By Ernesta Baniulyte

 She: A History Of Adventure - Henry Rider Haggard

 The book tells story about Ayesha, she – who – must –

must – be – beyond, or shortly called ‘She’, who is 2000 years old queen, who rules lost ancient African city. I was given of two chapters from the book: “The Temple of Truth” and “ The Spirit of Life”

 The first scene

is the view of the ruin city, which lies in the mountains.

the second scene I chose is from the pages 320-321 of the book. This is the night scene, when Ayesha and travelers went to the ruins. The view is basically seen from one of the characters eyes. He sees big statue of the Truth, which has angelic features, lightened up by the silver light of the moon. I chose the scene, because it looked quite dramatic and impressive.

 as the third

scene I decided to choose rocky chamber, which is described in pages 338 – 339. I wanted to try to draw not just a city view but also the inside of the caves

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3