offatty and heavy meals
1. Blue Chromatized water. twice a day'.
2. Yellow Chromatized water. after meals.
Crones Disease
Mental tension. nervousness. future phobia.
infctionty or superiority complexes. lack of
contentment. Increased sense ofinsecurity.. etc.
Ulceration in the small intestine. pain in the lower
portion ofthe abdomen. symptoms like appendicitis.
if persists for longer duration it can give rise to
complications of intestines. Loss of weight. wound
like red spots on the skin. reddening of eyes and
burning sensation In the eyes.
Ulcerative Colitis
Blue water. twice a day
Yellow Chromatizcd water. after meals
Light green Chromatized water beforemeals.
Note. II' the x-ray and ultra-sound report
indicates blockade In the: large Intestine or the
abdominal surface swells at one or many places, then
a surgeon is to be immediately consulted
Same as Crones disease
Loose motions with blood ill them. feels pain
when the thighs are pressed. stiffness of calves, and
ulceration in the large intestine.
Hemorrhoids (Bleeding)
Long hours of silting. protracted constipation.
excessive consumption of meat. hot and spicy foods
can cause bleeding or non-bleeding hemorrhoids
The net of veins In the anus after weakening
enlarges and hangs out of anus lhcse are called
hemorrhoids. which arc very painful The heat of
blood and dryness raptures them and bleeding starts.
At the time of passing bowels. pressure causes pains
and bleeding and the anus becomes infectious,
Bleeding can he in the form of dripping ofblood or is
mixed with the feces, Exccssiv e bleeding can result
into unconsciousness of The patient. At Limes.
hemorrhoids do not get out of the anus: in that case
application of any medicine IS even more painful
When the hemorrhoids are out. application of
medicines 1:'> easv.
I. Blue Chromauzcd water, twice ada)
2. Yellow Chromatized water. alter meals.
3. Throw Sky Hlue light upon the hemorrhoids, for
fifteen minutes.using a 100 blue bulb, from a distance
of 3-4 fed. Apply bandage soaked in Blue
Chromutized water-repeatedly.
Hemorrhoids (Non-Bleeding)
Same as. Hemorrhoids (Bleeding)
Patient feels something COIl1Jng our of anus but it
docs not bleed: gas tills the belly. constipation and
pains in the thighs and backaches. loss ofappetite. the
joints give out crackling sounds when sitting or
getting up.uching can also be there.
1. Green Chromauzed water. twice a day
2. Orange Chromatizcd water. after meals.
3. Apply bandages soaked in Blue Chromatizcd water
in case ofpams.
An un-natural passage forms between Rectum
and the skin around anus. Infection of intestines, TB.
excessive consumption of meat. sweats. hot and spicy
food and old dysentery could be the causes of this
Feces Secrete from around the anus and it
itches, The inner opening can be felt by inserting
finger in the anus.
I. Green Chromatized water. twice a day.
") Yellow Chrornatized water. after meals.
_ ~ . Appl YBlue light for fi fteen minutes tv-vice or thrice
a day.
It is not a disease hut an indication of the
affected liver. It is caused because of the increase of
Bilirubine, which the liver produces and is excreted
through bile.
Eyes and skin grow yellowish, loss 01" appetite.
nausea and vomiting and indigestion. If the
billirubinc enters the brain area in the infants. it could
"', &:.L

cause retardation and hampering of brain growth.
White Chromatized water, twice a day.
Sky BlueChrornatized water. twice a day,
Green Chrornatized water. twice aday.
Blue light on the skull for f Itccn once a day and on the
abdomen over the liver, lor fifteen minutes twice a
Thirty days complete bed rest.
Viruses, Bacteria, toxic chemicals. alcoholism.
diseases ofcatabolism etc
lntections resulting from Hepatitis Virus affect
the patients instages ofAcute and Chronic,
Acute Stage:
Loss of appetite. nausea, vomiting. fatigue. 11 LI
like symptoms, fever. enlargement of liver, pain in the
liver and Jaundice. In case of jaundice, all symptom"
increase. Cure from the disease. if properly treated.
may take tj to 16week's time.
..,_..,""."" .. ;"',;--------------------------------
Chroni..: Staue:
Ir the Livcr remains afleeted from jaundice Jar
uvcr six months, the liver eniarges, pains' on thc ri aht
side of the abdomen. -
I.ight Green Chromatized water, twice a day
YellowChromatizcd water, halfhour before meals
White Chrornatized water after meals
HIue light on the right side of the abdo men for fifteen
minutes. twice a day
Massage over the liver with Yellow Chrornatizcd
Linseed OiI or with YcI low Ointment.
Hecause ofdiflcrenr diseases ofliver tissues arc
formed m the liver and become small nods, liver
hardens and shri nks Li\ cr starts mal functioninc
Alcoho lisrn. Hepatitis. injury of liver.
shrinking of bile duels and side-effects of certain
lni tially the Iiv cr enlarges and then shrin ksand
hardens. Jaundice. red spots on the skin. hair loss.
tissues and In women the mammary glands and in
men testis dry up and shrink. swelling of body pans
and a typical smell in the breath. enlargement of

spleen. bruises on the skin and accumulation oftluids
in peritoneal cavities. Menstrual cycle becomes
irregular and comes to an end.
When it becomes chronic it causes bloody
vomiting, enlargement of spleen. Normally lever is
not there but if the fever is also there it eould be
because ofsome other infection.
This disease protracts for long. This. according
to the medical science. is no! curable at all. Only 50%
people suffering from this disease live up to two
Sky 131 ue Chromatized water twice a day
Green Chrornarizedwater twice a day after meals
YellowChromatized water twice a day before meals
Orange Chrornatized water one hour before di nncr
Sky Blue light over the liver on abdomen.
Massage Violet Chrornatizcd oil, upon the
hip joint and the end of backbone, anticlockwisc for
five minutes with the tips ofthe fingers
Causes & Symptoms:
Fluids accumulate In the peritoneal cavities due
to kidneys. and liver disorders and heart diseases.
Belly swells and the fluids accumulate up to a liter in
the hody cavities.
gfucagons. which cause the sugar stores III liver to
release the sugar m the blood. thus the deficiency of
sugar is controlled,
Diabetes is of two types:
In one of the type. the insulin is n o ~ produced
and in the other type the insulin action becomes
ineffective for one or the other reason.
Excessive urination at night. at times teasing
appetite and at times inclination towards food is
reduced. feels more thirsty. weight loss. feels fatigued
even after little working. eyesight impairs.
Apatient with over 140mg/dl sugar level in the
blood, tested before the breakfast in the morning for
::!-3 days is said to be having diabetes Complications
of this disease can be controlled using insulin. Excess
of sugar or acidity can result in coma. If this disease
persists over five years, various body parts and organs
start degenerating.
Diabetes is one of the major causes of
blindness. The diabetes nupatrs the retina. The
kidneys impair when the diabetes prolongs. albumin
is excreted in the unne and finally they fail altogether.
The process of accumulation of fats in the veins and
arteries known as atherosclerosis. accelerates
resulting 11k reduction of diameter of the arteries and
veins thus increases the chances of angina and heart
Nerves degenerate, feeling power and
." 'n",,"'..... ... _
Besides surgical treatment the following can be
White Chromatized water twice a day
Yellow Chromatizcd water after meals
Yellow lights for 30 minutes during daytime and
white light for 30 mmutes at night
The patient is made to lie in the open in such a
manner that the sunlight should fall upon his back for
15 to 45 minutes.. according to the season. i.e. in
summer it should he less and in winter it be more.
Before dealing with diabetes. we must know
the role of the pancreas in controlling the sugar level
In the blood. There are two types of cells in the
Alpha Cells. which produce glucagon
Beta Cells; they produce insulin.
The alpha and beta cells monitor the Sugar
level in the blood and when it increases Snmg/dl level
the beta cells start secreting insulin and the excess
sugar starts absorbing in the muscles and fat stores
and when the sugar level drops the alpha cells excrete
Green Chrornauzed water before meals
Orange Chromatized Water twice a day
Throw red Iight in the mouth.
, •••••••••••••••••••••••••••_
sensation in the limbs lessens to such an extent that
during walking itthe shoe gets all the patient hardly
reels any difference, Ile feels burning in his feet.
which become red and feel needle-pricking effects.
But. ant bites are not felt and the patient remains
insensitive to the resulting wounds. It is therefore
necessary that the patient ofdiane res should take care
aI his feet and keep them clean.
Violet Chrornatized water twice a day
YellowChromatizcd water after meals
Blue Chromatized water before meals
Massage the upper vertebrae with Yellow
Chrornatized oil for five minutes w.. i th the tips of the
Cast light of violet and yellow colours. for ten
minutes each, with interval of five minutes in
Peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer, liver problern
Voniiting blood
Besides taking treatment of medical
physician. treat the patient by:
Diseases of
Respiratory System
Flu andcolds
When mucus 110\.... s tov....ards nose, it is f1u and
when it falls towards throat and Chest, it is known as
colds. These become common in the winter but are
not uncommon in the summer or spring seasons.
Weakness of the brain is basic cause of this disease,
excessive bra inworkor allergy also causes them.
Excessi ve exposure in the sun, hot and spicy
foods resul] in production of bile in the body, which
after combining with phlegm causes flu or colds.
Bathing with cold water, going out in the cold without
using any headgear; using cold thi ngs and
accumulation ofmucus in the head also result in these
For Cough withPhlegm:
1. Blue Chromatized Water, twice a dav
Orange Chrornatized Water. alter meals
the night at bedtime and early in the morning lifter
getting up. Initially the phlegm is white. then grcclllsh
and lastly it turns yellowish. Sometimes it is sticky
and pale. If it is not treated properly it can protract
considerably. If it is because of heat and dryness.
phlegm is not there. throat is dry and the chest itches,
Carelessness in treating this disease can result
inwounds in the lungs.
For Dry Cough:
Blue Chromatized Water. twice a day
Massage the ribcage with Orange Chromatized oil.
twice a Day
3, Massage back ribcage with Orange
Chromatized oil.
For Chronic Cough
1. BlueChrornatized water, twice a day
=' Orange Chrornatized water. after meal s
1. Apply Blue Chrornatized oil on the chest and
Orange Chrornatized ui Ion the bach: ri bcagc
• • "-""\'('Il,Cll'IIllllll;.III. ....
Initially one feels low, nose is blocked;
headache and sneezing followed by running nose. Ifit
is because ofcold, the mucus is not thick and the face
felt hot but if it is due to heat the mucus is thick and
salty. nose is blocked. nostrils, eyes and face becomes
red. feels thirsty again and again, head and cars
become hot. patient ~ ..ants torest.
Put blue light upon the head for fifteen minutes twice
or thrice a dav.
Blue Chrornatizcd WmCT. twice a day
YellowChrornatized water hefore meals
Massage YellowChrornatized oil on the abdomen and
apply it on the nose and nostrils.
Keep mouth and nose covered with thin cotton cloth
Complete rest tor 72 hours and taking hot water is the
treatment of this disease.
Infection of throat or larynx due to virus or
bacteria, or allergy
Chi ldren, old and phlegmatic people suilering
from colds have this disease commonly. It is more in
Fever with shi vering ami co ldness and is
continuous, pain in the chest. coughing with phlegm.
increased rate of breathing. X-ray shows white spot in
the lungs.
I31ue Chromatized Water, twice a day
2, Apply Blue Chrornatized oil. on the ribcage
and massage it in eire lcs. Viii th fingcrti ps. once
a day and Green Chroruatizcd Oil upon the
ribs, once a day.
This disease can he in any part or the hod;.. hill
most commonly it is in the lungs and intestines and it
is not treated properly it can spread in the whole hodv.
13acteria named Myeobacterium Tubercu losi~
causes tilis disease. Csually the low-income pcople.
mentally and physically weak and old people arc
more prone to this disease. Pcopl c having iuadcquatc
diet unhygienic atmosphere and unhealthy living
cond itions for long durations fall prey tothis discasc.
Loss of weight. loss ofappetite, sweating in the
evening. slight fever, coughing with phlegm. which
has traces of blood. in chronic cases ofTR the whites
__ :.,...; r " ~ " " ' I l h J _
Infection of lungs is commonly known as
Pneumonia, which is caused from viruses.
bacteria and funguses.
Breathing is difficult. is in fits and spasms, face
reddens from coughing. excretion of phlegm soothes
1. Orange Chrornatized Water, 3 to 5 times a day
2. During the lit. Orange Chromatized Water,S
ml, after every 5 to 10 minutes according to
the intensity of the fit.
3, Apply Orange Chromarized oil on the chest
and Blue on the hack ribcage. twice a day and
massage it in circular movements with
Fingertips only
This disease is caused due to the congestion of
the air passages oflungs and can he because ofallergy
form certain things like dust or pollen particles, cotton
or animal hair. antibiotic medicines and use ofexpired
ofeyebaJls ofthe patients have a bluish tinge.
1, Red Chromatized Water, twice a day
1 Blue Chromatized Water, before meals
]. Orange Chrornatized Water, after meal s
4. Apply orange light on the ribcage for 30 45
minutes twice a day.
j, Apply Orange Chromatized oil on the chest and
the Blue Chrornatizcd oil on the back of ribcage,
twice a day.

Diseases of
Circulatory System and Heart
Weakness of heart and general physical health.
high or low blood pressure, shocks, use of high
potency medicines, anger and bad atmosphere at
home, mostly those women suffer from this disease
who remain worried and tense due to the bad
temperament of their husbands
Rate of heart heat increases. pulsation is felt in
the chest. sinking of heart is felt. darkness before the
eyes. sometimes the patient faints. urine is reddish
and feces are dry, patient has permanent constipation
Orange Chromatizcd water. after meals
Walking at a slow pace for 40 minutes in the
rnormng and in the evening is good for the
patients of angina. Use only boiled food and
avoid oily or fatty foods.

Heart Attack
Since the heart has to work perpetually. its
muscles need continuous supply of blood. which is
provided to them through coronary arteries. rrfor any
reason, the coronary arteries become congested or is
blocked. reduction of blood supply results to angina
or heart attack. The basic reason of constriction n(
veins and arteries has not yet been determined but the
fallowing are considered the main cau;,:,es.
Old age, high blood pressure. cholesterol.
smoking, diabetes. obesity. luxurious life style. gricl.
anxiety. anger and addiction ofdrugs etc
Muscles of the heart are very sensitive. it the
blood supply to these muscles is stopped for 30
minutes to 2 hours; the heart dies. The patient of hear1
attack suffers from great pains in the left side of the
chest, which increases with movement and reduces
with rest ~ u t does not subside completely. Cold
sweating. feeling weakness and difficulty in
breathing accompanied with nausea and vomiting arc
also few of the symptoms. For exact diagnosis the

~ f J I l 9 I I I I l __.Jz .. _
Yel low Chrornatized water, before meals
Violet Chrornatizcd water. after breakfast
Apply Ye l l ow ointment or Yellow
Chrornatized oil, once before going to bed and
once early in the morrnng at empty stomach.
In case of this pain a Heart Specialist is be
consulted. Along with his prescribed treatment the
following: will hel p ingetting cured permanently
1. Blue Chrornatized water. twice a day
I. Orange Chromat izcd \.... ater, twice a day
') Yellow Chroma! ized water. before meals
3. Blue Chrornatized water, after meals
See the Heart attack.
Due to lack of blood supply in the heart those
chemicals deposit in the heart. which arc excreted
through blood. one suffers from pain in the chest,
towards the left side or in the center. It subsides in 30
seconds to a few minutes. upon resting. Congestion of
breath, nausea. cold sweats or vomiting causes
medical science is using ECG.
I. Patient ofthe heart attack is to be hospitalized
under the care of heart specialist. .[0 cure the
weakness Red Chromatized water, 2 ounces.
is to be given after breakfast.
2. Turquoise-coloured Chromatized water.
twice a day.
3. YellowChromatized water. before meals
4. Orange Chromatizcd water after meals
::-. Follow the advice ofthe heart specialist.
Although Anaemia literally means 'lack of
blood', it actually is a state of blood when the: RBCs
degenerate. Pathologically. it is the quantity of
IIernoglobin. which normally rages 13 to ISgrns/dl
for males and 11.5 to 16.5gms/dl for females, less
than the minimum quantiti cs. is known as Anaemia.
Degeneration of the production of the Red
Blood Corpuscles like deficiency of iron. 'vitamin B,
thaJassacmia. fault in bone marrow functioning.
reaction and side alleds of certain antibiotic
medicines and quinine and the medicines used for
cancer treatment etc.
Patients of this disease normally complain
about fatigue, drowsiness. darkness before the eyes.
and 111 some cases rupturing of lips and bone
reaching pains whereas in some till the
pathological tests, they do not feeI anythingwrong.
1. RedChromatized water. twice a day
2. Orange Chromatizcd water after meals
3. PinkChromatized water once: in the afternoon
and once 2.30 hours before having dinner.
4. Usc of red light over backbone. for 15-30
minII tes.
LowBlood Pressure
Some people naturally have low pressure: it
is not a disease. As a disorder. loss of blood. hean
problem. affect of germs, nerve strain, grief, loose
motions and voting can also cause low blood
If the RP is 5 to 10 degrees than the normal
level, one feels giddy and if fall further one entc.rs a
state ofshock and feels drowsy. In such a case he IS to
be taken be the hospital immediately.
l . Besides attending to the actual cause or the
Low SP. give the panenr Red Chromarized
water. twice a day
High Blood Pressure
Heart, kidneys, arteries. veins. volume of blood in the
body and the nervous system. has their role in
maintaining the blood pressure to a normal level.
When heart contracts to pump the blood into the body
system it is called Systolic BP and when the heart
expands to collect the blood from the body, its
pressure is called Diastolic OP. 'Normal BP Level
increases with aging.
In the age onoyears its normal level is 80/140
rn the age of50 years its normal level is 95/ I60
And. in75 its norrnal levei is 105/1 70 llthe BP
IS found to be more than the normal range. it must be
checked repeated for ant: week and if is found
ex.... 'ceding the normal level continuously. then {he
patient is said to he having High Rlood Pressure.
Sometimes anger. anxiety. strange atmosphere and
restlessness may' cause the OPrise. But. in such a slate
n IS not considered a disease. The patients of High RP
Excess ofhorrnones
lise ofalcohols
Green Chrornatized water, twice a day
Turquoise Culour Chromatized water, twice a
White Chrornatizcd water, before meals
Patient is to lie under the green light for [ ~ to
30minutes, twice a day.
Narrowness ofaorta
This disease results when the number of
plate]ets in the blood decreases the normal level
6. Ncgati ve thinking, fears com;ernmg the
future. phobias and worries.
Hiuh Blood Pressure atlects almost even.'
C: • ;
part of the body system and it can cause the Brain
Hemorrhage. rupturing of the eye veins, failure or
the kidneys and extra pressure upon t he heart.
4. Excessi vc usc ofdrugs
usually complain about headache. In 5 to I(JIJ/ocases II
has one or the cause but mostly there is no ostensible
reaso n. GeneraII y t he causes are:
I. Problems anddiseases of kidneys.
Patient is to be lied down under the Red lights.
tor IS to 30minutes.
Accumulation of blood under the skin leaves blue
bruises like spots.
Sky Blue Chrornatized water, twice a day
Yellow Chromatized water, twice aday
Green Chrornatizcd water, twice after the
breakfast and before going to bed
Red light upon the back, for 15 to 30minutes,
' - 1 i · , ~ ~ ~ •.i4AU

Sexual Diseases
Excessive indulgence of sexual intercourse,
masturbation and sensitivity of the penis. use of
alcohol. kidney stones, constipation, irritation of
gallbladder, excessive consumption of meat etc are
fewof the causes
If it is due to kidney stones, constipation.
irritation of gallbladder, few drops of seminal fluid
follow urination. Strong and potent diet can cause
discharge of seminal fluid. Masturbation and
excessive indulgence in sex activities renders a
patient lethargic, lazy and feels pains in the body.
complains burning and irritation when urinates.
passes urine excessively and repeatedly, back aches.
nerves and muscles grov.... weak, physical weakness
and debility. looses temperament easily, loss of
memory. dullness, doesn't have good sleep, loss of
appetite. sex desire initially surges and subsides.
usually suffers from constipation. merely the thought
ofsexual intercourse causes the discharge.
1. Olive-coloured Chrornatizcd water. twice a
2. If constipation is there. Yellow Chromatizcd
water, twice a day
3. Green Chromatized water. twice a day,
4. Massage Violet Chromatized oil upon the
lower back. in circles
5. Massage of yellow Chromatized oil on and
around the naval point. early in the morning
before breakfast.
Resulting excessive discharges, mind and the
body grow weak. repealed and burning urinations.
veins of the penis s'V,'c11. lethargy and laziness, feels
depressed. doesn't leel like working. avoids company
and wants to remain alone. Such person docs not want
to face people hecause of sel rpitti ng, grows pale. has
dark shade under the eyes. eyesight dims. and has
headaches frequently.
1. Turquoise colour Chromatized water, twice a
day; when gets better once a day at night.
.., YellowChrornatizcd water before meals
3. In the morning, massage Blue Chromatizcd
oil in circles at hip joint in the lower back.
4. Before going to bed. massage Violet
Chrornatizcd oil over the bladder
5. To treat the constipation and gas. massage
abdomen with Yellow ointment.
Mostly it is psychological. lack of testosterone
hormones, protracted ailments like shrinkage of liver,
cancer in any pan of the body. heart problem or
diabetes. Sex stimulation almost comes to an end in
the people who cautiouslv practice celibacy Cor a long
time, they are not impotents. when the sex stimuli are
reactivated they perform their sex obligations quite
normally. Women also suffer from the deprivation of
the sex desires and feel aversion from the sexual
activities OJ; they feci scared of this act
},'A: It is the duty of parents and teachers to
provide the necessary information to the young
generation and tell the boys and girls about the
. ' A t ~ / · ~
_ .......__..._-_._...r-',".,"'.,',. ,.'." ... '-'--'.'.,"'"
hazards of too much involvement and aversions.
Resides treating the impotency, that disease
should also be treated that is causing it. See Diabetes.
Heart Diseases and Cancer eIe,
I. Violet Chromatized water, twice a day, till
curing and thenjust once at night.
2 Massage Violet Chromatized oil. twice a day.
at the lower back,
,. Dark Blue Chromatized water. twice aday.
4. Red Chromatized water. after meals.
5. For the defieiency of hormones: massage Red
Chrornatized oil. twice a day, on the calves
and in the groin.
Premature Ejaculation
Over-worrying, masturbation, sex literature,
perverted thinking and due to dilution of the seminal
fluid are the major causes of this problem. Besides
treating the problem. such diet is recommended that
could increase the viscosity of the semen.
Basically, success or failure in the sexual
intercourse is directly related to with the mind. When
mind remains occupied with negative thoughts, the
nerves get affected and due to loss of moderation and
balance. this prohlem finds its way in.
Peace of mind and heart boosts the will power
and the sex becomes a natural activity.
Immediate discharge at the time of sexual
intercourse and at times. it discharges even before the
erection is complete and this cause feeling ofshame.
I. Olive colour Chromatized water, twice a day.
2. Sky Blue Chromatized water. after meals,
3. Massage violet oil in circles at lower hack.
initially twice and upon getting better just
once a day.
4. Dark Blue Chromatized water. before meals
5. Ifexcess ofred is noticed. green Chrornatized
water. hefore meals
Nocturnal Emissions
Perverted thoughts, consti pation, indigestion,
gluttony. infestation, heat in the liver and intestines,
over-turned sleeping habit, celibacy and masturbation
are fewof the causes ofthis problem.
1. Green Chromatizcd water, twice a
2. YellowChrornatized water. before meals.
3. Violet Chromatized water, after meals.
4. In case of chronic cases. Violet light at hack
bone for 20 to 30minutes a day.
S. Massage Violet Chromatized ali, at the lower
back eireles.
6. In severity of the problem, massage green
Chromatized oil over the calf of right leg, in
circles. from knee towards the heel.
Diseases of
Kidneys and Bladder
Bed Wetting&
Urinary Incontinence
Involuntary urination in the daytime, usually
during sleep. Urinates many a times during the dav
and night. Such people tend to oyer sleep and dream
that they arc haying a leak.
To treat the chi ldren
l. OrangeChrornatized water, twice a day,
2 Red light over the bladder for 10to J 5 minutes
-\'0treat the elderly people
I. Sky Blue Chromatized water, 20 minutes
before meals.
2. Violet Chromatized OiL twice a day. at lower
3. Red Chromatized water. twice a day,
4 Red light over the bladder for 15 to 20
5. Place black sesame seeds. in a purple bottle.
after washing them clean with water and
drying. for 200 hours in the sun or artificial
light. For Adults two tablespoons and for
children am: tablespoon is the dosage,
Unhealthy and unhygienic sexual intercourse, a
type ofgenn named Gonococci, which transmit from
one to another person during copulation; symptoms
are produced in 2 to 14 days
Painful urination and burning at (he end of
urinary tract, which is followed by puss. initially it is
less and thin and turns thick and more, pains in the
back and hips. urine could have blood in it Proper
treatment can cure it in two to three weeks. If the
treatment is not proper or the patient is careless. the
disease spreads in the entire urinary tract including
the kidneys and if if reaches the testis or
ovaries, impotency is unavoidable.
Sometime it becomes chronic and remains
dormant. hiding in the body. In such cases the
symptoms are not severe but the puss excretes and
leaves spot upon the clothes. Slight burning during
urination is also felt. It can pass on to others even its
dormant state. In treating this disease. caution is more
important than thetreatment
Besides taking the antibiotics upon the
recommendation ofa qualif ed doctor
1. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,
2. Green Chromat i zed water before meals.
3. Yellow Chromatized water. after meals
Infection of the kidneys could be either because
of the germs reaching the kidneys through blood or
the infection germs of bladder reach the kidneys and
the latter is more common It 15 of two types severe
and chronic
Acute Infection:
Symptoms: ~
Sudden pain in back on one or both sides. that
comes down in the front side. repetition of painful
dripping urination. fever sometimes vomiting and
shivering. besides presence of white and red blood
corpuscles and puss cells in the urine.
I. Turquoise colour Chromatized water. twice a
2. Green Chrornatized water. before meals,
3. YcllowChromatizcd water. after meals.
4. Green light over the kidneys, for 10 to 15
minutes, twice a day.
5. Massage Green Chromatized oil over the
kidneys, for three minutes. with the upper
portion of palms. keeping the pressure light.
three times a day.
Chronic Infection
-- -
Patient sutlers from fatigue, high blood
pressure or failure of kidneys: some patients pass
urine frequently with pains. backaches and small
amount of albumen and blood is also present in their
I.Orange tight over the kidneys for 15 to 10
2. Orange Chromatized water, twice aday,
~ : : . ~ ,... ·1-:· ..' .. %0« JUS
3. Green Chrornatized water, twice a day, before
4. For swellings: Olive colour Chrornatized
water. twice a day,
Renal Colic
Unclean. unhygienic drinking water. stones in
kidneys and gas producing fermented foods and
infections of kidneys are main causes ofthis disease.
Severe pain in the back where the kidneys are.
wants to urinate but cannot or ir it leaks it drips. if it
due to kidney stUIII.:. II contains blood, hands and feet
gro\\ dod darkness before the eyes. nausea and
\ oruiting In case of gastric pains the pain shifts
1. Orange Chrornatized water. twice a day.
For kidney stones: Violet light oyer the
kidneys. for 15 minute in the morning and.
Orange light in the evening for 20 minutes.
3. Violet Chromatized water, twice a day,
4. Greet! Chromatized water. twice a day. before
5. Green Chromatized oil, massage twice a day.
over the kidneys in circles.
6. Massage abdomen with Yellow Chrornatized
oil. once a day.
Cystitis & Urinary tract Infections
Bacteria causes the infection of kidneys,
urethra and bladder. which is more common.
Repeated urination, painful urination, pains in
the lower abdomen. urine contains blood and bacteria.
I, Dark Blue Chromatized water. twice a
day. before meals,
') Green Chromatized water. twice a day,
3. Blue light upon the bladder, for 5 to J5
minutes. twice a day.
Blood in urine could be due to Glomerulus's
Nephritis, a disease in which the body immune
system activates against the body part. cancer of
bladder. stone in kidney or bladder- injury etc.
Urine contains blood. sometimes it comes
before the passing of urine and at times it comes after
passing the urine and sometime. instead ofurine, just
blood is passed. Weak people feel cold and suffer
from shivering. which is followed by a blood mixed
urine, after few hour clear urination starts. When the
blood oozes from bladder. it is blackish and contains
blood clots, when it comes from the kidneys, it red and
there is pain in the kidneys.
I, Green Chromatized water, twice a day
2. Blue water be fore meal s,
For treatment of kidney or bladder stones or
cancer see the related topics

Diseases of
Nervous System
Bilious Headache
Indigestion, liver problems, excess of bile due
to eating sweets and heat giving foods, which rise
towards head and causes ache.
It is one of the most sever headaches, mouth
tastes bitter, tongue is dry and feels thirsty, nausea and
vomiting. after vomiting, headache seems to be
relieved, t.his is mostly when the stomach is empty,
urine is hot and yellow at sometime burns.
l. Yellow Chrornatizcd water, twice a
2. RlueChromatized water, twice a day
3. GrcenChromatj zed \...ater, after meals
4. Violet Chrornatizcd water, twice a day
Usually it is hereditary, for reasons not
determined so far the arteries of brain dilate. which
causes agitation inthe adjoining nerves and it pains.
Pulsating pam in half or the entire head. it is in
the form of fits, light dazzles eyes, nausea and
vomiting accompanies the headache. sometime
patients complaining about seeing bright dots in front
of the eyes. which disappear when the headache
I. Sky Blue Chromatized water. before
2. Massage the. forehead with Sky Blue
Chrornatizcd oil. .
3. Blue Light upon the head for five minutes and
green light for three minutes. In case of fit of
headache repeat the process.
4. Get a 9" x 12" glass sheet painted with green
colour and make the patient to see it for fifteen
minutes twice a day.
Patient sutlers from blackout upon standing or
moving and things in the surroundings appear to be
moving. feel difficulty in standi Of' and seek support.
Ph ysic a] de hi Iity. men ta I we a kness,
nervousness, tension. stress and strain. injury. drug
addiction, constipation, ear problems etc. are the few
oIthe causes.
Dizziness upon standing. patient fall due to
blackouts, after vornitingthe dizziness subsides,
I. Violet Chromatized water, twice a day
2. YellowChrornatized water, before meals.
:1. Blue Chrornatized water, after meals.
Causes & Symptoms:
Ability of understanding the heard and read
things but due to lack of coordination of speech
organs and. vocal cords the patient cannot utter the
words properly. stammers, mixing of words. speaks
uncomfortably, etc.
I. Violet Chrornatized water, twice a day
2. Blue Chrornatized water, Before meals,
3. Violet light upon the head.
4. Make the patient to drink milk prepared In
Violet light for two tofour hours.
An electric current flows in the nerve cells.
which produced by unknown stimuli and the current
produced in one cell activates the other cells too.
Every action in the human brain depends upon the
current. If a person is maying his hand, it is due to the
stimulation of muscles because of the current
received from the brain cells: neurons. Brain has a
particular area for each and every acti vity. [f we touch
the skin, the sensation is carried to the brain throush
this current via spinal cord and stimulates the
particuiar portion and we sense the touch.
Epilepsy is such a disease in which an
abnormally strong stimulus produces, resulting
extraordinary senses of seeing, smelling and touch.
The patient can involuntarily get out of clothes and
suffers fromconvulsions.
It is of two types: Partial and general.
Pa rtial Epilepsv:
Muscles of face or hand convulse. this
convulsion can be only for few seconds or may last for
hours, sometimes the eyes turn aside, some see
colours and spots floating before their eyes.
Someexperience deja vu and for some even the
seen places appear new and strange: this upsets the
patient and behaves strangely, for instance running
around and doesn't remembers a thing after the fit is
over. This fit lasts for two to three minutes
General Epilepsy:
Before the fit, the patient is greatly agitated and
upset. Wrists twist and become stiff. legs stretch.
screams and blackouts, falls to the ground and eyes
widens. This state lasts for IOta JOseconds. Face and
hands twitch and convulse patient bits upon his
tongue, urine or feces excrete. This lasts for one to
five minutes. Patient becomes unconscious, after the
tit isover, his jaws, hands and feet ache. Upon gaining
consciousness, he suffers from pain in the muscles.
headache and depression. This state may be for few
minutes or may last for hours.
When the electric charge flows in the brain
cells and takes the form a current, it collides with
other currents of the body; this collision gives rise to
many colours. These colours may be named as whims
or thoughts. All the stales that we experience in our
mind are the variation of these very colours. When
this variation exceeds its limits. it flows out. When
many currents entangle together, the out passage in
the medulla oblongata. blocks away due to congestion
of these currents. If. in such state, water is seen the
congestion IS further multiplied many folds. which is
known as fit ofepilepsy.
As long as the rush of currents keeps the doors
blocked, the Iit lasts. When the rush recedes. the
patient gains consciousness but since the nerves
remain suspended. rhe movement begins after some
time. and the paticnt normalizcs aIter same time.
Besides seeing the water, there can be many
ather reasons that can cause the fi l. The on rush 0 f the
electric current. in such a state could result into many
complications: therefore, the on-rush of these
currents is to be subsided as soon as possible. The
patient falls to the ground because the nerves and
muscles become immobilized. The simple method to
handle the situation is to raise his head from the
ground. keeping the palm under it only one inch from
the ground and is to be shaken slightly. The fit would
come to an end but the eyelids of the patient an: to be
kept in focus to have an eye contact with him upon his
opening ofeyes, so that the memory cells could have a
contact with the person watching them. This helps in
reducing the on-rush ofthc currents in the passage.
In children, during the fit their eyes stop
moving and with that all the movements of the body
come to a standstill and focus his gaze on a point. If in
that state the child is addressed or commanded. he
docs not respond. This fit lasts only for few seconds.
SOlllctim...:s the child falls to the ground lhis fit call
recur from two to hundred times a day. "Usually 111 the
age of eight or nine years this automatically stops
1. Turquoise Colour Chrornatized water, twice <-l
2. Green Chromatized water. before meals.
1. Sky blue light upon the head for 1.""1 to ~ u
111 j nutes a day.
4 Get a 9 x 12" glass painted \\ 11 h sky blue
colour and let the pancnt watch ilit.!:" 1()- I )
Ill] nutes. twice a day.
). Massage blue Chromatized oil upon the joint
of the neck and head. twice a day.
(1. Therapist is required to suggest the patient lO
have good sleep. avoid constipation ;Ind
should not stress upon his mind
131"<:1111 is composed of nerve cells, other
supporting cells. arteries and veins Mostly bacteria
and viruses cause brain infection.
Fever. heada ch es , s t i ffn es s a f net: k.
unconsciousness. drowsiness and coma.
_,...., "., __ • J ...... ~ •• "JL<=" ~ _&1 _ ~ . ~ . _ . -I" __
senselessness of a pan ofthe body. impaired senses of
hearing and speech.
I. Blue Chronratized water, thrice a day,
2. YellowChrornatizcd water, before meal s.
3. Green Chromatized water, tv.... ice a day.
4. During fainting or unconsciousness, blue light
UpOII the skull for fi fteen minute, every t\'''0
J. In case of weakness. Red Chromatized water,
tv. ICC aday
6. Massage Blue Chromatized oil upon the head
and the upper joint of the neck, incircles.
7. Get atransparent glass shed o1'9.\. l2" painted
with indigo and let the patient watch it intently
8. The treatment should continue till complete
recovery and cure from the disease.
Viruses and bacteria. which initially circulate
in the blood and then accumulate in the brain tissues.
cause infection. When many empty spaces are created
in the brain and the electric currents gather there.
many types of fevers grip the patient Change in the
colours at the accumulated currents manifested in the
form of fevers. In this disease. empty space replaces
brain cells. in which the mixture ofcolours transforms
into water.
Fever, severe headache. stiffness of neck.
anxiety. laziness. drowsiness and confusion are the
few of the symptoms of this disease. It begins as
tonsillitis or some nasal infection. Chronic cases of
this fever result from Tl1 or Gonorrhea or some other
germs. Treatment of this disease requires great
caution and care. Carelessness can result in paralysis
ofa part ofbody or the loss 0 fey esight or even the loss
ofthe life of the patient.
1. I3l uc Chromatized \'...'ater.thrice aday.
2. Purple Chromatized water. before meals,
3. YellowChrornatized water, tv....'ice a day.
4. In case of tainting and unconsciousness. sky
blue light upon the forehead for fifteen
minutes, four, live 1imes a day.
j. Massauc Blue Chromatizcd oil upon the head
and upper joint ofthe neck in eire les.
6. Massage the abdomen around naval and the
throat with Yellow Chromatized water. twice
a day. Incircles. with light hand.
Brain hemorrhage. blockage in the arteries or
\ ei IlS. i njllry or other problem of nerves emergi ng
lroin the spinal cord. degeneration of muscles etc are
tew know 11 causes of'rhis disease.
If the cosmic rays intercept the eIcctric I1l)\\' 0 f
c urtu [ rays and displace them 1owurds Ihe left lipW
Jour inches. then the heart-side of the body is affected
and in this case chances of survival of the patient arc
marginal. But, when the cosmic rays displace the
body currents toward." the right side up to four inches.
they damage the electncal system otthc bodycurrents
and tile right side body from shoulder to right fool is
ln some cases only ,I limb or extremity is
allected and in some cases the lower body IS affected
dlld:- et in other cases the entire right side of the bud>
is affected
I. Red Chrornatizcd water, twice a
Blue Chromatized water. once J day.
3. Orange Chromatizcd \\ atcr, before mea
.:+ Blue light. for fifteen minutes daily. upon the
back and ucck joints,
'i Massage the back and neck j 0 lilt with Bl ue
Chromatizcd oiLin ci rclcx \\'11 h ltgLl hand.
Lwicc J Jay.
6. Massage the (I:lccled pan with Re d
Chromatized oil. OI1CI..: a day.
7. Red 1ight upon the affected part, for f 11.CI..'11
minutes. twice a Jay.
S. It may take some time to recover, so continue
treatment tiII complctc rcc0\ c'l) and cure.

Causes & Symptoms:
There are Cavities in the brain in which a transparent
fluid circulates in a particular direction. Production
and absorption of this tlu i d j s in a fixed ratio, if
circulation or absorption of thi s Iluid IS Uisturbcd, the
amount of the tl uid increases and III IS LS known as
hydrocephalus. Severe he adaches. vomit iu a.
impaired vision and cycsi ght: in children.
enlargement ofthe head are levv0 ftlJ-: SY1l1proms.
Orange Chrornatizcd water, twice a day,
hetore meals,
3 Whjte Cvli lky ) light. for fi fiecn minutcs, 1\\ ice
-l, Light of every colour of the ruinbow. turn
turn. 1'01' two tu three minutes each. upon the
had otthc paucnt.

. 1 2&11APiC 31"", ," ..
rf the electric current generating in the brain
starts flowing towards any side of the lace, it causes
facial nerves palsy. This disease is related with the
facial nerves When the central currents of brain exert
their pressure on one side, they twist the nerves and
the ears, eyes. nose and jaws get affected and bend.
Sometimes even the nose bones bend and the portion
ot'jaw that supports the teeth is affected. This current
mostly affects the forehead.
Pain in the face and around the ears and then
after a while weakness in the face is felt and face
stretches on one side, the eyelid a f that side does not
close properly, chewing becomes painful. saliva
tlows out of mouth. half of the tonzue loses abil itv to
1aste. This patient gcts well in4 to 12 weeks time .
L Red Iight, upon the face, lor tive minutes.
2. Red Chrornatizcd water, twice a day. in the
morning and evening.
'1 Blue Chromatized water, twice a day. at noon
and at night,
-J.. Massage Hluc Chrornatized 0 il on thejoints of
the neck,
5. Jf the Cottonseed oil is chromat izcd in Red.
light for one month and is eaten \\ ith bread
cooked a day or two before taken. it gives
miraculous results in curing this disease,
6. Get 9" x 12" sheet oltransparcnt glass painted
with indigo colour and make the patient to see
it for fifteen minutes each. twice a day.
Let this treatment continue till complete
'parkinsonls 0 isease
Ma1functioni ngof Basal Gangl ia (the brownish
bodies in the brain) result in this disease of trembling
and shivering oflimbs,
Hand and feet shiver continuously, i f noticed
the shivering hand appear to be moving in a particular
mode as i f COUJ1li ng beads. This shiveri ng increases
with fatigue. worries and tension. Body movement
decreases and muscles stiffen: face appears to be
devo id of expressions. Irebling and shi vering
subsides when the patient is sleeping, Meditation and
relaxation help in controll ingthe shivering.
I. Blue Chrornaiizcd water twice a day.
., YellowChrornatizcd water after meals.
3. Blue light upon the head for fifteen minutes,
twice a dav.
4. Get f)" x 12" sheet of transparent ~ l a s s painted
in blue colour and make the patient to see it for
fifteen minutes each, twice a day.
Del icieney ofglucose. I,ICk of blood, excessi vc
bleeding. ()\ cr joy or 50[TO\\. fear arid tenderness of
felling etc
Hands and teet 0 f the patient turn cold at the
time of til. brcath.ng gets irregular, feels dizzy,
darkness before the eyes. have eold sweatinu. tainis
and recovers <1 ftcr J "hi lc, this can [',)l1l;W with
vomiting. if the lit is not severe he can onlv have
nausea. face [urns pale, pulse becomes weak and has
beads ot sweat on the forehead.
I. Aqualified doctor should gin' him glucose or
hlood ifit is due to deficiency ofglucose Or because of
excessive bleeding.
1. Red Chrornatized water f\\ ice a dav.
~ . Apple Colour Chrorn.uizcd ","'J1Cr before
4. Yellow Chromatized water J iier meals.
. 'I:.

Physical movements of the body suspend and
the limbs tail to pertilrrn their functions properly as
the passages of the electric current of the brain close
down. verv rew patients ofthi s disease survi ve. Use of
cold. 11 limid things. alcoholism, cxcessi vc sexual
Intcroiursc. re1'1"3 i ni ng from excrcisi ng, no walk ing.
rage. listening noisy songs. brain affecting from cold
are also the causes ofthis disease,
Ditficuh l\l tccl .he pulse. feet and hands grow
cold. Iainun, could last from five minutes to 72 hours
or even .uore. eyes transfix. at 1i111(: eve n (he breat lunu
, c
becomes imperccpti ble. To detect the breath, freshly
ginned cotton is held ncarthe nostrils.
I. The paue nt <ho uld he ho spit al iz ed
immedIately and advise of the doctors be foII owed
Remaining contended and happy and living in a
healthy atmosphere. having moderate casi lv
dincsti ble and balanced diet s an J pcrforrni n;'
~ c
Muraqba of Blue lights can help in avoiding this
2. Blue Chrornatizcd water. twice a Jay,
.' Magenta colour Chrornatizcd water, after
4, The patient is kept under the red light.
" 11 illJii2iiS§L! , ~ ' ,

When the nerves emerging from backbone arc
pressed for any reason, tumor or fracture of backbone.
sometimes it starts when a heavy loadis picked, It can
be due to accumulation of gas around or in the
Pain in the leg that starts from the hip joint and
reaches up to the ankle and heels: this pain causes the
patient to limp. In chronic cases the back bends and
the patient needs support for walking.
For proper diagnoses of this disease, make the
patient to stand beside a wall keeping it at his back,
and the right leg is to be lifted without bending the
knee. if the patient could lift it parallel with the
ground, it is not sciatica and if the pain docs not allow
him to lin the leg over 45°, it means it is sciatica. If it
were because of tumor or fracture. it would go away
when the same would be treated and cured. otherwise
treatment of sciatica is to becarried out.
1. YellovvChromatized water. twice <.1 day.
2. Turquoise colour Chromatizcd water, before
3. Orange Chromatized water. after meal s.
4. Massage the leg with Green Chrornatized oil.
bi\iJiJ1UiliMilIii1£U· i•.R
5. Massage the Rlue Chrornatizcd oil on the
lower hack, in circles, twice a day,
6 Massage Green Chrnrnatized oil over the
kidneys. once a day.
7. Massage the abdomen with Yellow
Chrornatized o: l. early in the morning. at
empty stomach.
Hvperthvroidi sm
Diseases of Hormones

J. I nteetion (1 fThyroi dglan d.
4. r:."\CI!SS of Iodide
5. Cancer oflhyroid.
(J. Over functioning otpituitary gland
Nervousness. feeling hot. palpitation. tremor in
hands and feet, loss of weight despite good food.
weakness of muscles, loose motions, qII ick rale 0 I'
l . Auto-Immune disease ofthyroid
... ,
pulsation, hulglng otcyes.xweating etc,
Turquoise colour Chrornatizcd water, twice a
2. Green Chromatized water. t\\ icc a day,
3. Yellow Chrornatizcd water. after meals,
4. Skyblue light upon the gland for :'0 minutes,
5. Massage over the gland with Yellow
Chrornatizcd oil, twice a day, incircles.
Thyroid gland is located on both sides of
trachea and it excretes two maj or hormones.
Thyroxin. which is also called T3 and T4, is formed
from Iodine, affects the mental and physical growth.
Calcitoninc. which helps in balancing the amount or
calcium in our body. Deficiency ofIodine. deficiency
olenzvrnes required for T ~ and T4, defect of pituitary
gland arc the major causes ofthi s disease.
Weakness, fatigue, loss of memory", feeling
cold. constipation. hair loss. hoarseness of voice.
impaired hearing. suffocation, aching joints and
muscles. numbness of hands and feet. chest pains.
problematic menses like excess: vc bleed and
prolonged periods. Dry and coarse skin. swelling
around the eyes. thin and dry hair. paleness of skin,
swelling of tongue. high blood pressure, dropped rate
of heartbeat white patches on the skin and goiter:
enlargement ofthyroid gland etc.
I, Violet Chrornatized water. twice a day,
2. Orange Chromatized water, twice a day,
1. Violet Iight upon the head and the gland for
fifteen minutes twice a day'.
4. Massage over the gland with Yellow
Chromatizcd oil, with soft hand, for five,
minutes twice J day,

Psychiatric Problems
Company a f V,TO ng people. frustrat ron.
psychological problems, family problems. tension.
stress and strai n, inferior: t) or superi ori ty complcx
and insomnia cause this disorder. According to the
researches. when the quannty ora chemical substance
called Dopamine exceeds its limit in the brain, it
causes schizophrenia. Besides these, hereditary traits
also playa significant role in thi sdisease.
Usually is found in the people in the age
between 20 to 30 year but cases of older ages haw
also been reported. Before this diseasc actually starts.

Ihe pal ient xuttcrs from anxiety. depression a11l1
IlCIY(lUSncSS for many weeks or months. One or the
U ther thought keeps haunung him.
The patient g.radually cuts all' from the society,
avoids daily routine works of lite and has strange
contradictory thoughts so much so that has a SCVCIT
tit He sees strange things and bears the voices,
becomes extremely whimsical, talks nonsense things.
.'\ Iter the Ii t. feeIs depressed.
In some patients the 11 t occurs only once in the
lifetime but in most of the case it keeps on recurring
and every the intensity of the fit is severer than the
PI'C\, 10US 0 ne.
Patient of schizophrenia is ialkati \c and talks
nonsense irrelevant things. uses Uncomrnon words
and phrases. Whims and daunts haunt him, He thinks
that the people ofhis tauu.y arc his enemies and want
(0 kill him. poison him or are using black magic
agai nst him. He listens to the [leOple stealthi.y and
believes that the people talk ahout him only. are
conspiring against hiIll. Sometimes he says that his
thoughts are being listened in the whole world.
sometimes he believes that he is the president of the
world. thinks that someone is using him by means of
telepathy. takes the article of a newspaper or a TV
program as a special me ssagc,
Most ofthe patients believe that their spouse is
not Iaithful to theIII and they belicvc this thing so
strongly that they keep vigil to check on them dud
suspicions cause them to have fights and sometime
they even phvsically abuse them. IIc docs not
acknowledge that he is unreasonable and nobody can
convince him logically
The patient also suffers from hallucinations. for
instance. he witnesses his relatives who have died
long before; he smells strange smells. which the other
people do not. Sometimes he starts crying while he
was expressing delight. at times he acts emotionless.
sight of funeral may cause him to laugh and he
becomes introvert.
I. Olive colour Chroruatized water, thrice a day.
2. Blue Chromatizcd water, thrice a day, before
3. White Chrornatizcd water, once a day.
4. Massage hind side or till' head with blue
Chromatized oiI. once 0 day.
J. BI ue light lor fj fteen minutes upon the head,
once a dav.
6. If the patient is not suffering Irom diabetes. he
should take sweets and deserts. Besides this if
the blood pressure is not low. he should be
forbidden to take salt inhis meals,
7. Get .a transparent glass sheet 0 f 9'· x 1r
painted with blue and make the patient to I'J'Jk
at it frequently.
There are many reasons tor this problem of
depression, which could be; addiction of drugs.
sudden quitting any such habit. protracted illness.
worries and remaining in a state or grief etc. If a
patient according to the psychiatrists. remains
continuously in this state for two weeks only then he
could be declared as a patient ofdepression otherwise
it would he consideredjust as a passing state ofmind.
The patient of this disease remains sad, and
unhappy and resulting his melancholy be loses
interest in tile. becomes isolated. either gains weight
or starts losing it. remains anxious and restless. ability
to think properly diminishes and fed like committing
Treatment: In acute conditions
I. Apple colour Chromatizcd water. twice a day
after breakfast and before going to bed,
') Sky blue Chrornatized water. once a day alter
.3. YellowChromatized water. after dinner
In case ofnon severity
1. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day. before
'") Orange Chromatized water, twice a day'. after
3. Yellow Chroruatized water, twice a day in the
There are many opiruons about mania but
according to the Colour Therapy. when the rush of
Hawing currents in Medulla Oblongata could not find
an exit. it exerts pressure upon the walls of the brain
cells and resulting this pressure walls of the cells give
way and the sequence of the flow 0 tcurrents d1St urbs.
Ge neti cs, unwhole some 1'00 ds, he a\ y
atmosphere, tranquilizers. wrong ways of educating
and psychological problems are few of the causes.
Moon sighting more than one's capabi li ty. rec itation
of uncalled for mantras also result in weakness of the
conscious and one gradually becomes a maniac.
The patient is a moody person, 3((CIllPb 10 du
everything in haste. is an extremist. considers himsel r
an imponant person. at times thinks he is the king and
at times declares to be a god, sometimes thinks he is a
billionaire. He likes to be considered superman
although at heart he is timid and cowered. He is very
talkative. speaks in a loud voice and sometimes talks
so hurriedly that understanding him becomes hard.
Conceives new ideas. cannot focus his mind on a
single point things that pleases him. performs them in

a 111\ stcnous manner and sutlers losses. for instance.
would shop unnecessary things, likes to wear bright
coloured clothes and like to shake hand and hug
anybody coming in his way. attempts to remain
prominent. suffers from insomnia and his sex drive is
r or diagnosis of this disease. persi stence of the
mentioned symptoms. at the least, for one week is
mandatory It is quire possible that a patient is
suffering from mama and melancholy at the same
time. The fit of mania could last even f()r three
I. Turquoise colour Chrornatized water, twice a
White Chrornatizcd water, once a day.
3. Yellow Chrornatizcd water. twice a day.
before meals,
4. Blue light upon the head for fifteen minutes.
once a day.
) Massage 1he hack of head wi th blue
Chromatizcd oil. once a day.
6. Light ablue bulb In the room where the patient
7. Make the patient lO wear blue silk clothes.
8, Pure honey one tablespoon. thrice a Jay and. if
pnssihle. herbal medicines, prescribed bv a
qua]i tied practitioner,
Acute Psychosis
Sec Mania and Schizophrenia
This disease is characterized with symptoms or
both Mania and Schizophrenia. Patient would talk
irrelevant things. becomes quarrelsome and take up a
fight with everyone. runs away from the home, breaks
things. tears his clothes, becomes insomniac. talks to
himself. laughs and weeps for no reason,
I. Magenta Color Chromatized water. thrice a
day and upon some relief. twice a day.
:2. White Chromatized water. once a day.
3, Blue light upon the head. twice a day. for
fifteenminutes each.
.:I, Massage the hack of his head with sky blue
Chromatized oil, once a day.
S, Damp cotton pad in Slut: Chrornatizcd water
and place it at the crown of the head for f ttccn
Usually with aging the memory also gets
affected and it is not something to be worried about
but if the memory is affected badly it could be for one
or more ofthe following reasons:
1. Head injury.
2. Deficiency of Vi tarnin B6.
3. Lack of blood circulation in the brain.
4. Cancer or tumor ofthe brain.
). Addiction ofdrugs.
6. Preoccupation or fixation of mind in anv one
subject. .
7. Exceeding anger and raac,
8. Over-sleeping inthe day time.
9. Worries and grief,
10. Chronic colds or fl u,
II. Use of rich foods.
Patient forgets the old things, doesn't remembers
the names and faces of even his own kids. loses the
track of time. sense to distinguish between things
weakens, sensory organs work perfectly but cannot
recollect the name of things shown, forgets what he
sees or hears. his abilities of programming and
planning also get affected, forgets things kept, cannot
remember to keep a promise.
Few thousand brain-cells of the patient get
deranged and memory is weakened to a great extent.
1. In case of head injury, consult. a neuro-
2. Quit the use of intoxicants,
3. For cancer sec the treatment ofCancer.
For all other causes following IS the
I. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day,
2. Yellow Chromatized water. before meals,
3. RedChrornatized water, after meals.
4. Green Chromatized water, after breakfast and
before going to bed.
). Make the patient to sit in the sunlight at the
time of sunrise. early in the morning, for three
In this disease the patient sees in his dreams that
someone is riding on his chest. he is pushed down
from the height, sees horrifying things in his dreams.
This disease is usually caused because of the gastric
problems and indigesti on . Going to sl ecp
immediately after having dinner and lying on the back
and sometimes, due to cramps in the intestines and the
muscles ofthe chest
The patient witnesses nightmares and feels as if
is being crushed under great weight, e can neither
speak nor can move an din that state he wakes up, the
state of suffocation ends but remains scared, breathes
heavily '.II1U some are sweating.
1 Massage Yellow ointment or the Yellow
Chroiuauzcd oil upon the abdomen, carl v in the
morning on empty stomach. .
=' Yellow Chrornatizcd water after lunch and
d II1J1Cr.
) Blue Chrornatizcd water, twice a day.
-L Green Chromatized water before dinner.
) Rub Blue Chromatizcd oil upon the tips 0 the
t-i l1i2e1"S \\ iththumh sottlv
- .
The main cause or this problem is the drvness of
the brain resulting from heat giving rich excess
of bile. mental disturbance. worries. high blood
pressure. chronic constipation, addictionof drugsand
The patient cannot sleep rcmai I1S anxious and
restless. nostrils become dry, thirst increases, head is
warm. in case ofexcess of bile the face turns pale and
the mouth tastes bitter and the heart beat increases.
1. Turquoise Colour Chrornatizcd water twice a
day and when some rel.cf is felt. just once at
='. YellowChromati zed water before meals.
3. Oil of sesame seeds Chromatized in blue
lights is to he massaged with fingertips upon
the hack of head.
4. If it is due to excess of bile. rub a ripe. uncut
lemon upon the temples with soil hands
exactly for twominutes.
With the passage of time memory takes two
forms: one, in which the impression arc sharp and
lasting and, the other, in which the impression quickly
fade out and are not remembered. All those incidcnts
that a person does not want to remember. for instance.
tears. and problematic situations arc recorded ill
the other side of the Conscious, which according to
the psychologists is termed Unconscious. If tilt'
Conscious of the person is strong enough, it dot's not
allow these bitter memories to trouble the person but
if the Conscious is not strong enough to withstand the
bitterness of these memories. the fears be.... orne
phobias and since one does nor want to recall them.
pressure increases upon the Conscious mind. Effects
of this pressure start affecting the body and are
exhibitedin the form ofvarious symptoms.
l . Patient silences suddenly.
2. His hands and feet seem to be affected by
paralysis momentarily,
3. During walking cannot maintain his balance.
4. Hands. feet or head suffers twinges.
5. Sometimes the patient forgets his own name.
address and the house.
6. Talks nonsense and irrelevant.
1. Sky blue light upon the forehead for fifteen
minutes. twice a day.
2. Apple colour Chrcmatized water, before
3. Yellow Chromatizcd water. after meals.
4. Sky Bille Chromatized water twice a day,
5. Massage the head with sesame seeds oil
Chromatized in blue lights once a day.
panic attacks
[0 this disease the patient suffers from fits or
fright and panics. his heart starts palpitating. his entire
bodv moistens with sweating, feels suffocated.
nausea, stomachaches. faints, limbs grovv cold, feels
pain in the chest, shivers and trembles and thinks that
he is going nuts or is about to die. This state recurs
intermittently three to fives times a day. Even after
getting over the fit. he suffers from the fear ofdeath.
[ . Turquoise Colour Chromatized water. three
times aday.
2. Green Chromatized water. atler breakfast.
3_ To correct the digestive system. Yellow
Chrornatizcd water, before meals.
4, Blue light upon the head. for fifteen minutes.
before going to bed,
S. liang green, red and blue colour strands 0 f
paper or silk cloth, which are at least 2 inch
wide and 3·4 feet in length. in the bedroom or
thi: patient in such a way that the patient could
see them. Make the patient to see them usmg
his }vi IIpower.

Causes & Symptums:
It is such a disease in which the patient sutlers
from phobia of something or from S 0 1 l l ~ act. I Iethinks
that if he would do that. people would laugh at him
and when he is toldto do that he gets confused, He has
the realization that his fear is baseless but still cannot
gel rid orit.
Typical Phobia
This type of phobia is related with some particular
object. situation or acts like fear of cockroaches.
Iizards, snakes, air trave ling. getting into the lift,
seeing someone fighting. or upon seeing blood causes
him to panic. This disease can be due to the weakness
of the heart. lncertainty and dubiety are also among
the major causes of this problem Patient doubts
everything and takes everything negatively, near and
dear ones appear to be enemies and trust those \... ho are
not known to him even properly.
l. Orange Chrornat izcd wa tel'. twicc aday.
1. Orange light upon the head for fifteen
minutes, once a day,
3_ Red Chromatized water, twice a day,
-1-. Turquoise Colour Chrornatized water. twice a
S. Keep a basket full of oranges in the room C1 ["
the patient so that he could SeC it frequently and make
him see it for ten minutes. after getting up in the
morning. And. then to stand in front of the mirror.
looking at his reflection should repeat the following
words for 2·3 minutes: "Fvcrything is beautiful, I'm
not inferior to anybody. I can do anything that I want."
After doing thIS stroll about in the same room for few
minutes and then repeat the viewing of mirror and
utterance of the suggested words for another 2-3
minutes. If the oranges are not available, get ping-
pong balls used for playing table tennis painted with
orange colour and keep them in the basket.
Obsessive-Compu Isive Disorder
It is such a psychological di sorder i0 which the
patient cannot get rid of a thought coming into his
mind. When he attempts to ignore it it creates tension
for him. Resultirigrepetiti on 0 f thought. he repeats the
same one action again and again, bolts the door again
and again. counts ami recounts a thing. washes hands
repeatedly. He knows that these thoughts are oat from
any other external agency and are the product of his
own III i nd but he cannot control them.
I. Turquoise Colour Chrornatized water, alter
Sky blue Chromatized water, twice a day.
3. Sky Blue light upon the head, for fifteen
minutes. once a Jay,

4. A bouquet of fresh daffodils be kept in the
patient's room,
5. Give herbal tonics for heart and brain.
Tension Headache
Nervous tension and anger causes
headache starting in the backside of the head, it
becomes a permanent disorder. At the time of fit,
the veins appear to becracking; voices arc heard
louder than their actual and hurt. shaking of head
causes fireflies before the eyes.
1. Green Chrornatized water. three times a day.
2. Blue Chrornatized water, before meals.
3. Yellow Chrornatized water. after meals,
4. Rub Green cloth on the soles of feet twice a
S. Massage the head with sesame seed oil
Chromatizcd insky blue light. with soft hand,
6. In case of the fit blue light upon the head for
10 minutes followed by green light for three
7. Instead of wasting time doing nothing, let the
patient engage himself in a constructive hobby like
Make the patient to have a morning walk and
decorate his room with fresh flowers
Skin Diseases
There are three layers in the skin. one is very thin.
other one is thick and the third one IS the LIpper most
When the thin layer IS affected the diseuses like
chicken pox ell' are caused and when the thick layer is
affected. psoriasis boils and rashes and other skin
inflammations are caused.
Three types ofelectric current keep on flowing ill
the body. One of them Joes not affect the first and
second lavers: the other one affects the second laver
~ .
and the third one affects only the Ilrst layer and the
intcnsi ty 0 fthe disease increases or decreases with the
flow otthe cjirrcnts.
When the electnc current scncrarcd by the
to •
sunlight required by the body increases. the diseases
() r the third layer like smallpox starts, and if the

Acne, Pimples
llL:cd to use Pink LighL when the blue and Purple
Chromauzcd oi Iis used.

Yellow Chrornatizcd water twice a day.
Get a 9" x 11" glass painted with sky blue
colour and make the patient look. at it lor ten
minutes. before break fast
111 case of any probl em of lJtenIS_ usc Magenta
Chrornatizcd water, twice a day,
If the pustules arc pressed and the pus is
extracted, it leaves scars upon the face.
Applying red Chromatizcd oil upon them
could heal these scars.
This problem is common in adolescence and
puberty. Blood heat some disorder of dihl'sti\c
system. lack of menses. untidiness. heavy and
unhyg: ellic foods etc
Pustules on the face, neck and upper trunk
resulti nQ from inflarnmatio n 0 f the sebaceous ulauds.
~ ~
1. lurquoise Colour Chrornatizcd water', twice it
Black spots
currents moderately decrease the diseases of second
laver like measles start and when the sunlight is not
" ~
enough, the skin diseases of the first layer like
chickenpox starts.
Intense sunlight. heat, and disorder of menstrual
cycle. blood problems and during pregnancy this
problem could take place.
Syrnpto lOS:
Freckle. lentigo, acne. pimples, blackish brown
spots upon the face and the hack of the hands, which
sometimes appear black and sometime turn brownish.
Because of these speck les and spots the face docs not
look good.
TreII t rncnt:
I, Blue Chrornatized water, twice a day,
, (Treen Chromatized water. twice a day.
::; Ycllow Chromatized water alter lunch,
..L Pink light upon the navel, for f vc to tell
minutes, once a day,
5. Blue and Green light 1.1 pon the face.
I ntermirtently, for ten minutes each.
6. In case of problem of menstrual cycle,
massage Blue Chroruatized oil upon the lower bad,
and Purple Chrornatized oil, around the naval. 1'<0
Prickly H_eat
[101 and humid climate, excess. ve sweating,
exposure in the sunlight for long
Stinging and tingling blisters upon the skin due to
acidic sweating. sometimes these ore red and at times
these are white.
I. Blue Chromatized water, twice a day.
2. Green Chrornatizcd water before meals,
.L While Chrornai ized water once aday,
4. Keep some water in the sun from lOam to :2
pm. When it cools off make the patient to
have a bath with this water, For cooling thi-.
water ice (an he used.
This problem can he due to alleruv from some
medicine or foodor indigestion.
Sometimes it starts gradually and sometime entire
bodv is filled with round red Sl10lS with itching and
- ~
burning sensation, which disappcar ancr a while.
Sometime it is followed by fever.
Treatill ent:
I. Green Chromatizcd water, twice a day.
2. Blue Cbromatizcd water. before meals.
3. Yel low Chrornatizcd water, after meals.
-t 81m: light upon the trunk for half an hour.
once or twice ada).
~ - - -
A fungus causes it. Indigestion, inadequate foods,
not taking hath for long times. wearmg damp clothes
and having sweets excessively. arc few of the causes
for this disease,
This is the disease of skin. hair and nails. When it
starts upon the skull. it begins with a small patch from
which the hairs arc lost: upon the skin it is small red
round patch, which sometime has pus in it at times it
turns dry and scaly and when the skin is wet it appears
like a layer upon the skin.
1. Blue Chrornatizcd water, twice a day.
~ , Green Chromatized water, t wice a day.
'), Magenta Chromatized water at nigh,
-to Massage Blue Curomatized all upon the
affected area. during daytime.
). Massage Grccn Chromatizcd oj J, 11 poIl the
a trected area at night.
(1, Blue light upon the affected area for seven
minutes twice or thrice a day
Weakness of the immune system, hereditary traits
and unknown reasons cause this disease.
Small' pink erupnons upon the skin, which turn
into slivery scales. a net is lormed from these
eruptions with unbearable itchin them.
l . Blue Chromatizcd water. twice a Jay.
Green Chroruatizcd water. twice a day.
3, YellowChromnrizcd water, once a day.
"'" HIlle right Juring daytime and Green light at
night. for halfan hour each.
Deficiency of Melaminc. the substance that
provides colour tu the sUn and hcredily arc the causes
of tllis disease.
Whitc patcbes appear II pon the skIlL which
spread all over the body. It is not contagious Other
than discoloration or the skin there are no problems
associated with this disease and all the body parts
function properly,
1. Red Chrornatized water, twice a day,
1. Green water, twice a day,
3. YeUowwatl..:ronceaJay,
4. Red Light upon [he affected part.
S, Get a glass sheet of 9":\ 11" puirued witil gray'
colour and make the patient to set' it many
times a days.
6, lfils s p r e u d , ~ all over the body then don't treat
Children's Diseases
Normally teething starts in sixth or seventh month
OLl child's 8gC. Special care is required to he observed
ill those days, ln the beg!nni ng baby SlJ tiers variII LiS
problems like flowing of saliva, shakes his head due
to pain in the temples and headache. occasionallv
fever. constipation, loose motions of green O ~ yellow
colour. soar eyes, etc. Baby takes milk with dilficuhy
and feels very weak and is restless
I, Keep the baby in blue light most of the tune.
For this the windowpanes and ventilators of the room
can be covered \A..ith pain. cellophane. plastic or glass
sheet of blue colour and let the child Slay in the room
cspec ially In the area where the blue Iight is falling.
-, BI lie Chromatized water, twi cc a (3)'.
). Yellow Chromatized water. twice a day.
t\TH: The dose should be according to the
age, 5 to 10cc.
When mucus forms in the lungs and lungs
attempt to expel it it is known as coushin ~
Snrnctimes it is dLIe tocold. hot or dryness of weather.
Usually coughing is in the fits. children
breathe with difficulty, appetite is lost, child grows
irritated. it increases in cold, at night and carlv in the
'- .'
morning. White vellowish phlegm cxcrctes.
sometimes it is bluish sticky with irritation in the
chest and throat If it is not treated with care. it may
result inwounds in the lungs.
[. Sky Blue Chromatized water. twice a day.
Blue light upon the back
3. Orange Chromati zed wate r. attcr meals.
4, Mix Green and Orange Chrornatized oil 111
equal quantity and rub it upon the ribcage.
with son hand. in circles. fromtop to bottom.
Viruses of many types. contaminated water.
unhygienic milk. feeder and nipples. flies and insects
Water greenish motions thai may contain blood,
severe dchvdration. i r' it is not taken care of it mav
. .
result Inthe death ofthe clnld.
Prccaurinna ry MC.ISUr-CS:
Mother should breast teed their babies. if lise of
feeders and nipples is unavoidable, they must be
educated about hygiene and need ofcleanlines s. Up I ~ \
the age of four months mother's milk )5 the complete
diet. hence no need to g.l \'e any thing else Ti1I the
loose motions last. child must not be given anything
except ORS and he should not be gi\ en milk unless
the rnoti ons com cia thci r natural colour.
1 In esse or severity of the child's condition.
consult Q child specialist and act upon his advice.
2. Yellow Chromatized water 2-3 times. one
(able spoon,
3. If the motions have blood 1I1 them, give bllie
Chroinatizcd water one hour after gi \ ing I he
ye110 w water,
-1. Massage the Yellow ointment or the 1'c:IIO\\
Chrornatized oil around the naval. with the
fi ngcr tips
). Mil k and \\ atcr that is to be given to the child
must be boiled to tree it from germs.
Deli ciency of proteins and other energy giving
items in toads, contagious diseases, economic
conditions of parents. teething. infestation, and lack
ofknowledge as to what diet is required by the babies
alter mother's milk
Low gro\.Vth rate, [ass of weight. dchydrution. and
skinny appearance. recurrence of lever without any
ostensible reason or cause, convulsions. cr: ing,
awakcni ng startled. puII i ng and gnawing others arc
tewofthe symptoms ofthis disease.
I. Blue Chrornatizcd water, once a day,
2. YellowChrornatizcd water, after meals,
3. Orange Chromatized water. twice a day,
4, .\1assage entire body wi t h Orange
Chrornatized oil. Sesame seed oil can be
chrornatized in the orange light for (\\0
hundred hours for the purpose,
1 8 ~
)Vhooping Cough
Sticking of phlegm in trachea or the windpipe.
germs ofwhooping cough
It starts with dry coughing. whi chi n one or t \\0
week's tune turns into coughing in fits. Thi:, may last
up to two months. During the til. breathing becomes
difficult. face turns blue, small amount of phlegm is
expelled and sometime child vomits. It is eommo.n in
ehildren of 2 to 8 years of age It is a coruagious
disease. which strikes only once in the lifetime.
1. Orange Chromatized water.twice ada).
., .81 ue Chromatized water. t y, icc Q day.
:;. Massage Yellow Chrornat ized 0 il upon throa t.
Bille Chromatized ad upon chest and Orange
Chromatizcd oil upon the back. for seven
minutes each once a dav. , .
Small Pox
Virus ofsmall ofpox causes this disease, which is
i nfectious~ and communicable from one person to
another one. It is Common in children but can affect
the adults as well. It is more common in poor than rich
people and black people than whi tes.

YellowChromatized water after meals.
l'ut'bluc light upon the body. for ten minutes.
twice a day.
). Continue this treatmen t tilI the di scasc is
complerelv cured.
1. HlueChromatized water, twice a day,
') Green Chrornatized water. twice a day.
water twice a day and put blue light, lor Jive to len
minutes upon the body. twice a day. This would
reduce the heat and burning and help in curing the
As a precaution, children must be vaccinated for
small pox. Only those children suffer from this
disease that has not been vaccinated for small pox.
Chicken pox
:\ virus cau- .... s this disease.
lhis disease usually spreads through breath ,me
boils and is characterized by fever and fatigue. which
is loll owed by small sores and lurunclcs. Initially the
sores emerge urnn the face. head and the body and
latter on the hands and feet are also covered with
them. Alter a few days this boils dry up and the attack
ofthe disease is over ina fortnight.
Jt can be severe 0 I SIight case lt starts wit h le\ er,
headache and severe backache On the third day red
spot appear upon the skin. The fever subsides bur the
spots turn into boils in three four days and pus oozes
from them. Then the small poxes dry up and blisters
drop away leaving behind a SC<IL Usually most of the
patients get well but if the fever persists even after the
boils get dry: this is a serious i ndication,
In the beginning of small pox eyes become red
and water runs. child scares in his sleep. face is red
and swelling. YelDS in the temples throb. feels drowsv,
third day the fever subsides and red spots appear on
the forehead. face and hack and then the entire body is
covered with it 1nitia! I) these spots are red in colour
and these are more on the face than any other place.
On the fourth day these turn hoils and 01\ seventh or
eighth day pus oozes hom them. On that day once
again the fever heightens, patient (cds difficulty in
breathing, face and eyes swell, on tenth or eleventh
day boiIs start drying II p and are covered wit h blisters
and keep on withcri ng away for 3. mortth UI so.
[n the beginning Red Chromatized water, twice a
day and putting red light upon the body for three
minutes. once or twice a day help in emerging the
small pox completely. Once the small pox is
completely out, red colour is not to be used. When the
boi Isare tilled with pus. spunkle some talcum powder
upon them and gin' Turquoise Colour Chrornatized
This disease is call sed due to bactcr ia.
Child sutlers from fever: the muscles ofneck and
jaws become stiff and taut. Usually this disease is
caused due to some i njury, In infants, germs penetrate
through umbilicus. This disease is dangerous and
I. Blue Chrornatized water, twice a day,
Green Chrornatized water, twice a day.
J. Keep the patient under blue lIghL for ten
minutes daily.
4 Consult a specialist Doctor and act upon his
Like small pox. measles is also contagious and
communicable. which spreads through a virus. It is
common in infancy and childhood. 1nitially. it starts
with colds, water flows through eyes coupled with
cough and fever. inner lining of mouth 15 filled with
Koplik's spots. On {he third or fourth day red spots
1Ipon the skin and the fever recedes.
I. Turquoise Colour Chrornatized water. twice a
2. 131ue Chromatized water. twice a day.
J. Orange Chrornarizcd water, once a day,
4 Put blue light upon the head of the patient,
once a day
5 In hot season. make the patient to drink more
•••••••• .. ·: .. .•"

Gynecological Di seases

There an: two types of this disease, primary and
secondary. Intl ammation of uterus, diseases of
vag\na. \ag\ 11 ; tis and tumor 0 f uterus are classified as
Pain that starts inrhebeuinni rig. 0 rmenses and last
for 24 to 72 hours, which may be accompanied Vvitb
nausea, "omiti nQ.. i! ue. loose motions. headache
and pain 'in IO\\t:r'- abdomen. ThL' secondary
dysmcnorrhea mil;' nolend herc but may<.: ause sexual
di ssauslaction. barrenness, unt imely hlceding [IS
\\ ell
-----------------_....._---_.. •
Fioroids or TULl10r of the uterus or some other
disease mav cause this disease. Heat In the blood.
mi scarri time and agai n, sufferi ng from
leucorrhoea for a long time and the high blood
pressure can be thecause of this disease.
8. Other problems 0 f uterus,
9. Adjustment problems with husband and or in-
10. Gaining or losing weight excessively.
11. In adequate almosphere after marriage.
1, Ked Chrom3tized water. tv..-icca day.
.., Orange Chrornatizcd water. after meals.
J. Put Violet light upon the head and abdomen
for fifteen minutes each. once a day.
4. Massaue Violet Chromatized oil over the
lower -back and lower abdomen, in circles
\\ ith upper palm slowly. without applying
5. Get a 6 x t) inches glass sheet painted in red.
which the patient is to look at. in the evening.
and a glass sheet or the same size. painted in
violet 1.00 p.m. Cor IOta 15 minutes. each
-, -
, "
1. 1- XCCSSI \ C use ofdrugs.
2. !\icrvous tension.
J. Slicking ofinner layers 0 f uterus.
4. Oyer exercising.
5. Deficiency 0 rEstrogen hormones.
6. ]nllanunat ion of utcrus.
7. fats in uterus.
5. Massage Violet Chromauzcd oil upon the
abdomen for fi vc nunutes. twice a day.
1. Olive Colour Chromauzed water. twice a dav:
" '
starting one week before menses and continue lill
one day after starting ofmenses.
2. Ycllow Chromat ized water, before meal s,
3. RedChrornatizcd water. after meals,
4 Massage BIue Chrornar ized oi lover lower
back joints for ten minutes each. once early in
the murning and once at night before going to
Dun ilL: pregnancy lac[;J: i 011 an.l menopause
menstrual cycle rcmai us su spcndcd B1It other than
this any one or more or the followinu could he the
Fxccssivc bleeding in menses, weakness of the
hod) systems. palpitation. excessive thirst. and
paleness. burning sensation duri ng urination and
bleeding. urine is reddish yellow
I. Violet Chroruatized watcL tw j cc J day,
'l Green Chrornatizcd water. before dinner.
3. Wear dark gree n si lk cIothcs when going to
4, Massage Violet Chromatizcd oil on lower
back for five In inures.twice a day.
Massage Green Chromatized 0 i Ion lower
abdomen. for fi ve minutes once a day.
Amongst many of the causes few are infection.
uucrnul inflammation or injury. diahetes or anemia
Inflammation and swell inc of vagma wi 1h
\ agiII al dischergc. itching and pain
1. Blue Chromatized water. twice a d8Y.
1. Green Chrornatizcd water, before meals,

J, Place (Olton swabs damped i i: l-l uc
Chroruatizcd water, thrice a day.
4. If there is diabetes OJ anemia, these arc aISll to
he taken care of
Inlcction caused by protozoa, run YiTUS or some
other bacteria. this disease ie; wmJ110Il III countries or
hot clirnate. Using strom; medi ci nes, spicy foods.
coffee shaver cues. and chi lie'; excess i \ cl y and
.................. ....
watching obscene movies are also the causes of this
Vaginal discharge is normal but when the amount
exceeds and It odor and colour changes or it becomes
stickv and foamv. itchina and burning sensation and
swelling is there. then it has reached the stage of a
Panent complains backache. reels pain ann
heaviness at lowcr abdomen ann urinates frequent Iy.
Remains lazy and doesn't feel like working.
appetite is lust. calves and legs ache. face grows pale.
eyes are dimmed. bod; becomc weak and skinny.
gcncrnl debility is there

1, Red CI nornatized water. aIter meals.
') Green Chwtn8lizcd water, tv, li.:L' a day.

Red Chromatized water. before meals,
Massage Purple Chrornarized oil on the lower
hal f'of'backbone. for ten minutes, t\\ ice a day.
Massaue Red Chroruatized oil upon the lower
abdomen, for ten minutes, twice a day'.
5. Massage Blue Chrornatizcd oil on the lower
3. lnfusion of peri roneum.
4 Unknown reasons
1'\ onual!v pregnancy lasts for J 7 weeks and () to
22 weeks fetus ean survive in the incubator and if the
pregnancy is lost before 20 weeks j tis called
miscarriage. When pregnancy' j s tcrnuua ted by
opcrat iun or some other procedure. i[ IS cal led
There are two basic reasons lor miscarriauc. One
of them concerns mother and other to the fetus,
Mother's Factor: lntection. diabetes, dcf eicncv
or hormone. heart problem, high blood
pressure. excessive LIse of liquors or tobacco.
psvchological reasons and problem in the uterus or
I. Violet Chromatizcd water. twice a day.
.,. 131 ue Chrornatized water. before meals.
4. Massage Violet Chrornatized oil on the lower
abdomen. twice a day.
- VI assage Blue Chroruatizcd oi I on the 1(1 wer
back. twice a day,
6. Get a glass sheet of 6 x 9 inch....s painted in
green and make the patient to 1001.: at it
Non-production ot'ov a in the 0\ aries.
Infertility ratio in women is 50% and ill men it is
15°'n and 25% cases. both the man and wife ha. c this
nroblern. In 80
/ () cases reason of infertility can be
determined hut in 20% no reason can be determined.
Normally a couple that have spent two years or
healthy matrimonial relations and remain \.... ithout an
offspring could be considered as infertile.
20 to 25' year of females is said to be most potent
and terti Ie age whereas. in males this period s up
to J0'" year 0 r thelrage. \Vi th agi ng. the (t bi11 0 r
rcproduction decreases. In ferna lcs after Menopause
abdity of reproduction comes to an end hut in males
this abi Ii ty Iingers on tilI last.
In females. following could be .hc reason:
1. Diseases of Uterus.
---------------------_.-.._ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~ " .. <"'.,,.'-..
Child's Factors Some genetic di sor dc r.
de ticicncy ~ J 1 oxygen supply. and reaction 01
medicines cuuld result ill the death of fetus' death ill
the \HJIll b
iVl other feeIs uncorn fortable and anxious. reels
pain like that of labor. which keep all incteasing.
bleeding starts, some start vomiting. and in SOO1I:
C<J ses te\ er is also there.
1. Turquoise Coloured Chromatized water.
before meals.
'1 C; rccn Chromatizcd water. after meals,
~ . YcIIO\\ Chromatized water, two hours alter
meal s,
4. Consult agynecologist during pregnancy.
Sometime milk is not produced in the breasts to
fulfill he needs of the baby. Deficiency of prolactiue
hormone. which is excreted by Pituitary Gland and
weakness of the mother's health are the main causes of
this problem.
1. Red Chromauzcd water. twice a day.
Orange Chrornatizcd water, attc r meals,
3, Violet Iight uP<'l1 thehead for ten rninures.
Ear, Nose and
Throat Diseases
rYlouth Ulcers
Virus. fungus. an" i cty. depression. tension or the
digestive problems
The inner lining of mouth and tongue has boils
and one cannot cat. in case 0r ell rigaI infed ion \vhitc
layer isformed upon [hetongue
I. Blue Chroruatizcd water. Lwice a day.
2. YeI[owChrornatized water. after dinner.
3. Use Blue Chrornat ized water as mouth- wash.
Green Chromarizcd water. twice a day.
Massage Blue Chromatizcd oil upon the III
I. BilleChromatized water. t wice a day.
1 Orange Chromat i zed wa tcr, twice a Jay,
, Gargles with Blue Chrornatizcd water. three
ti mes a day.
4. Massage Orange Chromatizcd oil upon throat.
10 r ti vc minutes wi th sort hands. twice a day,
Allergic Rhinitis
using liquo!".', dust and smoke and tonsi 111 Lis arc abo
few of the causes otihis disease.
This disense is more commo11 in men than V':OIl1Cll
and IS hereditary. Mostly they an: allergic III dust.
smoke. pollens. eggs. and fish and cold weather or
from a particular medicine. It is oltwo types; one th.u
is i Jl a part icular season and I he second. whic h laSIS
through 0 II t the year.
Nostri I rernai ns closed especially \\ hi Ie i) i ng.
snecz ing: water runs through nose and eyes. S\\ eII ing
in the membranes ofthe nostrils. llO.SC glands ell] mg,,-
Sky Blue Chroinatized water. twice ada).
... ... ..
Turquoise colour Chrornatizcd water. twice a
l. Gargles viilh Blue c: hromatized water, thrice a
three times a day.
4. Massage YellowChrornatized oil, early in the
morning. on the abdomen.
5. Apply Yellow ointment on the upper abdomen
at night before going to bed.
Fever, headache. nausea. throat aching. painful
swallowing, accelerated pulse rate, inner lining or
throat pinkish
I. Sky Rlue Chrornatized \VaLeL Lwice a day.
Cold drinks. sour foods. cxccssi vc smoking. loud
speaking and bacteria are the lew olthc causes of this
Chronic PharY'ingitis
If the ac ute Pharyingitis is not treated proper]y. 01"
the i11111lune system ofthe patient is not strong enough
the disease turns to be chronic. Excessive smoking.
.Acute Pharyingitis
--------------------""'"". .,.-
--+, Get a 9 x 12 inches glass sheet painted in green
and make the patient to see \1 for ten minutes,
before meals, from a di stance of four fed.
High blood pressure, heat. nasal injury' and rever
etc are the causes ornose bleeding,
For known or unknown reasons bleeding starts
from the nostrils
I. Green Chrornatized water. before meals and
once early in the morn ing and once before
going to bed.
Massage Green Chromatized oil upon ihe
nose and in the nostrils,
3. Green and sky blue light for ten minutes each,
ahernati vely, tWLcC a Jay.
4, Putting Sky-Blue Chrornarizcd water in the
nostrils using a dropper stops the nosebleed
There are empty spaces between the bones or fac,
and head, which an: tcrrned as sinus. There <Ire J1Mll\
types o f bacteria t hat cause sinusi lis. Polyps. l:)' SL ~ .
tumors and inkerion in the nose cause SII1IIS1li:'i.
Fever, headache. nausea, one ofthe nostrils
rcmai ns dosed and mucus flows Ilmlllgh till:
other. Affected Sinus aches scverelv.
I. Indigo Chromatized water. [\vice a day,
2. Orange Chroiuatizcd water. before meals.
3. \1 assage Vi olet Chroruatized oil on the
forehead, and BIlleChrornatized oil upon 11K
l nc1ean teeth. cxccssi vc use of sweet and soar
foods, indigos: ion. dental ca vi tics, gaslri c problcrn.
usc or hard brush upon son gums, using liard
toothpicks. laking cold water after taking: hot ILIJ or
Teeth ache painfully. gums swell and sometimes
even the face also shows s, velling
L, Incase otpain. use Blue Chromatized water as
mouthwash, many rimes.
Yellow Chrornatizcd water. before mcal-.
Grcen Chromat i zed water. after meals,
Blue Chromatized Water. tWILe a day.
4 Massage Yellow Chrornatized oil or ointment
upon the abdomen.
Deficiency of vi rami n C Problems of Digesti \\..'
System especially the gastric problems. use or
liquors. etc
Gas, constipation. recurring dysentery, swelling
of gums. bleeding and pus, loosening of teeth. foul
I. Turquoise Colour Chromatized water. twice a
Orange Chromatized water, before meals.
Massage of Orange Chrornatized oil around
4. Vitamin C tabl ets 500 mg. l wicc a day,
.5 Boi I pomegranate sl, in. in water and rinse the
mouth, twice a day with one glassful ()f this
6. Basic reason for pyorrhea is indigestion.
Normally it is treated locallv and the basic C;)US(' is not
attended the way it is required to he treated. hence the
pyorrhea is not cured completely A good dCtlliq
kno ws this and he refers the case to the gastro-
speci (II i st.
Eye Diseases
lnahility of eyes to focus upon ncar or tar away
objects. it could be myopia 19i1tcJncss) or
hyperopia (long-sighteum:ss )\II' opia
Eyes feci strain. and gets tired. headache. water
runs through the eyes. vision hlurs.
1. Use (1 f skYhiLIt colour for two to three
hours a dav
lndig« Chromati7cd water, tee a day.
J. (j rccn elmuna li7.ed water, before meals.
..I-. .\1<11\(' t\\'O ci rclcs 2 inch apart. of2 inch radi LIS.
on a glu5S) card board. fill one with red and
the other with blue. make the patient to look at
them froma distance 0(4 leer, for ten minutes,
twice 8. day During gazing these circles try not
to blink or at least blinking should be avoided
as much as possible.
.5. Gc[UP early in lire j nomIng and sit fromwhere
the ri.\ ing sun coul d he see:J. Wlu-n the sun
rises. look at it for one minute only. Do not see
more than one minute.
6, \Vash (he eyes with Blue Chromatized water.
in the morning and with Green ChroIH311zed
Water. inthe evening,
Night Blindness
Mostly it is caused due to deficiency ofvi U1Tl1i 11 A.
Symptoms: The patient can see normally
dt Illllg the day time but with the decline of the sun, the
sight gm\\5 dimmer and dimmer In winter this
pro hi em becomes severer than t hc slimmer
I. Use spectacles of turquoise colour. for t\\U to
three hOUfS a day.
Blue Chroruatized water, twice a day.
J, Yellow Chrornatized water, after meals .
4. Wash eyes with Sky Blue Chromuuzcd wa'cr
Opthalmia Conjunctivitis
Virus C8tlSeS it. It is a communicable disease :-;0
caution Dll:SI be exercised and usc [0\\'':1.
pillow or handkerchiefbe avoided
Inncr of the eve! ids is red: \\ ater runs through the
eves. after getting' up in the morning the ('yes
like sand grain prickling in the eyes. which IS
Vel)' painful.
1 l ' kv Blue spcctac les. tor ;\\0 to three . ,se •
hours aday.
"I Wash the eves with 13IUl' \\ uter,
as many l:n;es as possible,
3. Blue Chrornatizcd water. 1wice a
4-. Ye! lowChrornatizcd water. beron: meals.
:'I. Green Chromat.zcd \\ atcr. ;,fll'r 111 ea1s.
lnflammarion of sebaceous glands or eyelids.
which IS caused due [0 physical weakness. excessive
usc of starchy food, diabetes and typical bacicriu.
cause this disease.
Affected eyelid swells due to pus tilled boil in the
root (If eyelash. when the pus discharges. the swe!\ill!.!.
:ill bsides -
Pluck the lash carefully that has sty.
2. Put Dark Green Li ght upon [he lashes lor
fifteen minutes. twice aday,
). Glue Chromauzcd water, twice a day'.
4, Violet Chrornauzcd water, after lunch.
" Green Chromatized water. before meals.
6, Wash the affected eye with Green
Chromauzed water usi ngcotton swab.
7 Put Blue Chromatizcd Rose water using a
dropper. three four timcs a day.
131 ephari tis

in chi idrcn. baclen a and unhygienrc j i \ inc ate [he
main causes ofthis disease. - ..
Dryness on the sides 0 reyel ius. j tching and sma1\
wounds on the eyelids. inner of'evelids is red
. ,
1. Sky Blue Chromatized water. twice a day.
') Green Chromatized water. before meals,
3. I)luc light upon the eyelids tor fi (teen
minutes. twice a day.
Conjunctiviti ..
I[ is a very common intcction of the eye, which is
must\y caused by virus. bacteria. allergy or reaction to
some ranil' l\ Jarche mil' al

Watery discharge from the eyes. which later on
lakes the form of pus. pain in the eye. sometimes the
vision blurs. cycl ids stick to each othe r when gets II P
from sleep
Tr... atment:
Blue llght upon the eyes keeping them ch.lseJ.
for fifteen minutes. t\.. ice aday.
! Wash c:- cs \.... itn Sky Hlue Chromatized water.
five 51X tiIl1Csa dav.
3. BIue Chrornatized water. t wice :1 day.
4 CQ.\l;r with green cloth. when going out
Inthe sun or intense light.
Other Diseases
Rheumatoid Arthritis
It is an autoimmune disease. that is, the immune
systcrn ofthc body is activated against the body parts.
lhis pain starts due to rheumatism, wetting in the
rainwater. cold weather When the joints are affected
with rheumatism. it pains severely. The immune
system of the:' hody joints is affected due to sexual
In the beginning, one feels tired and Iatigucd:
knees and other joints are felt cold and swell and pain.
joints of the toes or fingers ache badly. in chronic
Hilc increases when sweat and llHlu:, are
LJ ken. this resuIt in 10"" ot" appct i le. 111..'(1 \) mcals.
\\ hich take time in diucstion produce phlegm This
also ki IIs appeti te. Jniestation. 10 ng hours or ::-: tting
and not taking exercise also causes (his disorder.
Refrigerated food items especially milk and meal
3 ppcar to be in good shupe hut actually t hey lose
vi tal eneruv. r or this reason, the fresh mea L Iasrs
longer in tTie open as compare to the refrigerated one.
The LIS": of frozen and refrigerated foods excess» ely
aIS0 rcsuIt the same problem
Pai nrul swcl Ji ngs in the jo inIS. role 0 f uric ucid is
the di Ilerencc between Gout and Arthri I is. rest 0 f the
:tTC almost similar to Arthritis
1. Red Chrumatizcd water, t'\\KC a day.
'1 YellowChrornatized water. before meals.
-oJ. Put Orange ligh; 1Ipon the atfccted j oints for
fifteen minutes.
..I-. Massage Blue Cilromali7cd oil upon the
backbone i01 nts and Green ('1]["(1rnatized oil
upon the ankIes, wrists and cI!JO\\-s. i 11 c: des.
twice J d.iy.
RedChromatizcd water, after meals.
Orange Chromati zed water. after break fast.
1. Green ( 'hromauzed \\ <lILT- before going to bed
at lc:JS[[ wo hour aher dinner.
4 :-v1 assage (j rccn Chromatized 0 i L uport knees
and e,lh cs.
7. :vlas"3gc Yellow Chrornatized oil upon the
5. Mas.,>ag.: Red oil upon joints of elbows, and
8. If the pain increases due to cold, Red
Chromatized water. twice a day.
0. In case of Rheumatism put Yellow light upon
the shoul dcrs and press the shoulder. ri bs and
back. which would help in decreasing gas.
6. Massage Blue Chromatizcd oil upon joints 01'
neck and backbone.
case'>. the fingers become crooked and the
movements otjoints decrease. joints of neck. clhC1\\.
shoulder. knee. pctvis and 'Inkle a!so gel affected.
Exec-s of Uric Acid c,luse' this disease. Surgery.
infeet ion. excess: \L' use 0 r <lieu holic dri nks, also
L'all t hi:-, disense
I. Yellow Cluomatizcd wa.cr, t\\ icc a
HIlleChrornatized water. before meals,
]. Green Chrornatized water, alta lunch and
4. Red Chrornarized water, after breakfast
In case of nausea. Turquoise Colour
Chromatized water, tv.... ice a dav Green
Chromatized \\ atcr, before meals and Yellow
Chrornatized water. alter meals.
It is the problem that relates to with diets and
causes heart problems. srastric and rheumatic
problems, diabetes. and blood pressure. Fat people
have shorter span oflives than others, This disease is
caused because of accumulation of fats in the blood,
which is due to hereditary and genetic reasons besides
using imbalanced diets. long hour 'of sitting not
exercising etc
Normally. one can tell about this problem merely
by looking at patient hut before proper diagnosis it is
better to examine the case in the light or the given
, Treatment:
I. Black Chromatized water. twice a dav
., .
') Red Chromatized water. after meals.
3. BIdek light upon the abdomen Ior Iittecn
minutes, once a day.
4. Massage YellowChrornatized oil, twice a day,
S. Violet Chrornatizcd water. three rime a Jay.
6. If there is ulcer in the stomach. it must also be
treated with this treatment
7. Morning and evening walk regularly.
Teeth GrindingDuring Sleep
I ufcstation and many other psychological and
physical reasons arc cause of this problem.
Watery discharge from the mouth during sleep,
upset digestive system. yawns and stretches. patient
grinds teeth in his sleep, pale face and colourless
nai Is. sometimes the belly swells.
l. Yellow Chrornatized water, twice a dav,
~ -
2. Blue Chrornatized water. before meals.
3_ Chromatized skimmed mi lk in Red light from
] (J am to 1 pm and then let it there in the dark
t01'24 hours and let the patient drink 11.
General Debility
Hasically it is due to one or the other d i ~ e a ~ e or
phvsical problcrn but at tiIlles It Cd1l110t be diagn used
Patient feels weak and fatigued :11 Hi cumpl ains 0 t"
pains Lit the bodv,
I. Orange Chromaiizcd \VJLer. t \\ icc a day.
2. Red Chromatized water. twice a day after
. i. Blue Chromatized water, two hours alter
taking the dinner. before going to bed
Rich. fatty and fried foods and use of salt
excessively, bathing with hot water art few of lite
C:ll1:-;C:-; o lthis problem
White scaly particles are there on the scalp. which
do not look nice,
I. Blue Chromauzed water. twice a day.
2. Orange Chrornatizcd water. after lunch.
J. (J reen Chrornati zed water after dinner.
4. Massage the hair oil. which i.s charged in the
moonlight. Gtu-e-sab: is herbal hair oil that
has heen charged in the moonlight
Heat stroke
In hot countries. cspcc i ally in summer. working
in hot air and sun cause the heal stroke.
Headache followed by fever, feels thirsty. urinates
again and again. anxiety. C) cs and face grow red.
palpitation ami sweating and patient taints. nausea
and deliriumcan also be there.
I, Blue Chroruatized\\ atcr, twice a Jay.
2. Green Chroiuatized water, after meals.
3. Orange Chromatized water, one hour after
4. Make the patient to lie under the Blue and
Green light tor titteen minutes each, twice a

Bacteria cause this disease.
lt starts with fatigue. headache and throat
irritation and fever. which keeps on increasing day hy
day and maximizes the t\ or S"day. Patient may have
constipation or loose motions as well. Feyer persists
in the range of 1000to 102
F and seldomdrops unlike
malaria. which ranges 103
to 105c F
Blue Chroruatizcd water. before meals.
Turquoise colour Chrornatized water. twice a day.
YellowChromatized water. twice a day.
Blue ltght upon the head for fifteen minutes. twice a
Lla\ "
A tc..:rl11 called Plasmodium. which infuses the
blood byAnopheles mosquito. causes malaria. These
germs are also known as Malarial Parasites.
Malaria attack is in tits. Before and during the fit
of malaria. patient feels cold and shivers and fever
runs up to lOY E which lasts 4 to eight hours and
recurs on third or forth day. in between the fever is nul
there bUI the patient suffers from, fatigue. giddiness,
loss ofappeti teo nausea, vorniting, stomac hache. pain
injoints and muscles anddry cough.
I. Sky HI ue Chrornatized Water.thrice a day.
2. Green Chromatized Water. after meals,
3. Make the patient to Iii: under the Sky Blue
light, in the morning. for ten minutes and. in
the Green light. for ten minutes. in the
HIV Virus (Human Immune Deficiency Virus)
causes the disease of Acquired Immunization
Deficiency Syndrome or ..\IDS, It severely damages
the immune system of the patient and he suffers from
one or the di scasc In qu ick succession.
TIllS virus transfers due to blood transfusion, from
mother to chiId and unnatural sexual acti vitics. Its
syrnproms may rnani fest in two years or take ten.
It JS not incurable. lts treatment needs persistent
caring and regularity.
Treatment: •
Sky BlueChromatized water. twice aday,
YellowChrornatized water. before meals,
GreenChrorn<It i zed watcr. aftc 1" meals,
Red Chromatizcd water, t \VICI: a day,
Violet light in the armpits, for ten to ftftecn
minutes, before going 10 bed
Get a 6 x 9 inches transparent glass sheet painted
in dark green and make the patient to look at it for 15
minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening.
Massage Blue Chrornatized oi Lupon the joints of
the neck and Violet Chromatized oil upon the lower
back joints. for f ve minutes cac 11, in anti -cl ock wise
circular 11l0H'Il1CntS, once in the morning and once in
the evening,
Massage Turquoise Colour Chro.natized oil, in
the armpits and groin. using the right hand thumb. for
five minutes each.
Cancer IS the disease that results from the harm to
the blood. When a person is trapped in few specific
thoughts and finds no way to get out of them, the
electric current responsible for our actions turns
poisonous and starts causing infection in the blood.
Resulting from imbalanced tlow of currents, ultra
microscopic viruses arc produced in the blood. These
viruses accumulate at one place and stan consuming
that electric current which is an essential need for the
functioning of Iifc. These viruses teed thernse lves
upon the R B. Cs (Red Hlood Corpuscles) causing
leukemia, in which the White Corpuscles of blood and
tissues exceed the limit. Body tries to get rrd of these
excessive Corpuscles in the form of various
secretions. This results 111 overall weakness and man
turns into a skinny skeleton and finally embraces
l n another type of cancer because of
accumulation of viruses, veins and arteries of the
patient arc damaged. This destroys the entire
circulatory system, which ultimatclv results in death
ofthe patient.
Cancer IS of many types: it could be affecting
only one part or the limb or a system ofthe body.
Since the electric current of the red colour is the
food or the Cancer: the cancer consumes the electric
current present in the Red Blood Corpuscles: the
patient is deprived of the Vital energy needed for the
maintenance of life. The patient looks pale and
complains about pains especial I)' in the affected area,
I. The atmosphere around the patient is required
to be made red, i.e., the room where the patient
lives. its walls. curtains. bed sheets, pillows-
covers a n ~ d even the clothes of the patients should
be red.
2. Red light upon the body for 1Uto 15 minutes
several times a day.
Weight & Height Chart
Height without
Weight in Kgs (without cloths)
r Feet Inches Less Normal Fat Obese
5 7 46 58 -72 87 116
5 8 47 59·74 89 118
5 9 48 61 ·76 91 121
5 9 50 62 - 77.5 93 124
5 10 51 63·79 95 127
5 11 52 65 - 81 97 130
6 0 53 166 ·83 99 132
6 0 54 68 - 85 102 136
6 1 55 69 - 86 104 138
I 71 _88
6 2 57 106 141
6 3 58 72 - 90 108
± ~ 9
7 4 - 9 2 ~
Weight & Height Chart
Height without-
Weight in Kgs (without ClothS)!
Feet Inches less Normal Fat Obese
4 9 34 42 -53 63 84
4 10 35 44 - 55 66 88
4 11 36 45 - 56 68 90
5 0 37 46 - 58 69 92
5 1 38 47·59 71 95
5 1 39 49 - 61 73 97
5 2 40 50 - 62 75 100
5 3 41 51 - 64 77 102
5 4 42 52 - 66 79 105
5 5 43 54·67 81 108
5 5 44 55 - 69 83 110
5 6 45 I 56 - 71 85 113
3. Red Chrornatized water, 3-5 times a day'
4. Massage Red Chrornatized oil upon the back
of the trunk. thighsand calves, once a day.
5. Tell the patient that this discase is curable and
he has to use his will power to overpower it.
Colour Therapy
Dr. Fayyaz I lakeem
Diplomat American Board of Medicine
Or. Fayyaz Ilakeem, lives in Spring Field. USA.
is serving as Medical specialist in Wing Memorial
Hospital and Medical Centers. Besides practicing
Allopathic Medicines. he experiments Colour
Ihe rapy and reports that Colour Thera py proved very
effecti'le in the diseases of male and females. arthri tis.
cough. asthma. gastric problems and diseases of
digcsti ve system and in backaches etc.
Name of the patient: Andrew
Age:] 5years
Disease: Paralysis
Suggested Treatment: Massaged the neck joints and
lower back with Blue Chromatized oil. tv..·ice a day
and Red Chrornatized was massaged upon the
affected joints of limbs and Red light upon the
affected parts. twice a day and Blue Chromatizcd
water in doses of 2 ounces, two to three times a day
Results: Limbs started moving after one month's
Name ofthe patient: Robert Burke
A ~ ( ' : 30 years
Disease: Arthritis
Suggested Trcarmcn t: Massage of lower back j aims
with Blue Chrornatized oil. twice a day. blue light in
the morning and Green light in the evening, for fifteen
minutes. upon the affected leg
Patient started feeling relieved in three days and in
fifteen days. he was completely cured.
Name of'the patient: Lawrence
Age: 35
Disease: Arthritis
Suggested Treatment: Massage of Orange oil upon
the joints. Blue light upon the affected joints. for ten
minutes. once in the morning and once in the evening
Results: Within one month the patient felt relieved.
Name ofthe patient: Douglas
Age: 10
Disease: General dehi1ity 0 f the body parts
Suggested Treatment: Massage of Blue
Chrornatizcd oil upon the joints of the neck and the
lower back. for five minutes. twice a day and Orange
light. for fifteen minutes. twice a day. upon the entire
Results: Treatment of one month restored the
mobility of the muscles to some extent. Patient was
advised to continue the treatment.
Narne ofthe pa tient: lrcd Belm
Age: 40
Disease: Fati gue and \\ eakness
Suggested Treatment: HIlle light upon the head for
fifteen minutes daily. patient was advised to look at 9
x 12 inches glass sheet pai TIled in Blue, in the morni ng
and the Orange one in theevening.
Results: Within fifteen days the patient felt
rcvj tal izcd.
Dr. Shagufta Feroz
ESc, MHBS, FRSH (London) \1CPS (F. Med)
Dr. Shagufta Feroz, is a family physician and the
Joint Secretarv of Pakistan Society of Family
Phvsicians, resides in Lahore. and is practicing
Co"lour therapy for the last eight years, She has
compiled the reports of one thousand patients of both
sexes with ten various discases.
Burning Urination
Numbers of patients: 100
Duration ofthe disease: 7-S days.
] ntens it)' of th e disea se: mcdiuIII
Suggested Treatment: Green and Blue Chromatized
Duration ofthe treatment: fivedays
Results: ~ 9 ( %
High Blood Pressure
Numhers ufpatients: 100
Duration ofthe disease: 4-.5years,
Intensity ofthe disease: medium
Suggested Treatment: Green Chroruauzed water
Duration of the treatment: 15-30days
Results: 45%
Low Blood Pressure
Numbers of patients: 100
Duration of the disease: 2-1 months.
Intensity of the disease: medium
Suggested Treatment: RedChrornauzcd water
Duration of the treatment: 7-1() days
Results: 58%
Numbersofpatients: 100
Duration of the disease: 1-3 months.
Intensity of the disease: medium
Suggested Treatment: Green and Yellow
Chromarized water
Duration of the treatment: day:,
Results: 58%
;\lumbers of patients: 100
Duration of the disease: vears,
Intensity of the disease: medium
Suggested Treatment: Violet Chromatized water.
Violet Chromatized oil massage upon joints of lower
Duration ofthe treatment: 10-15 days
Results: 59'%
Mornine Nausea
Numbers ofparients: 100
Duration of the disease: 2-.3 mont hs,
I ntcnsity of the disease: Severe
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chromatizcd water
Duration of the trcatment: 7-8days
Results: 4(Y)/o
Numbers of pa tients: 100
Duration of the disease: 2-3 days.
Intensity of the disease: Severe
Sugg:eHcd Treatment: Orange and nilic
Cnromat izcdwater
Duration ofthe treatment: 5-7 days
Results: "+5%

Numbers of patients: 100
Duration of the disease: !0-15 Jays,
Intensity of the disease: Sexere
",uggested Treatment: Or arig e and Blue
Chrornatizcd water
Duration of the treatment: 7-10 days

Results: 55%
Numbers of patients: 100
()uration of the disease: 2-3days.
lntensity of the disease: Severe
Suggested Treatment: BlueChrornatized water
Duration ofthe treatment: 2-3days
Results: 60%
Numbers ofpatients: 100
Duration of the disease: 1-4 months,
Suggested Treatment: Blue & Red Chramatized
water. Massage orRed oil upon thcjoints
Duration of the treatment: 7-10days
Resu Its: 6 9 ~ / o
~ ' B There were few cases in which allopathic
medicines were also administered besides the
Chrornatized water and oil.
Dr. Javaid Santi
iY1HHS, \tlD (pG)
Dr. Java.d Sami practices in Karachi. l Ie reports
fllllowing experiences concerning use of Colour
Therapy in his endeavors totreat various patients
~ arne of the pattent: Akluar Sultana
Age: ~ O
Disease: Lpilcpsy
Suggested Treatment: Blueand Green Chrornatizcd
water. twi cc a day. RIuc Iight upon thehead for f ttecn
minutes daily. patient was advised to look at \) x 1)
inches glass sheet painted in Turquoise. ill the
rnorning and even ing. Massage 0 rBI ue Chromarized
oit. upon the .i oints oI' I1I.'C k. twice <J. day \\3S aJso
Results: In spite of Patient's taking Tegretol :200mg.
13LJ. she was having the tits rwtcca month. When she
was treated using the colours, after two mon.hs
treatment the tits stopped altogether.
Narne of the patient: Sultan Khan
Age: 50 years
Disease: Paralysis
Suggested Treatment: Red. Orange and Blue
Chromatizcd water. each one twice a day and Blue
light upon the head for tureen minutes daily. were
advised Ma<.,sage of Blue Chromarized oil. upon tl.;
joint:' of ned: and back. twice a day- and Red
Chroiuatized oi L upon the atlec ted parts and j 0 nus
was al so suggested.
Results: In two months time the limbs gradua 11y
started III oving normally.
Name of the patient: Allah Bukhsh
Age: ~ 5 years
Disease: Dejection and loss of heart
Suggested Treatment: Orange and BIlle
Chrornatized \\"311;1', each one twice a day and patient
was ad \i sed to look at 9 x 12 inche s glass shcc [
painted in hilIC Cor fitteen minutes daily.
Results: In one month patient started taking interest
in his work normallv,
Name of the patient: Shahana
Age: J0 years
Disease: Prickly 1kat
Suggested Treatment: Green and Blue Chromatizcd
water. each one tWICe a day
Results: Witlun 4·d3)'"'. the patient was normal,
Namcof the patien t: Akram
Age: 1:5 years
Disease: Cough
~ u g g e s t e d Tre a tme n t: Orange and BIlIt:
Chromatized water, each one. I wicc a day. Massage of
Orange and Glut: Chrornarized oil, upon the rih-cagc.
Results: In I(I-days. the patient rcco vercd
Name of the patienI: Ahsan
Age: 30 j ears
Diseasc: /) iarrhea
Suggested Treatment: \"1.'110\',' Chrornatized water.
3-4 times a day and once a day the: ycl low oinunen t
was applied upon the hell:
Results: Within -l-day«. the patient improved and in a
\\'Ct:K time recovered completely
Name of the patient: Sanaullah
Age: 30 years
Disease: Thro.u Infection
Suggested Treatment: 81u..: Chroiuatized water,
thrice a day and gargling \\ lIII the same
Res uIts: Wi til i11 a v, tI.. ' k tht: panent recovered to
Narne of the pa lient: Imrana
Age: 30 yeass
Disease: Phobia. tear ofdeath. anxiety and fatigue
Suggested Treatment: Orarig c and Blue
ChromallLed water, each one twice a Jay. patient \\JS
al so advised to look at a 9 x 12 me hes glass sheer
painted with turquoise. for ten minutes, twice a day.
Results; Patient recovered in one month time.
Dr. Nahccd Javaid
Name ofthc patient: Nahecd
Age: ~ 5 years
Disease: Lcueorrhea
Suggested Treatment: Green and Blue Chromatized
water. each one thrice a day and massage ofViolet
Chromatized oi Iuponthc lower back
Results: lrcatrncnt or one month was enough to cure
the patient completely.
Name of the patient: Raana Khan
Age: 30years
Disease: .li redness
Suggested Treatment: Orange and Blue
Chromatized water- each o n ~ thrice a day
Results: Treatment or fifteen days cured the patient
Narne of'the patient: Aliya Naz
Age: :'1 years
Disease: Menorrhagia
Suggested Treatment: Massage of Green
Chromatized oil upon the lower back and that of
Violet Chrornatized 01] around the naval point twice a
Results: Ten days treatment helped the patient to
~ ' a m e of the patient: Sanubar
Age: 14 years
Disease: Gas and Flatulence
Suggested Treatment: Orange and Yellow
Chromatized water. each one thrice ada)
Results: Treatment of five days cured the patient
Name of the patient: Tabassam
Age: 26ycars
Disease: Throat 1nfection
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chromatizcd water:
thrice a day and gargling with the same a Icw times a
Resu Its: Treatment of one month was enough to cure
the patient completely.
Name ofthe patient: )\1. Ahmad
Age: 7years
Disease: Cough
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Orange
Chroiuatizcd water. thrice a day and massage ot
Orange and Green Chromatized oj1upon thechest and
ribcage. twice a day alternatively.
Results: Trca iment often days was enough to cme til",
patient completely.
Name of the patient: Anjarn
Age: 10years
Disease: Colds and flue
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chrornatizcd water. and
blue Iight upon the head. twice a J a ~
Results: In five days. the patient was cured
Name of the patient: Fauzia Naheed
Age: 15 years
Disease: Stomach ache
Suggested Treatment: Gr ee n and Yellow
Chrornatizcd water. each one thrice a day and
massage of Yellow Ointment upon the abdomen.
twice ada)
Results: Patient was cured in twodays.
Name of the patien t: Ali?
Age: 32. years
Dise ase: arth l·itIS
Suggested Treatment: Orange. Red and Blue
Chrornatizcd water. each one thrice a day and
massage of Red and Orange Chromatized 011 upon the
joints. twice a day
Results: Continuous treatment did improve the
Results: Continuous treatment did improve the
condition but the patient did not reco vcr c.j
cornple rely.
Dr. Mian Mukhtar-ul-Haq
MBilS. reps (Psychiatry)
Name of the patients: Bina, Akram and Roidad
Age; 1fl, 30 S: 3.5 years respectively
Disease: firs or insanity
Treatment: Green and Hluc
Chrornatized water. Massage of head with Blue
Chromatizcd Sesame seed oi I
Results: In l:i days. the patients felt Improvement
lip to 40 within a month 60% Improvement was
obscrv ed. They were advised to continue the
treatment. Bina did no! continue and the fits
Name of the patient: Azhar
Age: 1] years.
Complaint: Flatulence.
Suggested Treatment: Yellow Chroruatized water
Results: .l wo days treatment curbed the problem.
Name of the patient: Khalid Mcmon
Age: 28 ye3trS.
Complaint: Burning Urination
Suggested Treatment: Green and Blue
Chrornatizcd water
Results: Problem was solved in t\vo three days.
Name of the patient: Waqar-ul-Haq
Age: 25 years,
Complaint: Throat Infection
Suggested Treatment: Hlue Chrornatizcd water
and gargling with Blue Chrornatizcd water
Results: Infection subsided in two davs and was
completely cured in four days.
Name of the patient: Irian Oniar
Age: ]0 years,
Complaint: Dysentery
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Yellow
Chromatized water
Results: Patient was curcd i11 three days
Name of the patient: lkram Shahabi
Age: '-1-5 years.
Complaint: Swelling feet
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Orange
Chromatized water
Resu Its: Patient tcIt reIicvcd and diJ not complete
the term oftreatment so it relapsed
Name of the patient: Mchmood-ul-Llaq
Age: J8 years.
Complaint: Gastric and Solar Plax problems
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Yellow
Chrornatized water, application of Ycllo« ouument
around the naval. early in the morning before
Resu Its: Patient was cured i 11 .1 \\ eek
Name of the patient: Mumtaz Hibi
Age: 50 years.
Cumplaint: Arthritis
Suggested Treatment: ReJ, Orange 8nL! Blue
Chromatized water
Results: 7W/c. improvement in a fortnight.
Name of the patient: Sara Bukhari
Age: , 7 years,
Complaint: Obscssivc-compulsi \ e disorder
Suggested Treatment: BIlle, and Green
Chwilla tizcd water. patient \\ as advised to look at 9
x 12 inches Blue painted glass sheet
Results: The patient is now cujoying her health,
Narues uf patienhi: Ashraf SII han Ahmad. Qamar
Age: -'1-0,45 and 35 years respectively.
Complaint.: Psoriasis
Suggcsted Treatrnent: Green and Bl ue
Chromatized water
Rcsu Its: li ftv davs continuous treatment curbed thc
. -
~ arne of the pa tient: r auzia Anj urn
Age: 25 years.
(. ompia in t: ] .cucorrhca
Suggested Treatment: Green and Violet
Chromatized water and massage of Violet
Chroruatized oil upon the joints or lower back
Results: 7j% improvement in a fortnight.
Names of patien rs: Arooi. Irn ran Khan
AJ;?;c: 22. 26 years rcspccn \d)
Complaint: SchizophrenI J.
Suggested Treatment: Blue, Orange and Green
Chromatized water. Massage 01' Blue Chromatized
Sesame seed oil upon head and the joint, of neck. q
\: 12 inches Blue painted glass sheet
Results: 45°-'0 Improvement alter two months
treatment. pati ents were advised to COil unue the
Name of the patient: Aneesa
Age: 20 years.
Complaint: Insomnia
Suggested Treatment: Green Na Blue Chrornatized
Results: 90 % improvement III a fortnight.
r\'ames of patients: Nazeer Shah. Abdul Qadir
Age: .-;5 and 25 years respectively.
Complaint: Jaundice, (Hilirubin 6mg/dl and --I
rng/dl respect i velyj
Suggested Treatment: Gre-en and Blue
Chromatized water
Results: 50
improvement in a fortnight. Bilirubin
level dropped to 3mg/dl and 2.1mg
Dr. Muzzaffar-ud-Din
rcrs (Surgery)
Name of the patient: Javaid Ahmad
Age: 18 years.
Complaint: Mouth Ulcer
Suggested Treatment; Blue and Yellow
Chromatized water
Results: Patient was cured in eight days.
Name of the patient: lmran
Age: :?3 years.
Complaint: Throat Infection
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chrornatized \\-ah:r
and ,gurgling with Blue Chromatived water
Results: It took seven days (0 cure the problem
Name of the patient: Mohammad Nadccru
Age: 35 years.
Complaint: Arthritis
Suggested Treatment: Yellow, Orange and Red
Chrornatizcd water. Massage of Red C"hromatized
oil upon the joints
Results: patient improved considcrablv 111 a
fortnight .
Name of the pa tient: ladvn
Age: 35 years,
Complaint: Duodenal Ulcer
Suggested Treatment: Green and Blue
Chromatized water
Results: I( took one month to curb I he probkill,
Name of the patient Adrian
Age: 30 years.
Complaint: Gastro Enteritis
Suggested Treatment: YellowChrornatized water
Results: Patient cured in 4 days.
Name of the patient. llaidcr-ul-Maiik
Age: I 5 years,
Complaint: Flue. colds
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chrornatizcd water
Hl ue light upo n the head for tiftCCI1 lllill ULl..'S •
Results; Patient cured in -l-days
Name of the patient: Khalid
Age: 25 years.
Complaint: Palpitation
Suggested Treatmcnt: Blue. Oranue ,111d Green
( 'hromatizcd \\ atel' -
Results: 60%1 improvement in a week.
Name of the patient: Amiad Klwl1
Age: 40 :- cars,
Complaint: Low Blood Pressure
Suggested Treatment: Red and Orange
Chromat: red watcr
Resu Its: Cond itionor the paticnt improved in len
Name of the patient: Irshad AIi
Age: 30 cars.
Complaint: Spermatorrhoea
Suggested Trca lin{'II t: HI i:e and Green
Chrornauzcd water. !\ of Blue Chromutizcd
oi I upon thej oinh ,1( the lower hack
Resu Its: patient Il.'CO \ crcd ;n [1 ticcn days
Name of the patient: Jav aid Akhtar
Age: 25 years.
Compia int: Premature Ei aculation
Suggested Treatment: Hli.c and Green
Chrornatized water. massage of Blue Chrornatized
oil on the joints of lower back. twice a eli1:
Results: Treatment of one month cured tJ,C
2... 6
Dr. Abdul Ghaffor
MDDS R.\1P KMC Peshawar
Dr. A. Ghafoor is servi ng 1n Post Gradua te l adv
Reading Ilospitai, Peshawar. When he tried In:iiling
the patients. besides the Allopathic system
therapeutics. using the principles of Colour Ihcr;lll:-,
rate of cure increased considerably. He 1M.':; seru the
following record:
Narnes of Patients: lrntiaz Khan, MajcdAli S!Ja h
Age: 408: 4S years respectively
Complaint: Paralysis
Suggested Treatment: Blue. Orruu;c <lnJ
Chro.:HIt izcd water Q nd massage II rReJ (' hromauzcd
ResuIts: Continuous trcatill ('"11(S II r two mornlis
heIpcd the patients LO gel well and we rc :1 blc to 1110\ C
their Iimbs normallv.
Names of the Patients: Shahid. Khalid
Age: 308: 20
Complaint: Gastro-Enteritis
Suggested Trea tmen t: Yc Ilo » and (i C11
Chror natized water
Results: Both the patients recuvercd :0 hcaltl: on
three Jays
~ ' a m e s of the Patients: Bashier Ahmad. Sohail /\It
Age: 40. .'16
Complaint: ( ough and fever
Suggested Treatment: Blue. Orange and Green
Chromatized watcr
Results: In seven days both the patients got well.
1'i arne of the Pa tient: Amjad Khan
Age: 1syears
Complaint: Mental fatigue
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Orange
Chromatized water
Results: Patient recovered to health in 4 days.
Name of the Patient: Sana Ullah Khan
Complaint: Burning sensation during Lrination
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green Chromatizcd
Results: Patient was curcdin4 days
~ ames of the Patients: Saj ida Bi bi, Hamecda
Jabeen, Bushra Naz
Age: 25. 30, 8.:. ~ Srcspecti vely
Complaint: Menorrhea
Suggested Treatmcnt: Blue aod Green Chromatizcd
water and massage of Blue Chromati zed oiI upon the
.i oints of! ower back bone
Results: I'atie nts recovered to health inei uht davs
" .'
Names of the Patients: Shahid Durrani. Aslarn,
Age: 2S. 30 and 13 respectively
Complaint: General weakness
Suggested Treatment: Oranue and Red Chromatized
Results: Patient felt much better and energetic in ten
Dr. Aamir Fayyaz
Name of the Patient: Faroque
Age: years
Complaint: Palpitation
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green
Chromarized water
Results: PatiL'1I1 improved in ten days
arne of the Patient: Rava Ahmad
Complaint: Anxiety. I, atigue
Suggested Treatment: Green, Orange and Blue
Chromatizcd water and 9 x 12 inches glass sheet
painted in turquoise colour
ResuIts: complainIS reduced in 11 tteen days.
Name of the Patient: Sauar
Age: )TJrS
Complaint: Burning sensation in urination
Suggested Treatment: Green Chromatizcd water
Results: Patient was cured 111 5 days
Name of the Patient: Jabber
Age: l:1 years
Complaint: backache
Suggested Treatment: of Glut:
Chromatized upun Lower hack joints and Green
Chromaiizcd water
Results: Pain subsided in few days
Name of the Pa tient: Fazal Sattar
Age: 20 years
Complaint: Spermatorrhoea
Suggested Treatment: BIlle and Green Chrornatizcd
water, Massage or Blue Chromaiizcd oil upon the
Jower backjoints
Results: patient was rei icved ot'the problem
Name of the Patient: Afshan
Age: 35 years
Complaint: l.cucorrhca
Suggested Tre a tmeII t: (j r c c ;1 nd VI () I t
Chrumarized water. lllus'Lige ofBlue Chrornarizcd oil
upon thejo ints 0 f 10\\ cr back bone
Results: Paticnt was cured in amonth.
I'l ame ofthe Pa tien t: Sardar Alam
Age: years
Complaint: Jaundice
Suggested Treatment: Green and Blue Chromatized
water and bed rest under blue light
Results: patient recovered in len days and wa-,
advised to continue the treatment tor a rnontho
Name ofthc Patient: Javaid Jan
Age: 37yciJ.t"s
Complaint: Pcssimisticism
Suggested Tr ea t me nr: Blue and Oran ge
Chrornatized water, /2 X 'J inches glass shed painted
indark blue
Res ults: in 10) day pat icnt started feel iug better.
Hakeem Waqar Yousuf
Unani Tuhech
l-lakeern Waqar Yousaf is practicing in his Clinic
Azeerni Dwakhana. Karachi. Ior the last I:) Years , He
has 1..'0111 pt led a record of over one t housand pr.ticnt S
of all ages and both sexes that were treated using the
technique of Colour Therapy lor len diftcrcnt
PaJpitat ion
Nurnher of pa tients: 100
Sickness period: 10-3S days
SCYC r'ity 0 rSickness: rncdilim
Treatment: Red. Blue and (; I"cen
Chromatizcd water
Duration of Treatment: 15-Jays
Hesulh; )0%
Nurn bel' of patients: 1C{)
Sickness period:
SeY('ritl ofSickness: medi urn
Suggested Treatment: Gr e e n and Ycl lo v
Chromatizcd water
Duration of Treat menI: 20-Jay,;
Results: 60%
Number of patients: ! 00
Sickness period: 3 months
Severity of Sickness: Medium
Treatment: Blue and Orange
Chrornatizcd water
Duration of Treatment: l-morith
Results: 61
Number of patients: 100
Sickness period: 2-months
Severity ofSickness: high to medium
Suggested Treatment: Ulue and Green Chrornatized
water. Massage of Blue Chromatized oil upon the
joints oflower bad
Results: 75%
Number of parients: 100
Sickness period: 7-days
Severity of Sickness: high to medium
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green Chrornatized
.Watcr. Blue light upon tilehead
Duration of Treatment: 3-4 days
Debility and
Nurn ber of patients: 100
Sickness period: 1-2 months
Severity 0 fS ickness: I1l edium
Suggested Treatment:
Red and Orange Chrornatizcd water
Duration of Treatment: 6-7 days
Results: 62%
Numberofpatients: 100
Sickness period: 4-5 1111)11Ihs
Severity of Sickness: high {O medium
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Orange
Chrornatized water
Duration of Treatment: 15-30days
Results: 55%
Anger, Anxiety
Number of patients: 100
Sickness period: 3-6 months
Severin' of Sickness: i Iigh tomed ium
Treatment: Sky Blue and Green
Chromatized water. Blue light upon the head
Duration ofTreatment: 7-15 days
Results: 18%
Inferiority Complex
Number of patients: 100
Sickness period: One vear
Severity ofSickness: high 10 medium
Treatment: Bl ue and Orange
Chromati zed water
Duration uf'Treatment: 7-10 days
Results: I 5%
Nurnherofpaticnts: JOO
Sickness period: 5-6 months
Severity of Sickness: high to medium
Suggested Treatment:
R1ue and Orange Chromatized water
Duration ofTreatment: 1S·]O davs
Results: 60%
NB: Low rate0fsllCCCSS in the patients of Anger and
anxiety was due the fact that the patients did carrv out
the treatment but did not attempt to change 'their
[emperameru. The patients (1 I rc \ er and palpi tation
besides the colour treatment also used medicines or
other therapeutic systems.
Hakeem Qazi Maqsood
1.J nani Tabeeb
His clinic is in Rawalpindi where he pract ice-,
Tib-e-unani and Colour therapy. lie reports some
interesting cases where he used the colour therapy as
first aid and found it very effective and efficacious.
Narne of the patient: Amjad Khan
3-" years
Complain t: Colds and 11 u tor the las: I0 cars
Suggested Treatment: Hluc Chrornatized water
Res uIts: 7-days treatment cl irninatcd the disease
Name of the patient: Mohammad Bashir
Age: 30years
Complaint: Burnt his face. while he opened tile
radiator ofhis vehicle
Suggested Treatment: Applied Blue: Chromarized
water wi th cotton on the atTee[t'u areas
Res ults: III :2 days the patient \\DS completelycured.
Name of the patient: Maqsood Ahrnad
Age: 22years
Com pia int: Fits of mania and psychosis
Suggested Treatment: Blue Cbromatized water and
massage of Blue Chromatized Sesame seed 01 \ on the
Results: treatment relieved the patient up hl
Name of the patient: Anees Begum
A/i1:e: 65years
Complaint: Depression
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chromatized water
Results: 60%reco\'ery in20days
:"1 arne of the patient: Shumaila
Age: 15 months
Complaint: Lower trunk and Ices burnt when boilinc
water pot fell upon her C'
Suggested Treatment: BIUt: Chrornatized water was
applied with cotton
Results: No boil was made, the burning also gone in
minutes and no scar when she cured in three days
Narne of the patient: ,. arkhanda Ashraf
Age: 40years
Complaint: wasp bite
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chrornatized water was
applied upon the sting and the same was administered
in doses of2-oullces several times
Results: pain and swellingimmediately subsided
Narne of the patient: Mohammad Basheer
Age: 25years
Complaint: Hemorrhoids (non hleeding)
Suggested Treatment: Yellow Chromatized water
Res nits: Patient rccovc red in 10 days
Name of the patie nt: Mrs, Kidwai
Age: 55years
Complaint: diabetes
Suggested Treatment: Yel Jov,,· and Purple
Chrornatized water
Results: sugar in the blood controlled in 20 days.
'1\" arne of the patient: Mustafa Shah
Age: 55 years
Complaint: Infection in kidneys
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green Chrornatized
Results: 7-days treatment controll cd the inlcc tion
1'- arne of t he patient: Usman Al i
Age: 50years
Complaint: High Blood Pressure
Suggested Treatment: Green and Blue Chromatized
Results: 1ndays treatment gave positive rcsntts
1\arne of the patient: Farrukh Riaz
Age: .:'U years
Complaint: Cough
Suggested Treatment: Orange Chrom.nized \Vakr
and Massage of Orange Chromatizcd oil Upon till'
c hcst and the rihcage
Results: 7-days treatment !!<lve 5 results
arne of the patient: Balqccs Begum
Age: 55years
Complaint: Diabetes, Nervous weakness
Suggested Treatment: Ye llow, BJ LIe and purple
Chrcmatized water
Results: patient reported improvement In 10 days
of the patient: MunirAhrnad
Age: years
Complaint: Sperm deficiency
Suggested Treatment: Violet Chromatizcd water
and massage of purple Chromatizcd oil on the joints
oflower back hone
Results: 30 days trcauncnt increased the sperms
Name of the patient: Kalsoom
Age: 22years
Complaint: Dysmenorrhea
Suggested Treatment: Violet Chromatized water
Results: Results were not satisfactory
l Iakeern M. Zulfiqar Khokhar
lJnan i 'labeeb-Fai saiabad
Name of the patient: M. Saeed
Agl': 26 years
Complaint: anxiety. tension and fatigue. insomnia
Suggested Treatment: Bluc Cbromatized water
Results: Patient started feeling better In 7-days
Name of the patient: Mohammad Akrarn
Age: 30 years
Complaint: Scabies
Treatment: Gt'CCI1 Chromanzed water
Results: pustules healed in 7 days
Name of the patient: Bano
Age: JOyears
Complaint: Tension and pain in the womb
Suggested Trcatmen t: Blue Chroma tized water,
massage of Violet Chrcmatized all on the lower
Results: i{ took just one month and the patient was
Narne of the patient: Farced Ahmad
Age: -1.5 years
Complaint: Palpitation. black spots, ipon the skin
Suggested Treatment: Green Chrornati zl'd water
Results: Both (heproblems resolved in 15 days
Name of the patient: l ubaida Begum
Age: 26
Complaint: I Iysteria
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chrornatized and
blue Ii ght upon the head for fifteen minutes daily
Results: The patient was cured inone month
Hakeern Salam Arif
Unani Tabeeh
Name of the patient: lttikhar
Age: 3Syears
Complaint: fainting
Suggested Treatment: Blue. Green and Red
Chromatized water
Results: Patient recovered
Narne of the pa tient: Amant Mohsin
Age: 35 years
Complaint: Depression
Suggested Treatment: Blue. Orange and Yellow
Chromatized water
Results: patient improved considerahly in 20 day's
1" arne of the patient: Mohammad Akmal
Age: 25 years
Complaint: Premature Ejaculation
Suggested Treatment: Blue, Green and, Yellow
Chrornat ized water and massage of Violet
Chrornatized oil upon the lower joints of the
Results: Patient was normal after 22 day s
Narne of'the patient: Nadeern
Age: 25 years
Complaint: Insomnia
Suggested Treatment: Blue. Green and Yellow
Chrcmatized water, 12 x 9 inches glass painted in
Results: after 10 day's patient starting sleeping
Xame of the patient: Azra
Age: 10 years
Complaint: Ulcer
Suggested Treatment: Blue. green and Yellow
Chrornatized water and massage ofYe llow ointment
Results: pains subsided in one month
~ a m e ofthe patient: lnzimarn
Age: 10years
Complaint: Diarrhea
Suggested Treatment: Yellow Chrornatized water
and milk
Results: the child recovered to complete health in 5
Name of the patient: Jehanzeb
Age: 20 years
Complaint: mouth ulcer
Sugges leu Tre a lmenl: Garg Ie s wi th BIuc
Chromatized water and Yellow Chromat ized watel'
Results: the ulcer was cured in 7days
Name of the patient: Shehzad
Age: 35years
Complaint: Low Blood Pressure
Suggested Treatment: Red and Orange Chromatized
Results: Patient was cured In 15Jays
Name of the patient: Aafaq
Age: 2.5 years
Complaint: Constipation, indigestion
Su ggcs tcd Trea tment: YeJ10 w and Grcc 11
Chrornatizcd water
Results: patient was cured in 15days
Name ofthe patient: RiazAhmad
Age: 10 year
Complaint: Irritation and anger
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green Chroruatized
:vatcr and psychotherapy
Results.lhe child started behaving after one months
Name of the patient: Jamal
Age: 21 year
Complaint: fatigue and Joss ofconcentration
Suggested Treatment: Orange, Yellow and BIll\.'
Chrornatizcd water
Results: patient reported improvement in 7 days and
was normal in 15
Name of the patient: Irian
Age: 35 years
Complaint: Jaundice
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green Chrornatizcd
wa ter; complete bed rest
Results: Recovered to health in 15days.
Hakeem Noor Ajarn
Unani Tabceb
Name ofthe patient: Uzma
Age: 30years
Complaint: anxiety
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green Chromatizcd
water. Turquoise coloured painted glass sheet
Results: severity of anxiety reduced in 15 days.
patient was advised to continue the trearme n1.
Name of the patient: Mohammad Saeed
Age: 30years
Complaint: Burning Urination (dysuria)
Suggested Treatment: Green Chromatized water,
massage of Green Chrornatized oil at lower abdomen
Results: Patient was relieved in 3 days and was
completely cured tn a week
Name ofthe patient: Mohammad Basheer
Age: 20vears
Complaint: Colds and flu
Suggested T;eatment: Blue Chrornatized water and
blue light upon the head
Results: completely cured in 5 days
Narne of the patient: Zubai ria i\ hsan
Age: nyears
Complaint: itching
Suggested Treatment: Green Chromatizcd water
and Green light over the affected pans tor:W minutes
twice a day
Results: after few days the patient disconti nued
treatment consi dering it of110 usc.
Name of the patient: Anjum
Age: 31 years
Complaint: dysmenorrhea
Suggested Treatment: Violet Chromatizcd water
and massage of Violet Chromarizcd 0 1I on the lower
abdomen and the Blue Chrornatizcd oil uponjoints of
lower hackbone
Results: Patient recovered to health
Name of the patient: Habeeb
Age: 8 years
Complaint: TS
Suggested Treatment: Hl ue au d Orange
Chrornat izcd water and massage of HIlle
Chrornatized oil on the back and Orange Chrornatized
oil on the chest
Results: X-rJY was clear of the spots after three
months treatment.
Name of the patient: Dawoud
Age: :2S years
Complain I: Bilious ! icadache
.Suggested Treatment: Blue Green and Yeilow
Chrornatized water
Rcsu Its: Headache W3S cured
Name of the patient: Aman Ullah
Age: (Jf) years
Complaint: Giddiness
Suggcs ted Treal ment: Red and Orangc Ch roinat j zed
water and massage of Blue Chromatized oil upon the
joints olncck
Results: Patient recovered tu health in Sdays
Name of the patient: lrshadAli
Age: "10 years
Complain t: Pessi JIlis111
Suggested Tr-ca t mcn t : Orange and Bille
Chromatized water. sighting the turquoise painted
glass in the Illuming and Orange OTIC in the evenmg
Res uIts: Patient \\ as ttl II of!i ve1inessin I0day's
Name of the patient: Arifn
Age: :?5 years
Complaint: Ireadache dueto tension
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green Chromatized
Results: Jleacache subsided in t wo days and
completely cured ina fortnight .
Name of the patient: Khalid Anwar
Age: 33 years
Complaint: Infection in kidneys
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Green Chrornatizerl
water. massage of Green Chroniatizcd oil over the
Results ~ cor.dit ion of the patient improved
satisfactorily ina week time
Dr. Ahmad Mumtaz Akhtar
DBMS RlIY1P (Homeopath)
He practices homeopathy in the city of Attock. He
treats his patterns using the colour therapy as wel L
Name ofthc patient: Mohammad Tariq
Age: 45 years
Complaint: angina
Suggested Treatment: Green and Orange
Chramatized water an d rnas sag e of Clue
Chromatized oil on the chest over the heart
Results: patient felt relieved in ] 5 days
Narne ofthc patient: Sobia Nazeer
Age: 40 years
Complaint: 1)iabetes tor the last6 years
Suggested Treatment: Yellow and Violet
Chromatizcd water and massage of ycllov..·
Chrornatizcd 01Ion the right side ofupper abdomen
Results: Sugar was controlled ina month
Name 0 rthe patient: Y10 harn111 ad Rarnzan
Age: 45 years
Complaint: Arthritis
Suggested Treatment: Hlue and Red Chromatized
water, massage of Red Chromatized oil upon the
j aims
Results: patient was rcl icvcd 50'Yo ill 15 days
Names of'thc patients: lshrat. Frzana, Kausar
Age: 35.45 and 27 years respectively
Complaint: Cough
Suggested Treatment: Orange and Blue Chromatizcd
Results: RO% cure
Name ofthe patient: WagarAhmad
Age: 35 years
Compia int: Throat Cancer
Suggested Treatment: ReJ and Blue Chrornatized
water, massage of Red Chromatizcd oil and Red light
upon the throat
Results: 50% improvement in2 months.
Name ofthe patient: Abrar Ahamed
Age: 45 years
Complaint: Hear! Problem
Suggested Treatment: Blue Chromatized "later.
massage of Orange Chromatizcd oil upon the chest
and tha: of Green Chromatized oil upon the back
Results: 50% improvement in 1month.
Names of the patients: Mohammad Aamir, Naveed,
Ali, Hinn. zatfar, SOhl3 Durrani andZceshan
Ages: 20 to 28 years
Complaint: StomachAche. gas. indigestion etc
Suggested Treatment: Yellow Chromatized water
and massage ofYellowChrornatized oil
ResuIts: All the patients cured in 3-4 days
Name of the patient: Muqcernl\ajumuddin
ge: J) years
Cumplaint: Allergic flu and colds for the last 5 years
Suggested Treatment: Blue. Green and Yell 0 \}..'
Chrornatized water
Results: 70'%improvcmcnt in20 days
Name ofthe patient: Muqaddas
Age: 15 years
Complaint: Dysentery
Suggested Treatment: Yellow and Blue
Chromatized water
Results: Patient completely cured in 7 days.
Dr. Jameel Ahmad Siddiqui
DIIMS, RIIMP (Homeopath)
Dr Jarnccl A. Sidd iqui, practices in Karachi, he
reported following experiences regarding trca trncnt
ofColour Therapy:
Nam e of Ihe patient: Mohammad Tariq
Age: 25 years
Complaint: Anemia. Hemoglobin l Ogm/dl
Suggested Treatment: Red Chrornatized \....ater and
Red light upon the backbone for 10-15 minutes twice
Resu It s: In 12 days hemoglobin was reported to
:"1arne of the patient: Shchla Habi b. Him Siddiqui
Age: 15and 4 years
Complaint: Gas. constipation and abdominal pains
Suggested Treatment: i'e110v.
Chromatized water
and tablets
Results: both the patients cured in 2 days
Name of the patient: Marriurn
Age: 45 years
Complaint: I Iigh Blood Pressure
Suggested Trca tment: Green Chrornatized water
Results: RP controlled in 15 days
Name of the patient: Abdul Qader
Age: 25 years
ComplainI: Loss of hair and heaviness of head
Suggested Treatment: Mas sage of I3lue
Chromatized oil
Results: Patient came up with flu-like symptoms; the
treatment continued and finally was cured in 15days
Name of the patient: Hina Siddiqui
Age: 2 years
ComplainI: Constipation and mouth sores
Suggested Treatment: Yellow Chrornatizcd Mixture
Results: the chi ldcured in 2 day's
Dr. Hina Tahir
DHMS, RHMP (Homeopath)
Dr Hina reports from Gujranwala:
My father-in law had throat infection. He was
advised an antibiotic medicine. which cured his throat
but he developed constipation. Doctor prescribed
some medicine but it had no effect In few days the
abdomen swelled. he felt nausea, sour water in the
mouth and complained pain in kidneys. Vomited
water only, urine reduced and constipation persisted.
had lost appetite.
Physician advised Ultrasound Test which
t. The intestines have amassed.
2. Amass is formed in the intcstincs, which has
obstructed the intestines' movement. or
3. There is tumor inthe intestines.
Thus the case was referred to the surgeon. who
giving the date ofoperation. suggested few tests. The
blood test report showed increase of blood urea. -, 'he
surgeon postponed the operation and suggested
antibiotics and other medicines to control the blood
urea before he could operate.
I decided to try Colour Therapy and started treating
him with Yellow Chromatized water before meals.
Green Chromatized water after meals and massage of
Yellow Chromatized oil upon the abdomen over
stomach. In 2-3 days the nausea reduced and the next
day the sour water also stopped and he passed bowels,
on the eighth day the abdomen was normal and the
pain in the kidneys was no longer there. On 10'" day.
he felt recovered. he was passing bowels normally
and he had his appetite back.
On 1SLl' day the Ultrasound Test report showed
everything normal in the abdomen. The surgeon
commented; no need to operate.
This experience has established my faith in this
therapeutic system and now in most cases, I
recommend colour therapy treatment to my patients
Dr. S. Nelofur
OH\1S. CDS, RHMP (Homeopath)
Dr S. Nelotur practices in Karachi; she has reponed
the following experiences regarding Colour Therapy:
Name ofthe patient: Salma Jalil
Age: 48 years
Complaint: Chronic Cough
Suggested Treatment: Blue and Orange
Chrornatized water. massage of Orange Chromatizcd
wil upon the chest and Blue Chromatized oil upon the
back .
Results: 60% recovery in21 days
Narne of the patient: Abdul Ghattar Shah
Age: 28years
Complaint: Indigestion
Suggested Treatment: Yel low and Green
Chromatizcd water twice a dav
Results: Patient complete lycured in 15days
Narne of the pa tient: Waqar-un-Nisa
Age: 16 years
Complaint: Sweating hands
Suggested Treatment: Blue. Yellow, Green
Chromatized water
Results: 50% improvement in 10days
Name of the patient: Mohammad Rafiquc
Age: 50 years
Complaint: Diabetes
Suggested Treatment: Yellow and Violet
Chrornatized water
Results: Sugar was controlled in 15days.
Name of the patient: Abdus Sammad
Age: 30 years
Complaint: Mental \....eakness
Suggested Treatment: Yellow and Indigo
Chrornatized water, 9 x 12inches Indigo painted glass
Results: Memory improved inonc month
Narne of the patient: Maqsoud Ahmad
Age: 26years
Complaint: Dysentery
Suggested Treatment: Yellow. Green and Blue
Chromatizcd water
Results: patient cured completelyin 9 days
Name of'thepatient: Zeenat KAmal
Age: 25 years
Complaint: Interiority Complex
V-Chrome means yellow colour abso rbed III
G-Chrome means green colour absorbed III
V-Chrome means violet colour absorbed III
Suggested Treatment: Red and Orange Chromatized
water, 9 x 12inches Orange painted glass sheet
Results: Positive change was reported after 30 days
l'l'ame 0 f the pa ti ent: MoharnmadAkbar
Age: 29 years
Complaint: Insomnia
Suggested Treatment: Blue. white and Green
Chrornatized water
Results: Patient started sleeping normally in20 days.
Report of
Mohammad 7affar
M Sc. Chemistry,
Senior Chemist.
Feroz Sons Laboratories.
Nowshchra (NWFP)
Samples: B-Chrome, V-Chrome, O-Chrome, V-
Samples are in solution form prepared by Colour
Therapy Research Lab.
Preparation of Samples: Following information
about the preparation ofChromes has been furnished
by Dr. Mian Mukhtar-ul-Haq.
Chromes are basically glucose solution or plain
distilled water. Under strict hygienic conditions, these
are then kept in coloured lights for specific time
durat ions e.g, 100hrs, 150hrs, :?OO hrs.
S-Chrome means blue colour absorbed III
...~ - - - - - - - - - - - ...-------------..
0 ~ ~
~ /
~ /
1\ "
~ "
~ "
.... c
'" '"
~ "
o 8
0 ..,
0 N
0;0 ;
f----- f-----
f----- r--
f----- f-----
'0 ..,
, ....
0 e'!
-r -'l
~ s-
P Pel
0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0
'" "
N ....
0 0 0 0 0 P Pel
w 0
... ...
~ J
0 0
a> 0
i5 0 ~
'" ~
0 .....
Co> 0
0 , ...
C 0
0 0 ::r:
Q1 c
0 :::J
'" :I:
0 :l lCl
111 U
UI 0
c; 0
"" 0
tv P
{ ~ ....
N 0
... ;
'" '"
... 0>
co M NI
on ....
'" ....
~ 0
I - ~
N E-
..- .s:
0 L()
0 ...J
<J> or
.,. NI
~ ~
:'" N
~ N
~ <;I
0 0 0
§ § 0
en 0 en
.... ci 0 ci ci ci ci 0 0
l ~
0 IV
~ 0
>-- >--
'" .....
'" '"
a, ....
~ ~
'" <:>
'" ..... 0>
'" ..... ....
'" ..... ....
? IV
.... CIO
.... Q
'" ... CIO
.... U'l
~ I
'" v
0 0 0 0 0
0 N ... (J> ~ 0
0 0
0 CJ 0
'" ;:;
'" ...
0 G)
'" :7 ....
'" ....
Purpose ofStudy:
Purpose of this study 'was to see the difference
between colour treated and non-treated solutions and
to detect the changes that convened a simple distilled
water or glucose solution into an efficacious medicinc
giving it the abilitv to cure.
Procedure Adopted for the Study:
I compared the provided Chrornatized samples
with comparable non-Chrornatized solution and
noted their absorbance under different frequencies.
It has been revealed that under different
frequencies, different chrome samples have got
different absorbance (fables !-4). These confirmed
the hypothesis that coloured lights bring changes in a
solution or in water, which enables them to cure
The spectrophotometric study of Chrornatized
water and solution has made a new horizon for future
research ill Colour Therapy. This study was the brain
child ofDr. Mian Mukhtar-ul-Haq.
I hope that onward research on colour therapy
will contrihute to the advancement of tne frontiers of
modern medicine.
Abu Iabbar Magrabi. I
Acne, Pimples- t76
Acupuncrure' 74
Acute Infection· 133
Acute Pharyingitis . 200
Anura Mazda' 61
AIDS - 3,219
Allergic Rhinitis- 201
Alpha Cells - 107
A!qwlOon. 2
Amenorrhea' 191,228
Ametropia 206
Amoeba - ')6
Anaemia - 120
Anemia - 36, 275
Angina lIS
Animal Soul- 62. 63
Anorexia. 213
Anxiety 250, 255
Apople,;,y 152
aqua therapy' 73
aroma therapy' 73
artificial fight . 73, 89, i}2. 132
Ascites, 106
Ashtorians . 2
A.lVuna·45, 114, 229,25S
astral bocy 31,32,33, 34,77,78
Ave Cina 2
ayunedic treatment . 71
Babylonian ,2
Bacteria· 104, 115, 136,218
FledWelting' 1Jl
Beta Cells· 107
RluIg..-oi Gila - 6L
Bilious Headache- L38, 270
Bilirobine . 103
Black spots 175
Bladder problems· 53
Blepharitis 20'1
bone diseases . 19
hone-growth dysfunctions 53
Boo" of Psalms ' 60
brrun ceIL, . 13, IS, ]6. 17, 50, 70,
141,142, J46. 162
Brown colour· 5S
burning cases 1~
Cancer . 3, 128, 155, 165, 166, 2lU,
221, 273
Carbuncles ' 18
cellophane sbeer 92
cerebrospinal meningitis - 53
Chicken pox - I ~ 7
Cholera, 96, 91
Chri.\l· I
chromo therapist - 78,79
chromo therapy' 13
Chronic Cough - 113, 279
Chronic Infection - 134
Chronic Pharyingitis ' 200
Cirrhosis - 105
Classical Theory' 6
Colour Points : 34
Conjunctivitis . 210
Cough' 112, 113,132,236, lAR,
Cough with Ptilegm 113
Coughing' 182
Crones Disease- 100
Cystitis' 136
Jaundice' 103,104,105,24],251,
dark blue· 16, 36,44,252
David- I
deficiency of blue· 79, 85
Deficiency of Red· 19, 85
deliriumtremens . 52
Depression· 161, 254.258,264
Diabetes - 107, 108, 128,261,212,
digestive system 19, .37,45, 46,
Diseases are of two types: ·4
diseases of stomach . 37
distiUed water 90, 92, 282, 283
Dreams and Interpretation 68
drug addiction· 54, 140
Dry Cough LL3
duodenal ulcer' 109
Dysentery 96, 2M'l, 274,280
Dysmenorrhea' 190, 254, 261
Dysphasi a . 14{)
car diseases· 52
Egyptian 2
electromagnetic energy 5,43
Encephalitis- 144
Epilepsy 141,231
Epistaxis 202
epitheli al cell s . 15
Painting· 151
Fistula ANO· 103
Flatulence, Gurgling, Bloating' 95
Flu and colds· 111
Galen- 1,2
Gallbladder· 24
gamma rays . 6, 21
gastric problems· 45, 79, L67, 204,
Gasiroenteri tis . 183
Fnteritis;> 96, 247
General Debility· 216
General Epilepsy' 142
Glass ampoules 92
glucagon hormones . 107
Gold· 45
Gonorrhea 132, 146
Gout· 212, 213
Gray colour 55
Gum . 62
Greek· 2
Haemaruria . 136
hay fever- 49
Hazrat Ali . 69
Headache' 217.270, 27L
Heart attack . 118
heart problems . 18,214
Hematemesis . 109
Hemolytic disease· 25
Hemorrhoids- 101,102,259
Hemorrhoids (Bleeding)' 101. 102
Hepatitis 104, 105
herbal treatment ' 73
Hiccups· 1()()
tugh blood pressure- 36,49,51,54.
Hinduism 62
lUppocrat· 1,2
holy Quean ' 59
Human Sout- 62. 63
Hydrm;ephalus· 148
hyper stimulation' 49
Hyperthyroidism· 155
Hypo-lactation· 197
Hypothyroidism· L56
Hysteria· 168,263
Ibnul Faras . 71
[drus· I
lmpotency· 127
Indigestion' 99,138,178,279
Indigo· 24,26. 51. 203, 2D6, 280
Infections- 104
Inferli1ity' [95
infra-red- 6,21
Insomnia l 167. 242, 265. 281
ionic balance 52
Iranian i Z
Irritable Bowel Syndrome' 98
kaleldoscopic phenomenon' 81
Kekule Forrllllia . 72
\tid ney di seases . 53
Lack of sexual desires· 81
Leonardoda Vinci· 52
Leucorrhoea ' 194
Leukemia 36
Leukoderma . 179
light blue : 14, 16
liver· 24, 94. lO5
liver disorders· 49, 106
low blood pressure 40,52, ')4. 75,
UJwBlood Pressure- 3,36, 12L
Lungs· 24
Luqman ·1
Malaria 218
Mania' 162,164
Marasmus· 184
Masturbation· 125, 126
Maulana Jalaluddin Roomi ·71
Measles· 188
meduUaobLoogata, 11, 15, 143
Meo.ingitis . 145
Menorrhagia - 192, 235
mental illness· 51, 52, 53
micro-waves· 6
Migraine· 1W
Miscarriage 196
Mohammad (PBUH) . 1
Moses- 1, 60
Mouth Ulcers, 199
Mr. Helm Holtz· 6
Mr. Young· 6
Mucus glands- 24
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis' 115
nasal di seases 51
IItmmr body . 31
Nausea· 229
nervou5 ailments . 5I
New Testaments. . 60
Nighl Blindness, 207
Nigbrmares . 166
Nocrurnal f m i s s i o n ~ - 129
nose bleed 52, 202
Obesity, 214
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder·
Opthalmia Conjunctivitis· 208
optic nerves, 15
optical system 6
Ovaries 24
Palpitauon- l L7,245,250,253.
Pancreas - 24, 94
Panic attacks . 170
Paralysis· 147,224,231. 247
Partial EpHepl>y . 142
Peptic ulcers ' 94
peritoneal cavities· 106
petroleumjelly - 92
Phobia- 171,233
Pituitary gland - 24
Pneumonia, t 14,229
premature ejacuIarion ' 81
Premature Ejaculation· 128, 24ti
prickly heat 54
Prickly Heat - In, 232
Principles of Gravitation ,5
Psoriasis· 179,241
psychological diseases· 54
purification of blood . 51
Purple· 24, 146, 175, 196,259
Purpura . 123
Pyelonephritis . I33
Pyorrhea 204-
Pythagoras 2
Qalandcr Baba Auliya . 7, 62
Red Blood Corpuscles· 42, 76,
Reflexology' 74
Renal Colic· 135
rheumatic piles . 80
Rheumatoid Anhritis· 211
Ringworm- 17lJ
Romans ,2
SI; alp diseases . 53
Schizophrenia 70, 158, 164,242
Sciatica· 153
Sense of deprivation· 69
seven colours . 6, 13, 17,53,81
sexual diseases, 53, 81. 89, 211
Shaikh Saadi . 71
Shees v l
Sinusitis· 202
Sir Isaac Newton- 5
sky blue colour· 8, 13, 14, IS, 16,
Small Pox· 185
Solomon· I
sore eyes· 18
Spectrum 5. 6, 90
Spermatorrhoea' 125. 246, 251
spinal cord' 11. 15,79, 141. 147
spiritual healing' 73
Spleen ,24
Stradonitz Wolf 72
Sufism 9
sugar bee! ' 40
sun burnt skin ' 49
Sunlight· 26
Tamas· 62
Teeth Grinding During Sleep, 215
Teething' 181
Tension Headache - 173
Tetanus· 188
Thallesemia . 36
The Sq Blue Colour, 13
theory of Chromalucis ' 64
Theory of Colours· 5, 7
therapeutic system, 111.22, 35, 73,
throat diseases . 52
Thyroid . 24, 155, 156
Toothacbe ' 203
[oue materials' 96
Tuberculosis, 115
Tumors ,45
Typical Phobia· 171
Ulcerative Colitis lOO
Ulcers· 94
ultra-violet rays- 6, 20, 21, 22
Urinary Incontinence . 131
urinary tract 80. 132
Urinary tract Infections· 136
Urticaria - 177
usc of vibration 73
V· 15,162,220
Vedas- 34,61,62
venereal diseases 49
Vertigo- 140
Vibreo Cholera 97
violet - 6, 20, 21, 25, 36, 37, 39, 40,
89. 109, 129. 192,282
Viruses - 104, 145, 183
vitamin D ' 19, 22, 26
Vomiting - 109
Vomiting blood· 109
Vulvalitis - 193
while patches of skin . 55
\Vhooping Cough - 185
world of angels· 65
world of jmns - 65
world of man - 65
Worm infestation- 95
wounds· 19,49,78, 84,92, II}},
x-rays 6,21
Yawning 33
Yoga· 34
Young He1mHoltz Theory - 6
Zarathustra ,61
Zurvan ,61
Publications by the translator:
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N. B: The first two of the above books have been
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: 3
: 4
: 5
: 6
: 8
. 10
.... I I- I I- ill III ill 1-. I I oil .. 'II I I ill .. I 1-. ~ t •• I ..
Also by the Author
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I, 11& III)
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26 Loh-o-Qalum •
: 27 Rohani Haj aur Umrah
: :
............. iII •••• ~ . ~ •••••••• III ••• ~ ~ ~ ~

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