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CUES SUBJECTIVE CUES: As verbalized by mother; Sakit kayo akong tiyan og lubot. OBJECTIVE CUES; Backache Fatigue Facial grimace Crying Pale

NURSING DIAGNOSIS > Pain; related to increasing intensity, frequency and duration of uterine contractions.

OBJECTIVE At the end of 20minutes, pain will be relieved in the abdominal and lower back area.

INTERVENTION INDEPENDENT INTERVENTIONS: Promote use of psycho prophylactic breathing techniques. Provide comfort measures (assess vital signs, BP, FHR, frequency, intensity and duration of uterine contractions) Provide backrub Divert attention of mother.


EVALUATION At the end of 20minutes, pain felt at the lower back and abdomen is relieved.

To help client relax and be calm, which will relieve pain. To monitor clients condition.

To relieve backache. Diverting attention of client will allow her to focus on other things and will not concentrate on the pain she is feeling. To avoid longer labor because it stimulates faster uterine contractions & prevent hemorrhage.

DEPENDENT INTERVENTIONS: Administer oxytocin 10 u in IVF.