20 Rules for Maintaining a Sterile Field

Brittney Humphres, RN, BSN

Scrubbed persons function within a sterile field. Sterile drapes should be used to establish a sterile field. Items used within the sterile field should be sterile. All items introduced to a sterile field should be opened, dispensed, and transferred by methods that maintain sterility and integrity.

A sterile field should be maintained and monitored constantly. All persons moving within or around a sterile field should do so in a manner that maintains the sterile field. Persons in sterile attire touch only sterile articles. Persons in sterile attire preparing a sterile field or draping an un-sterile surface always face the area being prepared.


Items that fall below the level of the sterile field are not brought back onto the sterile field. the entire contents of the bottle are poured or the remainder is discarded (this will vary according to hospital policies). Persons in sterile attire do not lean or reach over un-sterile [undraped] surfaces. Gloved hands are protected while draping by making a cuff with the drape. Rules When sterile liquids are dispensed. Corrective measures are to be instituted immediately if contamination occurs. Tables draped with sterile drapes are sterile only at table level. it is considered contaminated. Areas of the gown outside the specified boundaries do not touch the sterile field or sterile articles. Articles that drop below the umbilical level of the gown are discarded.Rules Persons in sterile attire do not turn their backs to a sterile field. 2 . Sterile persons keep well within the sterile area. Rules Materials that hang over the edge of the sterile field are not considered sterile and are discarded. If there is any doubt as to the sterility of an item or surface.

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