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1. State the requirement for an electrical motor to operate in the constant torque mode. 2. What is dynamic torque? 3. What are all the conditions to be satisfied for the regenerative braking operation to take place? 4. Mention the necessary condition to obtain the three modes of operation o f an electric drive. 5. List the components of load torque. 6. What is meant by duty cycle in a chopper circuit? 7. Draw the diagram of a regenerative chopper fed separately excited DC mot or drive. 8. Why thyristors are not preferred now a days for chopper fed DC drives. 9. What do you understand by constant torque drive and constant power drive ? 10. What are the various control strategies for varying duty cycle of the ch opper? 11. Write down the fundamental torque equation of motor-load system. 12. What are the components of load torque? 13. List the three modes of operation for electrical drive. 14. What is a regenerative braking? 15. List the components of load torque. 16. What is discontinuous conduction mode? 17. Write the advantages of three phase drives over single phase drives. 18. Draw the regenerative braking characteristics of a separately excited mo tor. 19. Draw the torque speed curves of a series motor a varying flux and various voltages. 20. Mention the methods to control of the speed of a dc shunt motor.