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Procedure for upgrading 3510 controller firmware. ================================================================================ ======================== Current firmware version as below.

* inquiry-data Vendor: SUN Product: StorEdge 3510 Revision: 413C Peripheral Device Type: 0x0 NVRAM Defaults: 413C 3510 S442F Bootrecord version: 1.31H Serial Number: 0A6003 Page 80 Serial Number: 0A600354B504E900 Page 83 Logical Unit Device ID: 600C0FF0000000000A600354B504E900 Page 83 Target Device ID: 206000C0FF0A6003 IP Address: Page D0 Fibre Channel Address: 9F (id 44) Page D0 Node Name: 206000C0FF0A6003 Page D0 Port Name: 256000C0FFCA6003 Ethernet Address: 00:C0:FF:0A:60:03 Device Type: Primary unique-identifier: A6003 controller-name: ""

* SES Ch Id Chassis Vendor/Product ID Rev PLD WWNN WWPN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 12 0A6003 SUN StorEdge 3510F A 1080 1000 204000C0FF0A6003 214000C0FF0A6 003 Topology: loop(a) 3 12 0A6003 SUN StorEdge 3510F A 1080 1000 204000C0FF0A6003 224000C0FF0A6 003 Topology: loop(b) ================================================================================ ======================== so we need to upgrade revision & SES firmware only as PLD is upto date compare t o latest patch. 1)Be sure your working directory is the directory in which the patch was unpacked and confirm that the SUN423A-3510.bin file is present. 2)From show-inquiry command gives o/p that revision is low. 3)Verify single or dual controller. Type the following command at the sccli> prompt: show redundancy 4)ONLY if the "show redundancy" command reports that the Redundancy mode

is "Active-Active" and that the status is "Enabled" (dual-controller), should you continue. 5)Perform the firmware upgrade by typing the following command at the sccli> prompt: download controller-firmware SUN423A-3510.bin 6)Wait until the sccli> prompt appears again, which may take 10 minutes or more, before proceeding. 7)Verify that the firmware upgrade succeeded by examining the firmware revision again. Type the following command at the sccli> prompt: show inquiry 8)Same procedure apply for SES firmware patch will be sesfw_3510_1106.s3r 9)Since the SSCS agent may interfere with the download of SES code, it is necessary to stop any SSCS agent that may be running on a host connected to the array controller and restart after upgrade. To stop the SS CS agent, issue the shell command as "root" user: /etc/init.d/ssagent stop