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Want Some Indian Fry Bread, But Don'

Want Some Indian Fry Bread, But Don'

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Published by: api-3707101 on Oct 19, 2008
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friday, august 29, 2008 want some indian fry bread, but don't want to spend an hour making a batch

? no worries, alice roach, the owner of white eyes fresh fry bread co. in glendale, has the answer - frozen indian fry bread that tastes like it's freshly made. roach, who sells indian fry bread at special events across the state, got started making indian fry bread in 1993, when she and her husband, john, lived at window rock.

"while i'm hispanic, many of my friends there taught me how to make fry bread," she said. roach said her first venture into the world of concessions was at a bmx bicycle track. there she made the indian fry bread the old-fashioned way. "we made 600 fry breads each night of the races for five years before i got burned out," she said. she then looked around to see if there wasn't a faster and easier way to make fry bread. frozen fry bread dough discs were the answer. the big problem, she said, was to get it to taste like the freshly made indian fry bread. roach finally found a chef to work with and after a year's experimentation they came up with a frozen indian fry bread that tastes just like the freshly made fry bread. "with the 8-inch frozen discs i can now make 100 fry breads an hour," she said. roach jumped back into the concession business in 2007 with her new product. in the past two years she has served her indian fry bread and navajo tacos at the tempe music festival, 100 day super bowl kickoff and nfl vip tailgate party for super bowl xlii, spring training in surprise, the imperial san dunes recreational area for the 2007-08 season, and others. she also served indian fry bread and navajo tacos at the gold fever days in fain park in october 2007, and this year's fourth of july celebration. for the past year, roach said, she has been offering her frozen indian fry bread on her company's website - www.wefrybread.com. currently, she is working to get it in some grocery stores. so, before long people may find it in their local grocery store. contact the reporter at jeherrmann@prescottaz.com

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