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Computer Logic Formulation

Course Description:

This course is designed to give students the programming

concept which is the foundation of programming course. This includes
structured problem solving, algorithm design/development, data
representation, basic data structures and their implementation, and

Course Objective:

Upon the completion of this course students must:

1. Understand and use the concepts of structured problem

2. Understand the hierarchy on data structures, their
implementation and application,
3. Be familiar with Algorithm analysis, and
4. Be able to analyze the system and define the propose solution
to the problem.

Developed by:

Celso Christian G. Cabatuan Jr.

I.T. Supervisor

Noted by:

Glenna C. Gamao
Asst. to the President
Computer Logic Formulation Course Content

Lesson I: Structured Problem Solving

► Problem Definition
► Input/Output Analysis
► Solution Design
► Solution Testing


Lesson II: Algorithm Development/Design

► Modular Design
► Top-down Design
► Structured Design
► Algorithm Metrics
◙ Structure
◙ Efficiency
◙ Correctness
◙ Feasibility
◙ Reliability
► Problem Solution Structures and Representation
◙ Pseudocode representation
◙ Data declaration
◙ Sequential statements
◙ Procedures
◙ Functions

Lesson III: Data Structures

► Arrays
► Records
► Files
► Strings
► Linked Lists
► Stacks and queues
► Introduction to trees
► Binary trees
Lesson IV: Program Development Consideration

► Program design
► Program structure, readability, and appearance