Sixth sense

Author: Kwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi (spiritual scientist) (Book: Theory of chromolucis, Chapter: “Sixth Sense” page 74-76.) In the world of metaphysical sciences each and every work is associated with a definite and particular from and shape even if it is a whimsical idea. As a matter of law everything has to have a certain shape and form. Besides having shape and form it also has certain solidity in it. Whether it can be observed by means of material eyes or not, it is till does possess features. Every one of us observes that a person suffering from skepticism and apprehensions is almost cut off from the normal life. He lives an isolated life. Power of whimsical ideas shatters his / her mind. His life comes to a stand still. Gradually he becomes a derelict and in effectual person for the society. If the whims and apprehension had no shape, from or strength then nobody would have suffered because of them. Air is a thing which cannot be seen but when the gusts of wind blow they make us realize their strength. If the air doesn’t have any of form, shape and features and it does not have any strength then how do the winds wipe out the habitations? Everyone notices that when the wind blows it is felt physically. One feels that something is passing by rubbing against him. When it is attempted or when someone encounters such a situation in which he gets his attention trans-fixedly focused on one point then his sixth sense is activated. According to the theory of chromolucis, besides the five senses, countless senses are operative in every human being. It could be said that each of the five senses is a mixture of many senses. The estimated number of all the senses operative in material and spiritual life of man comes to about eleven thousand senses. Activation of few or any of these senses is broadly termed as “the sixth sense”. ***********************************