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Chemical Project2005

Chemical Project2005


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Published by: DIPAK VINAYAK SHIRBHATE on Oct 19, 2008
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1) Prepare a block diagram for the unit.
2) Write down the available information such as the flow rates of the incoming and
outgoing streams, their enthalpies, heat and work input, heat losses, etc.
3) Try to identify a tie substance.
4) Select a suitable basis for calculation.
5) If no chemical reaction takes place within the system, consider whether there is a
phase change such as vaporization and condensation, fusion and solidification,
sublimation, transition from one crystal structure to another, crystallization etc.
Consider enthalpy changes accompanying such a change, if any.
6) If chemical reactions occur, consider enthalpy changes accompanying the
7) Tabulate all energy input items in one column and all output items in another. For
convenience, all entries in each column are arranged to be of positive sign. Thus,
any work done on the system will appear as an input item while work done by the
system will appear as an output item. Heat absorbed is an input item, and heat
evolved and/or losses are output items. The enthalpies of all entering streams are
entered as input items, and those of the outgoing streams as output items. Heats of
reaction, if negative, are input items, while they are considered to be output items if


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