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Published by: pinoydooyeweerdian on Nov 25, 2011
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CMA ArresLedť Þroblemţ

Þromlseţ Þrognosls
ALLyŦ 8omel 8Ŧ 8agares
íxecotlve ultectot
CenLer for lnLernaLlonal Lawţ
A8 (uÞţ 1994)ţ LL8ţ (uÞţ 2003)ţ MA (com looJeţ vrl[e
unlverslLelL AmsLerdamţ 2003)
Þroblemť 8eLween 1wo 8lghLs?
1he k|ght to 1rave|
W was wlLhouL baslsţ
because Lhere was no case
W ealLh lssues?
W LlecLoral saboLage case
k|ght to Þub||c Accountab|||ty
W lgh 8lsk of lllghL
W CMA's camp less Lhan
candld abouL her real
W lLlnerary ralses flags of
alarmť several counLrlesţ
one or Lwo for conferencesţ
and lasL sLop Spaln (no
exLradlLlon LreaLy wlLh Þhl)
W 18 lssuance suspecL as
Þromlseť ConsLlLuLlonal lsclpllne
reep|ng Author|tar|an|sm?
5overeiqn is ne who decides on the
ŴŴ Carl SchmlLLţ Þo||t|ca| 1heo|ogyť Iour
hapters |n the 1heory of Sovere|gnty
(1922)Ŧ 1he flrsL llne ln Lhe bookŦ
ºAll law ls 'slLuaLlonal lawŦ' 1he soverelgn
produces and guaranLees Lhe slLuaLlon ln
lLs LoLallLyŦ e has Lhe monopoly over Lhls
lasL declslonŦ 1hereln resldes Lhe essence
of Lhe sLaLe's soverelgnLyţ whlch musL be
[urldlcally deflned correcLlyţ not as the
monopo|y to coerce or to ru|eţ but as a
monopo|y to dec|deŦ 1he excepLlon
reveals mosL clearly Lhe essence of Lhe
sLaLe's auLhorlLyŦ 1he dec|s|on parts here
from the |ega| normţ and (to formu|ate |t
paradox|ca||y) author|ty proves that to
produce |aw |t need not be based on
1h|s |s the p|ay of democrat|c
check and ba|ances!
eJ pols costoJlet lpsos costoJles?
(8uL who ls Lo guard Lhe guardlans
!udlclal supremacy ls Lhe consclous
and cauLlous awareness and
accepLance of lLs proper place ln Lhe
overall scheme of governmenL wlLh
Lhe ob[ecLlve of asserLlng and
promoLlng Lhe supremacy of Lhe
ConsLlLuLlonŦ 1husţ whenever the
ourt exerc|ses |ts funct|on of
check|ng the excesses of any branch
of governmentţ |t |s a|so dutyŴbound
to check |tse|fŦ Lherwlseţ who wlll
guard Lhe guardlan?
Ŵ !Ŧ Corona ţ uoeños vŦ nkí1
(!uly 21ţ 2009)
Þrognoslsť Crlsls or ConsolldaLlon?
State apture by Þr|vate
W 1he ºmldnlghL appolnLmenLs" as
escape devlce from accounLablllLy
(a varlaLlon on Lhe ÞlnocheL
Lheme) Ŷ
W noL [usL Lhe Supreme CourL buL
Sandlganbayan and oLher
W 1he pollLlcs of paLronage casL as
[udlclal power wrlL largeţ wlLh
frlendly SC [usLlces as supreme
lnsurance agalnsL prosecuLlon
Assert|on of Accountab|||ty
W 1he modernlzlng pollLlcal sphere
as a publlc legal communlLy
founded on ºpubllc [usLlce º
W 8e(dls)coverlng consLlLuLlonal
dlsclpllne as anoLher poLenL form
of ºpeople power"
W Law and pollLlcs Lowards [usL
1hank ?ou

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