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Published by: Candy Tran on Nov 24, 2011
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DivX for Mac

Version 6.5 Read Me updated on 6-21-2006 © Copyright DivX, Inc. All Rights Reserved. DivX is a trademark of DivX, Inc.

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Files in this product 3. New in this version 4. Version history 5. Known issues 6. Technical support

1. Introduction Welcome to DivX for Mac, bringing you the most powerful DivX video compression and playback technology to date. With DivX you can view current DivX movies as well as create studio-quality DivX movies more easily than ever. Use the DivX Converter with drag-n-drop simplicity to convert virtually any QuickTime movie to DivX - even batch encode multiple movies in one fell swoop. You can now have the DivX Converter generate HTML code for each converted movie allowing you to place your DivX Movies in your blog or on your website. These movies can be viewed by everyone with the DivX Web Player (included with this installation). Use the new DivX Player to enjoy your DivX movies in a rich playback environment. The DivX Player plays many other movie types - not just DivX movies! DivX also integrates with many popular video editing and movie creation tools allowing you to work with the products you prefer and still take advantage of DivX's compression technology and popularity by outputting your creation as DivX movies. Furthermore, all DivX content you create is guaranteed to playback on the full range of DivX Certified DVD players and other consumer electronic devices.

2. Files in this Installation User Files Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DivX Converter.app Converts QuickTime movies to DivX

prefPane Provides User Configuration of DivX 3.framework Provides DivX-private services DivXBrowserPlugin.2) .The DivX Player to enjoy DivX and other movies! . please visit the following URL in your web browser: http://go. Known issues To view known issues for this release.Significant playback and encoding performance enhancements .com/divx/mac/knownissues 6.Includes DivX Web Player to play DivX Movies in web pages .divx.app Plays DivX and other movies System Files Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DivX 6 Encoder.System Preferences Pane providing access to DivX Settings 4. Technical support For online video tutorials visit the following URL in your web browser: http://go. Version history To view the full version history. please visit the following URL in your web browser: http://go.plugin Provides DivX Web Playback npdivx.component Performs DivX Encoding DivX 6 Decoder.divx. New in this Version .Post Processing is now available for even better quality playback .The DivX Converter can be scheduled to convert at a later time .divx.com/divx/mac/versions 5.divx.Key components of DivX for Mac are now Universal Binaries .xpt Provides Javascript Web Support DivXPrefs.2.com/mac/tutorials For product support: http://go.com/divx/mac/support .component Performs DivX Playback (decoding) DivX Toolkit.The DivX Converter generates HTML code for movie publishing .DivX Player.An upgraded version of the DivX Codec (6.

com/divx/support/search .divx.You can also search our knowledge base: http://go.

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