W naLlonal lnsLlLuLe of lashlon 1echnology was seL up ln 1986
under Lhe aegls of Lhe MlnlsLry of 1exLllesţ CovernmenL of
lndlaŦ nll1 has been granLed sLaLuLory sLaLus under Lhe acL
of ÞarllamenL of lndla ln 2006ţ empowerlng Lhe lnsLlLuLe Lo
award degrees and oLher academlc dlsLlncLlonsŦ lL has
emerged as Lhe premler lnsLlLuLe of ueslgnţ ManagemenL
and 1echnologyţ developlng professlonals for Laklng up
leadershlp poslLlons ln fashlon buslness ln Lhe emerglng
global scenarlo and proacLlvely caLalyzlng Lhe growLh of
fashlon and apparel lndusLryŦ
W now wlLh lL's flfLeen professlonally managed cenLersţ nll1
has seL academlc sLandards and excelled ln LhoughL
leadershlp by provldlng a pool of creaLlve genlus and
Lechnlcally compeLenL professlonalsŦ
W nll1 8AL8A8LLl
W nll1 8ae 8arell was seL up ln 2007 and
lnauguraLed by Lhe honorable presldenL of uÞA
MrsŦ Sonla Candhlţ wlLh Lhe Lwo regular courses Ŷ
lashlon Ǝ Apparel (lashlon ueslgn) and lashlon
Ǝ LlfesLyle Accessorles ueslgn (lashlon Pome
Accessorles) wlLh a vlew Lo make 8ae 8arell as an
educaLlonal hubŦ nll1ţ 8ae 8arell envlsages Lo
play a ma[or role ln developlng and upgradlng
LhoughLs Ǝ ldeas relaLed Lo deslgn and fashlon ln
Lhe sLaLe of uLLar ÞradeshŦ

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W -@  W -@f  f f¾¾ ½°f°  °f–f   °f  ½ ¾ °€D9 .¾ °ff°    –fn¾ ¾ f¾° ½½f %f¾° ¾–°%f° f¾° € ¾ nn ¾¾ ¾ ¾–°%f¾°¯  nn ¾¾ ¾%f ¯f f  f f¾f° nf°f -@ f  f  °¾f– ¾ ½ff¯f© °  ½°–f° ½–f °– –¾  f¾ f  ¾–°f° €f¾°°  ¾f €Df9f ¾ .

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